Chapter 7: - Falling

Pregnant? Isabeau couldn't believe it; she had always taken great precautions every time she had been with Snape, but madam Pomfrey's words rang through her head like a broken record. She had been pregnant for the past few days, Three days ago had been the last time she had slept with her head of house but like always unbeknown to Snape she had used her own form of contraception. She had even used it when she had been with Draco on the Astronomy tower and even the full day that she had spent with Draco in bed she had slipped away to replace her diaphragm.

But the memory of the first time that she had been with Draco suddenly came rushing back to her, it had been the night she had fled from Snape's bed, after her post Snape cleansing ritual, after her shower and after she had removed her diaphragm in the showers. Had it really been only three days? It felt like a life time ago that she had first been with Draco Malfoy in the common room, even now she could remember every moment of it, how his touch had been so gentle, how he had wanted her as much she had wanted him and how full of passion his kiss had been.

Isabeau's thoughts where full of that night with Draco and the love that he had for her, as Snape escorted her back to the common room entrance. Isabeau knew she had to tell Draco that he was to be a father as soon as she could. She had always been dead set against having children but back then her life only consisted of Severus and a love that had always been one sided. The thought of spending her life with a man that she didn't love only because it was convenient was now a ridiculous prospect, especially when Isabeau thought of Draco.

"Things will be different now" Snape said smiling as they reached the entrance to the common room and he placed his hand on Isabeau's stomach, where in a few months time a bump would be visible "You've no need to worry about a thing, I'll look after you both" he promised this to Isabeau with confidence as though Isabeau had already consented to be his as though the child that was even now growing inside of her was his child. He bent low to kiss her but like always Isabeau turned her head and his lips made contact with her cheek,

"It will be different" he repeated as Isabeau turned gave the password and climbed into the now open passageway that lead to the common room without a backwards glance at her now ex-lover.

Isabeau didn't have to search the common room for long to find Draco, he was standing next the common room fire, a large crowd of Slytherins sitting in front of him all of them laughing at some joke he had just made. Isabeau couldn't help but smile at the way that his laugh lit up his eyes like burning candles in a deep dark night. She smiled even more at the thought that she was the only person in this entire room that knew the real Draco Malfoy and that how she alone was carrying his child, a child that had been conceived in love, Just like she had been when her mother had taken the tall, dark haired stranger as her lover many years ago, Suddenly Isabeau was ripped out of her thoughts by Draco's words.

"I-do-love-you" Draco gasped in a high pitched voice as the crowd around him roared with laughter many more laughed harder when they saw Isabeau standing at the entrance to the common room,

"What's going on?" She asked hoping that she had completely misread the situation, but Draco's smile told her everything that she needed to know,

"Just entertaining my fans" he said plainly in a condescending tone, that Isabeau found hurtful

"But you said that you hated all this!" Isabeau said quickly as she hurried towards him as Draco laughed quietly, Isabeau didn't understand why he was being like this,

"You said that you hated everyone idolising you, living in your father's shadow, being a Malfoy! You said I was the only one that ever could understand how you felt!" Isabeau yelled as she grabbed hold of Draco's hand and he shoved her to the ground as he laughed mirthlessly and many of her female housemates laughed knowingly.

"I told you that because I knew it was what you wanted to hear, why would I hate what I have? I love being me, People fear me, respect me, they even want to be me! And most of all..." Draco leaned close over her and purred in her ear using the same voice that he had used the night he had seduced her "I can easily manipulate those naive enough to believe me"

"But you made me believe that you loved me!" Isabeau yelled her heart breaking as Draco laughed and the horror of the past few days finally stuck Isabeau as she realised how foolish she had been to believe that Draco Malfoy could love anyone but himself.

"It was just an act" Draco said loudly as he stood up "You had something that I wanted to know. I must admit that the way of finding it out was very...enjoyable" he said cruelly smiling his pitiless smile once more,

"So, I got a little too involved; did you really think that I could love a creature as abysmal as you?" Draco spat his smile growing at the corners of his lips Isabeau knew exactly why he had chosen those words, they conveyed all the malice that they needed to yet without giving out any information to the rest of the house, of her past, of the secrets that she had told the man that she had been foolish enough to love and to think that he had loved her in return.

"You cried, that morning on the Astronomy tower I saw you, you said the sun rise was beautiful and you cried!!!" Isabeau yelled in her anguish as she still clung to her final hope, but she could hear Pansy cackling in the background as Crabbe and Goyle snorted in amusement.

"It was all the same act I'm afraid" Draco sneered as he bowed slightly like a stage actor at the end of a magnificent performance.

