"You get the paperwork this time. I did it for you last time, girlfriend. You'd better get to work." It was Wednesday morning at nine o'clock. Dan was dumping his paperwork on Zoe. She had dumped a whole lot of paperwork on him earlier that week because she was so busy it wasn't even funny.

"Fine. It'll be done and on your desk tomorrow morning." She grumbled back at him as they got off the elevator.

Zoe walked over and was talking to Sophia.

Probably something ridiculous. Dan thought. When will I get a chance with her? She's so incredibly beautiful. God! What does she see in Marcos? He isn't even good-looking! She always flirts with me. Why doesn't she give me a chance? I love her so much!

"Hello! Earth to Dan! Wake up!" Zoe was shouting at him playfully. He grinned. She had linked her arm in his. "Come on, daydreamer. Let's go check our mail."

Dan had a bill and some junk mail. Zoe had the usual junk, too. Then she saw it. At the very back of the mailbox was a small envelope. She grabbed it absentmindedly and glanced at it.

"Huh?" She said out loud.

Dan looked at her. She was extra beautiful when she was confused. "What?"

"This letter. It's for...Sue." He put his arm around her. Now just hearing or saying Sue's name made her cry.

Usually Zoe was strong. She never shed a tear. No matter what happened. Dan had seen her cry only once before this. He knew that if she cried, she was really feeling bad. She was very vulnerable right now. She needed him, and he was there. He felt it was his duty to be there.

Zoe said shakily, "Could you open it?"

He looked down at her. The way she looked was indescribable. She looked sad, miserable, and very vulnerable.

"Of course. Hey, it's okay. I'll open it."

Zoe handed him the envelope. He took it slowly and opened it even slower. He opened the letter and read aloud.