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Quistis's Journal

Dear journal,

It's been six more months, and other "annual" SeeD ball is coming upon us. I'm still unsure of why Cid calls it an annual ball, because it happens every six months. I suppose I'll start with the least important news to the most important:

Irvine went and saw Matron today. Actually, Cid invited her to the school because she said she wanted to see us all, but we were busy. Irvine was the only one who wasn't. According to Irvine, Cid's planning on letting her be Headmaster or an instructor, because he plans on retiring, and says he's getting too old. Cid told me later that if Matron doesn't become the new Headmaster, that I can be. It's a big responsibility, and I'm not sure I'm ready for it, but I'll have to see.

Zell and Selphie becoming a couple six months ago has caused nothing but trouble for me. Zell never did pay much attention in class, and now I always catch him drawing cartoons of him and Selphie, and I've found some doodles the other day he drew of me. I gave him detention. Selphie tries to cause mischief when Zell gets into trouble so she can have detention with him. I made sure that she gets a detention the next day. I really need to move Selphie away from Rinoa, too. I've gotten more notes passed between Selphie and Rinoa than paperwork I've been asked to complete by the students. Maybe that's saying that I'm not giving enough work to my students.

Fujjin is expecting a baby any day now. It turns out, at the last SeeD ball six months ago, she was three months pregnant. I thought she looked like she gained a bit of weight when she wore that dress, but I thought I was just going crazy. Nevertheless, she stays active and optimistic as ever. I'm afraid Seifer would be irresponsible and not care for the baby when it'll be born. Not that it wasn't irresponsible to.."fool around" before they were married anyways, but he's willing to take care of it and raise it. I don't think either of them are sorry that she's going to have it. They're probably sorry that they're not married before doing what they did, though, but that's their own problem.

Laguna plans on coming in next week when we have the next "annual" SeeD ball. He's planning on retiring from being president of Esthar. He says it's too much for such a small man like he, but I think it's wonderful, the things he's done. Ellone showed up yesterday from the rumors of her uncle coming in the next week, and is so excited. She was glad to see Squall and all of us again, as well. Laguna says he's going to hand the job over to Ward. He still can't talk, because his throat was permanently injured, or so they say. Maybe with surgery, it could be fixed. Laguna plans on trying to find a surgeon who will look at Ward's throat soon. In the meantime, if Ward does become president, Kiros said he would be his assistant and translate any speech that needs to be said. I think Ward is very intelligent from his actions, because they speak louder then words. Of course, the whole reason Laguna is coming to Balamb is for the biggest news of all:

Squall is going to propose to Rinoa next week at the ball! I'm such a loud mouth, I'm surprised I haven't blabed it out to Rinoa yet, but I definetly want to keep it secret. I'm so excited about it, I'm afraid she'll see how fidgetty I am and wonder what's wrong! Squall has been with her a year, now, and they got engaged six months ago when Rinoa returned from Esthar. He says he's afraid of losing her again, and that's why he proposed his engagement so early. Of course, Squall is so paranoid about everything, but especially concerning Rinoa, ever since she went missing.

What I'm so sad about is that everyone (Squall, Rinoa, Selphie, Zell, Irvine, Seifer, Fujjin, and Rajjin) turned eighteen this last six months, and they must leave the garden after the annual SeeD ball. Another semester starts after the ball, and all students must officially leave the garden at eighteen. I might actually plan on quitting because it would be so boring without everyone here, and I would be alone. Would everyone stay here? I guess I'll to wait a little while and see.

That's about all the news for now, except this marks one year after the Sorceress Battle. Oh, and speaking of sorceress, Rinoa's posession powers from Ultimacia's blood finally wore off, but not until three months ago. Otherwise, she learned how to control it to her own advantage. I was her guinea-pig the last day she had it. She thought about smacking me in the face with a pie at the Cafeteria, and well, you can guess the rest of what happened, but I wasn't going to let her get away with that and not give her detention, but of course, I made sure Selphie wasn't in there with her. Lord, I've given out more detentions to Zell, Selphie, and Rinoa this year than I have to Seifer. That's kind of scary.

Well, I'll write back later. I'm expecting some big news next week, and I can't wait for the proposal!


(The epilouge will be named "Growing Pains" so read it kay? Kay Oo!)