"But I'm carrying your child!" Isabeau begged as the common room drew deathly quite at her words,

"And why should your bastard be of any concern to me?" Draco said leaning against the fire side his voice dropping to a quite hiss as Cabbe and Goyle flexed their muscles and flanked him at his sides

"Please!" Isabeau begged

"PLEASE!" Draco mocked out loud as the house roared with laugher before he dropped his voice and hissed at her once more "You're a whore Navarre, just like your mother. You'll make a fine living after Hogwarts by just lying on your back! That's the only reason the Dark lord allowed your mother to stay by his side, but when he fell she was too scared to stay in the country and she fled. she was only marked because she was his property not beacuse she was his equal, its quite fitting that his bastard now carries one of it's own!"

Isabeau threw herself at him screaming as her anger finally spilled, all she wanted to do was to hurt this man that had tricked her into loving him and who was liying about her mothers past. Isabeau's fist made contact with Draco's face and a sickening crack signalled the breaking of Draco's nose as blood and fists flew everywhere. Goyle grabbed Isabeau by her hair and wrenched her backwards as she screamed in pain, feeling as though she was being scalped as Goyle hauled her off Draco and pulled her arms high up behind her back almost pulling them out of their sockets.

"You stupid whore!" Draco roared as the blood poured from his nose drenching his brilliant white shirt red. Screwing his face up in a grimace mixed with pain and anger Draco flew at Isabeau as Goyle held her tightly. Draco hit her hard in the stomach and Isabeau doubled over as pain burst from her innards as she fell to the ground and Draco kicked her in the stomach, hard. As the pain quickly spread Isabeau could feel blood trickling down the insides off her legs and she knew that she needn't be concern of how she would cope raising a child on her own as she knew now there wouldn't be any child.

Isabeau fled from the common room as her house mates laughed and sneered at her, and the pain from within her hurt beyond any pain she had ever felt before. She didn't know where she was going, and she didn't care, her tears were blinding her, her heart was braking and she knew that she had once again brought her troubles on herself from her own stupidity. When she finally stopped running she found herself outside the potions classroom.

Quietly sitting in the room was Snape marking his students work, Isabeau had no one else to turn to, bursting into the room tears streaming down her face, blood soaking the lower part of her robes she told him everything. About how she had lied to him only a few hours before, how her mother had died, how for the past few days she had been laying with another man whom she had thought loved her and how the child that he had thought was his, she had actually conceived with Draco Malfoy.

"What am I supposed to do?" she pleaded as she begged him on hands and knees pulling at his robes trying to hold him close, she wanted him to hold her like he had always done, to assure her that all would be well and that despite everything he was still wanting to look after her. But he didn't, he stood glaring at Isabeau as though she was a disgusting thing that he had found on the sole of his shoe.

"That!" he said his voice betraying no emotion as he pulling his robes from Isabeau's grasp "Is of no concern to me" with that he turned and walked away leaving Isabeau alone on the cold hard stone floor of the potions classroom.

Tears pooled at her eyes, and she chocked as her throat became thick and it was hard for her to swallow, it had happened again, she had turned the person that had truly loved her against her once more. She had begun to resent what Snape had given to her, in the months after the loss of her mother and her past life of luxury, Snape had shown her that he had cared for her more then anyone else had done, he had comforted her when she had needed to be comforted and he had been willing to provide her with a life after the misery that had been Hogwarts. But now? Now Isabeau had nothing!

Isabeau fell to the floor as the tears finally fell, she felt the pain descending on her once more, the walls felt like they where closing in on her, her head was spinning and all she could think of was that she needed an end to this pain, to this world, to her life. With that at the forefront of her mind she pulled the draws of the cabinets open, madly searching for the thing that she desired.

She held the blade firmly in her hand, as its teeth bite into her flesh, the cold steal contrasting with her warmth as it quickly released from her veins and ran freely. In the shadows she fell, leaning against the wall as her life slowly emptied.

It was he that found her many hours later, her eyes still open and a small smile frozen on her lips, she looked so contented like she had done after the first time that they had been together. Her colour had drained from her skin, her warmth replaced with a shocking coldness and as he knelt in the shadows next to her, tears stinging his eyes, he finally saw how small and delicate she had been.

Only he truly grieved for her loss. For another love that had slipped him by, and the happiness that he could have had if he had only told her that he could have forgiven her for her few nights of madness, But once again he had failed the woman that he had loved and now, just like then he kept his feelings hidden from the rest of the world, like always, as he continued with his life hidden away in the shadows.

The end