Of Gods and Men

A Yu-Gi-Oh!/Stargate: SG-1 Crossover

Written By RogueMoon



            Yugi Motou, a young Japanese boy with dark red, spiked hair and blonde bangs, sat on the floor of an Egyptian tomb, his back against a Hieroglyph covered wall. He gazed thoughtfully at the item held in his hands. The Millennium puzzle, as it was called, once hung on a chain around his neck. He had taken it off just a few hours ago when he and the being that resided within it had found out the truth about Pharaoh Atemu.

            Yami. That's what Yugi had named the being. The 'spirit' that had been with him since the day Yugi had solved the puzzle four years ago. Yami had protected and guided him through four years of exceeding strangeness as well as the latter half of puberty. Yami had also spent those four years trying to remember who or what he was. He had been Atemu.

Maybe it would have been better if they hadn't found out. Or maybe not. That was why Yugi was sitting there with the puzzle in his hands. Yami was letting Yugi decide the fate of Atemu.

Across from the boy sat Ryou Bakura, an albino half-breed of English and Japanese descent, who was also trying to decide the fate of a 'spirit'. This one was far more malevolent than Yami, however. It had surprised everyone when he had opted to let Ryou decide his fate. Even Ryou. But then again, a lot of things about that particular creature surprised people. In Ryou's hand hung the Millennium Ring.

            The Millennium items were made of what looked to be gold. Although if they had been gold, they would have been dented beyond recognition by now. Instead, they were in perfect condition, as if they has just been made. The only similarities the two outwardly shared were the gold coloring and the stylized eye adorning each. Internally, they shared far more.

            The items were thought to house great magic within them. The truth was they were pieces of technology so advanced it simply appeared to be magic. The 'spirits' within them were there as prisoners. One on purpose, one on accident.

The items were supposed to have imprisoned them for only a thousand years and then let them out on a probationary cause. One thousand years ended up being closer to five thousand. Their wardens had forgotten them, left them to confusion and loneliness as their memories were sealed away from them until they didn't even know who they were. Yami had been trapped in the worse of the two, for his was a maze of hallways and doors that led nowhere and everywhere as long as they didn't lead to his memories.

The 'spirit' of the Ring had it a little easier: once the first thousand years were up, his memories had been returned to him. Easier probably isn't the best word, since that process had driven him to the edge of insanity.

The items also protected their prisoners, who had learned to hack into the technology and use it to their advantage. Yami may not have been able to retrieve his memories in those five thousand years, but he had learned to use the items abilities to help him. They could both 'summon' creatures that lived within the pocket dimension they had been trapped in. They could also trap others within the pocket dimension and even manipulate the minds of humans. It was all done using technology housed within the items.

            The two 'spirits' entered their probation when the items were worn. The Puzzle had to be put back together, but Yugi was a wiz at puzzles and eventually solved it. The Ring was given to Ryou by his unsuspecting father. The probation allowed the creatures to merge with their hosts much as they had done in life, only the merging was not permanent and removal didn't kill the host. It hurt a great deal, but it didn't kill.

            Now that both creatures had their full memories back and their hosts knew the truth of their existence, it was up to Ryou and Yugi to decide weather or not to keep them on probation. Ryou's decision hinged on the fact that his Ring housed a prisoner that had been put there on accident but had still done enough to warrant the imprisonment. Yugi's decision hinged on the fact that the Puzzle housed a prisoner that had been put there on purpose but hadn't deserved to be.

            The two eighteen-year-old's looked up at each other and shared a smile. They had both thought about this for a long time; before they even knew the full truth. The decision had been made months, maybe even years ago. At least subconsciously.

Yugi's smile became a face splitting grin as he leaned back and tossed the Puzzle into the air, catching it as it fell, "So, Ryou… How much longer do you think we should make them squirm?"

"I don't know…" Bakura pretended to think, a devious smile on his lips. "It's getting late and I'm getting pretty hungry… Maybe we should wait until after dinner?"

Laughing at each other, they slipped the items back around their necks and asked the creatures that had become more than just a strong presence how to go about making the joining permanent.


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