Shh. Don't say it, love. Can you do that for me? Can you not say anything and let me speak without you shattering everything? Let me speak and smile, like it's what you want to hear. I know you could never feel the same, but just let me say it anyway. Let me confess my innermost feelings without you breaking my heart. Is that okay? Let me admit it and feel relief before you shatter my world. Let me love without pain, if only for a second. Let me believe that there's a chance we could be together. Please. Let me lie to myself, convince myself that you might love me as I love you.Can you do that? Please, just let me pretend. Let me convince myself of what isn't real, so I can live in my fantasy without even a sliver of the reality I want to ignore.

Just keep those lips I love closed, so I can tell you what I feel. What I love. Who I love.

"Dawn, I..." No. Please. Don't say it! I'll do anything! Please. Don't tell me what I don't want to know. Tara... I'm begging you. "I'm sorry."