Title: Shaitan

Author: Redwing/CSIphile

Rating: PG13

Category: NCIS/SVU crossover. Implied NCIS romance (K/G) and not so implied SVU ship (E/O). Light romance/casefile/drama/what ever you want to call it.

Summary: NCIS and SVU cross paths when a serial rapist/murder of female naval officers lands in New York City.

AN1: This was actually a pretty easy fic, the shows mesh rather well together, well at least in my world. There are so many similarities its unreal, you'll see them. I'm going to assume for now that everyone here is at least somewhat aware of both NCIS and SVU shows…at least the premise of each. If your confused, please let me know and Ill do a more comprehensive AN at the beginning of the next chapter to clear any confusion. This chapter is ALL SVU, but the rest of the fic is pretty balanced between the two shows. Please note: Small references to my SVU fic Genesis in here, no need to read though, you can probably catch on pretty quick. Just keep in mind E/O are in a ship….of sorts. Its explained later, I promise.

AN2: Big, HUGE thanks to my wonder beta and support, kukrae. She was there when the idea formed and listened ever so patiently while I fleshed it out. And Kat, who took time to beta the first couple chapters….thank you.

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Chapter 1: Long Night

NYC – 7th Ave

11 pm

Elliot Stabler turned the corner onto Seventh and audibly sighed. Behind the flashing lights of the street cops and ambulance that had been first on scene, gathered quite a horde of onlookers. The early hour had practically guaranteed a large crowd would gather around the scene as no one was in bed just yet.  Everyone was anxious to get a look at what had happened in their neighborhood; what atrocity had occurred now.

Slowing as he approached the scene, Elliot flashed his badge and stated, "SVU" to the perimeter cop. He was quickly waved through and he parked next to the ambulance, closest to the group of people. Some were in their pajamas with a coat thrown over them, others were fully dressed as if they had been walking by and stopped to see the action.

Getting out, he surveyed the people quickly before heading toward the crime scene.  He said hello to a few familiar cops on his way in. He easily found his partner, predictably already there, hunched over a body, her small frame blocking most of his view. She was dressed similar to him: jeans, comfortable shoes, and her favorite black zip up hoodie over what was probably a t-shirt. It was a warm night in New York for the last week of September for which Elliot was grateful. There was nothing worse than finding a dead body, unless it was below zero and he was freezing his nuts off.

He approached her slowly, taking in the scene around him. His partner and the body were in an alley just off 7th, not well lit, but it wasn't the darkest he'd seen. What surprised Elliot the most was that the vic was practically on the street.  Typically they find bodies father into the alley, to avoid detection, but not this one…this one was maybe five feet from the sidewalk. Seventh was a well-traveled street, with several clubs lining the west side a few hundred yards north of their location. This one thing told Elliot their perp wanted the body to be found. For what reason, though, he didn't know.

Just as he walked around her right side, Olivia pointed and spoke to him, without even looking up. He shook his head mentally; they knew each other so well.

"What do you make of that?"

Elliot hitched up his pants and squatted next to the body - which was laid out neatly on the cold ground with her arms tucked at her sides, as if sleeping - narrowing his eyes slightly. She was in bad shape, naked except for a jacket that has been placed backward on the body, covering her from breasts to pubic area. What skin Elliot could see had been brutalized, bruises covered her legs, arms and neck, blood matted the hair at her temple - probably where she had been hit - and right over the breastbone it looked like someone had carved into her skin, the cut disappearing under the coat.

"It looks like the perp marked her somehow."

Olivia tilted her head at him and nodded. "Yeah, that's what I'm thinking, but there's a lot of dried blood so it's hard to tell. Warner will have to get a better look."

He nodded and they stand. "What else we got?"

She looked at her notepad and sighed, "Not much, she's got no ID. White female, early 30s. Fin, Munch and some cops are canvassing for witnesses. They saved the girls who found her for us." At that she pointed back in the direction he had come to the three young women, all dressed to go out clubbing.

"Let's go," he said and placed a hand on her lower back as they walked.

