Tears unshed, she holds her breath until her lungs begin to burn and she gasps, taking in oxygen, the crystal drops falling freely down her face. Curling into a ball, she begins to tremble, crying hard yet silently. She can't take any more of this,. The harsh words, bruises and bite marks, loveless and cruel treatment.

She can recall a girl who would have hated what she is now. A strong girl who could hold her own, who wouldn't ever have come close to being what she is one. One who would have to be forced down, kicking and screaming until she was free.

But that's not the girl who's hiding inside herself. She isn't the supergirl she remembers. That girl had friends and a champion who knew how to help protect her. Not that that girl couldn't have protected herself.

That girl had a name, she wasn't the nobody who's here now, wasn't a toy for Angelus's amusement. That girl doesn't exist anymore. And there is only a shadow, a broken shell of her. The shell that is huddled in a corner, crying to herself.

And if anyone saw her now, they'd never recognize her as Kennedy, The Vampire Slayer