Title: My Knight

Author: Vix

Contact: VixChichotmail.com

Category: Marissa / Ryan (ish)

Rating: PG-13 (To cover my bum)

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Author's Note: This is what I think Marissa is thinking in the very last episode after she swigs down some of her favorite beverage.

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Marissa stared unseeingly at the sunset, the rustic color making her eyes blur. Rustic... Rust... Tarnished. That is what she had always pictured Ryan in.

Tarnished Armor.

Her knight in armor, his intentions were noble. He was loyal. He was there to pick her up when she couldn't stand. He was there to have faith in her when she didn't have faith in herself. And he was there... He was there to love her when she couldn't love herself.

The tears seeped down her eyes and dropped beyond the balcony wall, dripping endlessly into the pool below. Looking down she could see the beautiful blue pool, the wind making small waves, the sunset dulling the shiny, but intensifying the tint.

The water reminded her of other cool blue pools, Ryan's eyes. Those passionate, breathtaking eyes. They made her feel hunger and sorrow all at the same time.

They told stories when his lips were firm in defiance. They were shadowed in his tainted past, and alight with his thoughts of what was yet to come. They had loved her in and of themselves. They had screamed his disquiet at her life style, life changes, and life decisions.

The quiet, unyielding strength that he exuberated had initiated in his eyes, and bleed from his pores.

She had questioned him, and she knew she hadn't need to. No matter the dubiousness of his actions, she knew the man behind the dealings. She knew him.

His origin didn't matter, neither did his destination, he would always be her knight in armor, and it pained her to know she had added another scratch against said armor. Damaged him a little more than when he came to her.

Another wave of tears slammed into the back of her eyelids, and a sob attacked her throat. She had given him grief, when he had given her protection, and concern.

She had lead her knight into danger, than betrayed him in battle.

She slumped against the balcony wall, he sun dripping down even further leaving her in darkness.

Armor was gone, knight in it as well had fled. Her knight had found another Damsel in Distress.

Leaning her head back against the wall she almost laughed. Her knight had left her, and now she sat in the dark, the sky reflecting her soul.

Without her knight what was she to do?