She's an idiot. That's all she can really say. It was the best thing she had ever had, and she wreaked it. She loved you, and yet she still slept with him. There's no excuse for it, but that she's an idiot. An idiot who's broken her lover's heart. Your heart. The one thing she promised to protect above all else because of how many times you've had it broken. She knows it's her fault, and knows how much she's hurt you. She knows the pain that flashed in your eyes before you ran out was caused by her. But to have sex with him of all people, is the worse thing she ever could have done. He was your best friend, and she knew it. And she still did it. She still did the only thing that could hurt you that bad, and she's sorry.

But sometimes, sorry isn't enough, and this is one of those times.

And she's still sorry. Even years later. Even when she knows you're happy with Tom, happier then you ever could have been with her, she's sorry.

Because she still love you.