Without discussion Olivia introduced herself and Elliot.  They had found over years of partnership that when dealing with witnesses, especially young ones, it was frequently less intimidating when Olivia started questioning. Despite her tall stature and projection of authority, she seemed to change just enough to make them feel at ease.

"Can you tell me what happened?" she asked in a soft voice.

The oldest of the girls, who identified herself as Leah, looked at her friends and then back at Olivia before speaking. Apparently the three had elected her the talker, they all looked a bit shaky, with the other two gripping each other's hands.

"We were walking to Club Tantric, we….we were celebrating Jessi's 21st birthday," Leah stated.

"Are you students?" Olivia asked.

"Yeah…at NYU. So we were walking past the alley…and…Amy thought she saw something. We turned to see what she was looking at…and that's when we saw….her. And the blood. We called 911 right away."

Elliot could practically see the blood drain from Leah's face at the memory.

"You did the right thing," Olivia stated.  "Did you guys see anyone suspicious coming out of the alley before you looked in? Or anywhere in the area?"

The Leah again turned to her friends before responding, "No…but we weren't really paying attention. We were enjoying the weather."

Olivia gave a glance to the other two, "Is this right?  Do you remember anything else?"

"No…I wasn't paying attention really," said one.

"Same," replied the other

All three girls looked guilty that they weren't able to help and Olivia quickly concluded the interview with reassurances.  She handed each girl her card in case they remembered anything else.

Walking back, they met up with Fin and Munch who were taking a break from canvassing for the minute. The two men reported no one saw anything.

Elliot looked exasperated at her, "It's 10 at night, and no one saw or heard a woman being murdered?"

"Apparently not."  She looked in the direction of the body, "Warner's here, let's see what she says."

The group separated, with Munch and Fin returning to their canvassing.

"Doc," Elliot said at they approach. "Got anything?"

Melinda looked up at them before standing. "Well, she wasn't killed here, not enough fluids. Looks like she's been dead about four hours. It's hard to tell without cleaning her up, but by process of elimination and the bruises on her neck, I'd say she was strangled. But you didn't hear that until autopsy."

The Elliot and Olivia looked at each other. "It's a dump job," he said. "No wonder no one heard anything."

"Well, he did some damage.  I'll have to take X-rays to determine the full extent, but she was beaten pretty badly, probably pre-mortem. As for that mark in her chest, I don't know yet."

"Detectives!" one of the CSU guys called out, cutting off Warner.

"I'll catch you guys back at the morgue in the morning," she said, letting them go. They both nodded and walked over to Dante, the CSU agent.

"What's up?" Elliot asked.

"You might find this interesting," he said, holding up the jacket that had been covering the woman. Carefully he turned it around, revealing a row of ribbons on the right side and on the left a name engraved on small silver plaque: Williams.

"She's military," Olivia said, staring at the jacket.

"Could be a Salvation Army coat, Liv."

Snapping on a glove she pulled out of her pocket, Olivia touched the ribbons, getting a better look. "I don't think so, El. This is recently dry cleaned, there is almost no wear on it. And how many places sell military jackets with the ribbons and name tag still attached?"

Pursing his lips he also leaned towards the coat, using the scant illumination from the streetlamp to see it. Wracking his brain he stared at the coat intently.  "I think it's Marine issue.  She was a…Lieutenant Colonel, maybe."

"This just became high priority, didn't it?" Olivia asked.

He looked at her and nodded. "You bet your sweet ass it did. I bet Warner doesn't get to go home tonight. I'll call Cragen."

Anything involving military personnel lately was considered high priority. Especially the murder of an officer. The government wanted to know every detail of a suspicious military death, because these days you just never knew what might be behind it.

She nodded and they headed to their cars to drive back to the station.  It was going to be a long night.

SVU Squadroom

2 AM

Olivia rested her head in one hand, watching the computer monitor sideways like it would give her the answers to all the questions in the universe. Sadly, it wasn't even giving her the rest of the woman's name.

Suddenly she smelled something, something good. Lifting her head and pausing the pictures flying past her screen, she spied her partner walking through the double doors in front of her desk, carrying two cups of coffee.

