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Chicken-Wuss Chickens Out

Back at Balamb again. It had been six months after defeating Ultimacia. Everything had returned at peace again, and everyone seemed happy enough, but Zell felt a tug in his heart that something was wrong. There was indeed something wrong. How could he tell Selphie? Break her of her spirit?

Rinoa had left from Timber the previous week and had not been heard from since. She returned to the Sorceress Memorial in Esthar to check and make sure she was rid of her sorceress powers. She knew they could not be completely rid of her powers, but hoped she could not become posessed again. She couldn't stand the thought of hurting anyone again, emotionally or physically, and she knew they did not want to harm her again. She almost lost Squall, almost lost herself...

But she had been gone a week. Yes, Esthar was a far journey, but perhaps there were delays.

Zell knew. He was told the news. Quistis had informed him that Rinoa had not arrived in Esthar. Could it have been kidnapping, murder? That were the assumptions Zell took, but even worse, he feared she had become posessed again and from that point, anything could have happened.

Selphie stood in the Quad. She was staring out at the ocean, her curls in the breeze. She was watching a school of dolphins in the distance hopping the waves. She was delighted and smiling. She rarely saw any dolphins, or much life for that matter. She usually only spotted fiends on the plains.

Zell felt a knot in his throat. Tell Selphie that Rinoa, her best friend, was missing? Perhaps, since Selphie was so optimistic, she was tend to take the news and make good of it, but how can she make good of someone missing? She'd probably say something like "Don't worry about it so much. There had to have been a delay. I'm sure Rinny is fine and dandy," so he went for it. He descended the stairs and appeared before her. She turned to him.

"Hi, Zell! I haven't seen you around all day. During lunchtime, we had hotdogs, and you weren't there, but I saved you one."

She handed him the warm hotdog, wrapped in paper. He looked down at it and merely took it, a smile returning to his face, but she still suspected something was wrong.

"If you didn't go to lunch with a big grin on your face, then something must be wrong," she informed him, looking right through him.

He couldn't tell her now. She'd be so heartbroken. She'd expect bad news, sure, but not this bad. He looked down at the hotdog, and peeled back the paper, and began eating it. It was turning a little cold, but it was still good. She had even prepared it with his favorite toppings: mustard, ketchup, onions, relish, BBQ sauce, all the fixings. He finished it down in a few bites, and smiled at her. He was feeling better now, and hope she could see through his disguise. He could tell her later.

"I guess maybe I was hungry. I did miss lunch, after all," he told her. She was fooled.

"Did I do a good job?" She asked.

He nodded. "Thanks, Selphie. I just have something on my mind," he slipped out. He held a hand to his mouth to keep from saying more.

She giggled. "I knew something was wrong. The hyperactive Zell in a bad mood? Maybe if Seifer was bugging you, but you and Seifer are beginning to get along. There aren't many people who bother you anymore. Well, maybe Reichi, the library girl."

Zell rolled his eyes. Selphie laughed. "Well," she began, "if anything is wrong, just tell me, okay? You can tell me anything."

I'm not so sure about that, Zell thought. "Okay," he lied. "Thanks for the hotdog. I'll see you later."

He waved goodbye, as did she. He left the school and walked to the fountain before the parking lot, beyond the school stairs. He sat at the edge of the fountain, and stared into the water. It was going to be even more difficult telling Selphie about Rinoa, because each day, he began to like Selphie more and more..

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