18. The Best Day Ever

Narrator's POV

It had been months of planning and a great engagement of nearly seven months when the day finally came.

Zoe and Dan had designed an archway for the back of the makeshift church.

The wedding was to be on a sunny July Saturday. They would have it in some hills just outside of Chicago. It would be so beautiful, with light blue Morning Glory flowers everywhere. Zoe had come to love them. Dan personally wanted lilies, but Zoe gave him a kiss and looked at him with those beautiful blue eyes, and he had to give in.

Zoe had called Sophia and got her to come to the wedding as her maid of honor. Taylor, Candy, and two other friends from Vegas were bridesmaids. They all wore light blue floor length gowns. Sophia and the other friend wore the dresses with ¾ length sleeves. Taylor and Candy wore them with spaghetti straps. Zoe said no to Candy's request for sleeveless or large V-neck.

The best man was...Cliff! Dan decided that just to secure their buddy relationship; he would make Cliff feel real important at the wedding.

Hannah got to be the precious flower girl. She wore a light blue spaghetti strap, floor length dress. It had a pretty white sash around her waist.

Zoe's POV

There were very few problems on the wedding day, which made my day. When the music began, I got what felt like a punch in the pit of my stomach. I knew that it was typical wedding worries, but I was still scared. Then I looked up to see Dan grinning at me. He was so happy. I was, too, but I had too many butterflies to notice too much of it.

The way I walked down the aisle, it was like I was floating on air. When I got to the front, Dan took my hand, pulled me close, and kissed my cheek. The guy marrying us was an old friend from a chapel in Vegas. My wedding was definitely based on my friends and my life in Vegas. I was just kidding, but I suggested a chapel in Vegas for our wedding. Dan winced, but said, "Anything for you, hon."

I love him so much! After the ceremony, we took of to some gardens for the pictures. My favorite one was the one that had Hannah on Dan's back, Taylor playing with the curls in my hair, and Cliff sneezing.

It was so much fun! Then we got changed. I wore a light skirt and a matching tank. Hannah settled for a pretty sundress. Taylor dressed in a pink shirt and dressy white pants. Cliff refused to wear anything dressy, so we compromised at jean shorts and a short-sleeved dress shirt. Dan changed into a typical suit that he wore to work. It may have been casual, but he was hot!

At the reception, Hannah sat close to us all the time. A lot of the time that Dan and I were walking around chatting with old friends, Hannah was on Dan's back. Taylor hung out with Carla, her best bud, and Julian, her boyfriend. I was glad to see those to together. He was a great kid.

Cliff was kind of alone, as he had only brought one friend. They were sitting at the edge of the crowd looking very bored. I excused myself from a conversation and went over to them.

"Hey, guys."

"Oh, hi, Aunt Zoe."

"Here. There is a basketball court just over there. There's a basketball in the car. Go and get it, bring the keys back to me, then go play, okay?"

"Thanks, Aunt Zoe! You're the best!"

"Have fun!"

I turned around to Dan grinning from ear to ear.

"Where's Hannah?"

"She hooked onto Taylor for a while."

"Thank goodness."

"So, Mrs. Busiek, would you like to wrap this party up?"

I had decided to keep my last name and just replace Miss with Mrs.

"Sounds great. I'm so glad that Sophia can watch the kids for the week. I can't believe I almost asked Candy to! Imagine what would happen to them."

We laughed.

Four hours later, everything was done. We were home with the kids. After sending the kids to bed, Sophia officially took over as mother for a week. Dan and I drove to the hotel for the night.

It was so romantic. Dan had planned everything perfectly. The honeymoon was just as great.

It was all a surprise as far as I was concerned. When we arrived, I found myself in London. He had blindfolded me for the whole flight, and nobody said anything that I could hear.

We saw everything there was to see in London. It was romantic and fun. Dan is truly the love of my life.