Gratefully she took the one he offered and took a long sip, not caring that the fluid burned a little going down. At least it woke her up a little bit.

"Thank you."

Elliot had gone to a 24-hour coffee place down the block. Neither was willing to make the crap that passed for coffee in the house.

"Welcome. How's it going?"

"Slowly. There are an awful lot of women in the military with the last name Williams."

"Well, Munch and Fin gave up their canvass, so they'll be back in the morning. The 'good' news is that Warner was informed not to leave without doing an autopsy. And Cragen wants us to wait."

"We aren't getting any sleep tonight…are we?" she asked, though it was more a statement than a real question.

"Nope. Better drink up," he smiled at her.

With that she raised her coffee cup at him and took another large gulp, then turned back to the monitor. She had run the last name on the coat through the military database, all of it since Elliot wasn't sure of the rank or branch, coming up with nearly 200 caucasian females with the same name. This could take all night, she mused.

Just as Elliot was sitting in his chair, he was interrupted by both his partner sitting up straight and motioning for him and the ringing of his phone. Quickly he grabbed his cell and got up to stand behind Olivia as he answered, "Stabler. Uh huh…yep. We'll be right over. Thanks."

Snapping the phone shut he leaned over Olivia, looking at the picture she had pulled up on the screen.  It was their dead Marine, for sure now, in her military uniform. The name "Lt. Col. Allison Williams" under the picture.  "We have a name," he says. "And Warner has an autopsy. Let's go."

Swiftly they gathered their things and headed out the door.

ME's Office

2:30 AM

Just as they came in Melinda was grabbing X-rays and walking back into the autopsy room. She greeted them with a smile, "Well, when I said I'd see you in the morning, I didn't quite mean this early."

"Us either," Elliot muttered. "That was a fast autopsy."

"My boss's boss called and wanted it done yesterday, so…here we are."

"Well, then, what do we have?" Olivia said, her voice indicating the coffee had taken hold and was keeping her awake.

"She was strangled, bruises indicate by a right-handed person," she demonstrated on the body using her own hand. "Multiple contusions to the head, shoulders and back. There is a small pin prick in the neck, probably injected with something. I've sent blood work to tox."

She started walking as she talked, pointing at Lt Williams' body as she went. "The rest of her body is a mess. Bruises cover at least 60%; she has two cracked ribs, a fractured ulna possibly from fighting back, and several minor lacerations on her legs. She was raped before death, no fluids, he used a condom. I didn't find any errant hairs, but I'll double check."

Pausing, Melinda walked back up to the chest area. "This cut is curious. It looks to be made by a small knife, maybe 6 inches in length, I'll have a better idea of type of blade in the morning. I took a picture and sent it to CSU for comparison."

Both the detectives leaned in to get a closer look at the mark. It was circular and small, maybe three inches in diameter. Inside the circle was an X.

"Great, anything else?" Olivia asked in a distracted voice, which Elliot noticed.

"Well, yeah. When I finished the autopsy I realized I recognized the cut from somewhere."

Both Elliot and Olivia looked at her. "Seriously?" he asked.

Walking into her office, the two detectives followed as she striped off her gloves and pulled a notice off her bulletin board.

"Yeah. A couple weeks ago I received this from a coroner I used to work with, he's with NCIS now. Recognize the photo?"

Holding the flyer, Elliot leaned into Olivia so she could also read it. In large type it informed all coroners to be on the lookout for bodies of female military officers with the pictured carving in their chest. Under the bold font was a clear picture of the markings on Lt Col Williams.

Olivia looked at the picture then glanced back at the body, "It's the same."

"Yeah, I called the tipline. NCIS is being notified."

"Great," Elliot said just as his phone rang. He stepped back from the women and answered the call.  "Stabler….yes, Captain, that's where we are. No we….yes, sir. Yep….see you in the morning, Cap."

He returned and looked at his partner. "That was Cragen, NCIS will be here in the morning. Apparently this is a serial killer."

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