Why did it have to happen now? Just when she's found love, bliss, she's loosing it. She can feel it even now, slowly taking over her, forcing itself into her body, into a world it doesn't belong. She can feel her organs slowly cooking inside her, and she doesn't-

-Oh, God, it hurts-

-know what she ever could have done to deserve this hell. She can feel it's hate even now, the loathing it feels for it's self for needing her. She's got to fight it. Hold on. She may not know what it wants-

-Please, just make it stop-

-but she does know that if it gets here, there'll be hell on earth, and it will be her fault. So she fights it, even through the pain. The pain that burns it's way her body, searing the mark of Illyara into her flesh. It's got her now. It has her-

-God save me. I swear I'll be better. Just stop this hell-

-and it knows it. It's laughing even now, and she wants so much to fight it. To save Wesley, Charles and Angel. But how can you fight want is inside you?

Godforsaken girl, I loved Wesley while I was with another, the devil is coming for my soul to take me to the worst of hells