Zone of the enders3: Vector Drayaun

The zone of the Enders doesn't belong to me but if they do decide to make this game they better give me some dan money.

I have been designing this game since the end of 2nd runner so I hope you like it


After cornel Nomans defeat Bahram started to fight amongst themselves and split into many smaller factions. Also the U.N.S.F has returned to mars with plans to stop productions of orbital frames not realising this in its self would cause the production of even more frames. So even bigger fights have broken out and there appears to be nowhere safe for the Martians.

One Bahram factions called Aker has made a discovery an orbital frame which they named Drayaun. Using this new frame they created a brand new frame it was said to be even stronger than Anubis and Jehuty, because it no longer had the restraints of Auman to hold back development.

Both of these frames had problems, although fully charged Drayaun, seemed to have no power and when piloted it would reject every user leaving them near dead. The problem with the new frame, aptly named Apophis, was not discovered until it was too late...

(A quick description of the frames since I don't have any decent pics) Drayaun – very like Jehuty but is bright white with a long tail which has blades on the end (imagine a spider plant), it also has 8 pods called "Drayaun's Talons" these pods are baseball bat shaped, the top and bottom 4 contain two jets, where as the middle ones contain 3 jets. They are independent of Drayaun's body joined by sparks of Metaron energy. ......./ ....v/ .}0{ .../W----o{ ../..... Apophis – has three antenna either said of his head, seems to be wearing a hooded waist coat he has a more curved look, his feet seem to have a single claw sticking out, he has no tail. His blade has serrated teeth that turn when used. His wings when spread are made out flecks of Metaron, between large tapered bars. ...,v, .MM ...W