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Getting The Job

"Okay…how do I look?" Ginny Weasley asked herself as she stood in front of her mirror.

Time sure did her some good. At 26 she was 5 feet 5 inches with long wavy auburn red locks that stopped at the end of her shoulders blades. She filled out with curves in every right place, as in her chest and arse, making her look delicious. Her legs were long, lean and muscular as were her arms from no more then 2 hours twice a week in the gym down the road. Her face got older as well, but it still showed every sign of her youth. She still had her small nose dusted with freckles, which seemed to minimize, as she got older. Her eyes were still big and still looked liked melted chocolate but now had flecks of gold in them. And she had full lips that one could only describe as kissable.

She was on her way to a job interview. She was interviewing for the fashion editor of a very big magazine called Magic Mag. She never worked as a fashion editor but after she graduated from Hogwarts she went to New York. She spent 5 years as a muggle there studying and working in fashion design. Then she went to Paris for 2 and half years where she continued her fashion studies. So even though she was never the editor of a magazine she had enough background in fashion that she was more then capable to do this job as good or better then anyone else.

Ginny was still in front of her mirror making sure she looked okay. Being in the fashion business she was very physo about how she looked. She was wearing a flowly kaki colored skirt that hit her right under the kneecaps and a white long sleeve shirt. On her feet were white strappy sandals. Her hair was done with some gel in it to control the frizziness of the waves. Her makeup only consisted of a tiny bit of foundation, lip-gloss and light brown eyeliner.

She twirled in front of her mirror once more then looked at the clock. "Yicks! I better got before I'm late" she said. She picked up her white purse, made sure her resume was in it then with a flick of her wand and a small dainty pop she disapperated away.


Draco Malfoy sat at his desk in his big corner window office at his magazine's office building. His office was everything a Malfoy office should be. It was big with a huge full wall window that looked down onto the streets of Diagon Ally. Set in the middle of the office was a big cherry wood desk. In front of the desk were two chairs for visitors to sit in. On his desk sat desk accessories as well as a computer and all the computer accessories.

The wizarding world had adopted the muggle tool once they found out how much easier and faster it was to get jobs done when you had a helpful tool at your fingertips.

Behind Draco's desk were filing cabinets holding every single copy of his magazine Magic Mag. He had other cabinets and shelves around his office that held books and every one of employee's records of schooling and past jobs. On his wall hung pictures and awards for the magazine.

At this moment Draco was sitting behind his desk reading a copy of the horoscopes page Lavender Brown just sent to him that was to go into the April edition of Magic Mag.

To ask if Draco Malfoy aged well was like asking if the grass is green. It was obvious. The features in his face were still sharp and cunning, but now just looked older and better on his face. His nose was still the long perfected size and shape. His lips were still thin but he had lines around them that could have only gotten there from smiling. His eyes were now more silver then gray and they had a certain sparkle to them. His hair was still very blonde and it still fell into his eyes. The only thing that changed about his body was that it was now manlier. It wasn't a teen's body it was a man's body. He had arms and legs that could only be called strong and a stomach any girl would want to wash their clothes on. 7 years did Draco Malfoy good…a lot of good.

A knock on the door interrupted from his reading.

"Yes?" Draco said without taking his eyes off the paper.

His cheery wood door opened and his secretary Luna Lovegood poked her head in. In school she may have been what people would call 'loony' and she was somewhat, but she was one hell of a secretary. She always would handle Draco schedule and she made sure that every paper that had to go out for publishing made it to publishing. "The woman for the fashion editing position is here for her interview." She told him.

Draco looked up from his work. "Oh yes! Send her in" he said and put the papers on his desk in some sort of organized pile.

"Thank you Luna" Ginny said as she stepped into the office.

Luna smiled at her then closed the door returning to her desk right outside the door. Ginny took a seat in one of the chairs in front of the desk and waited patiently to begin.

Draco then looked up from making his desk a little more organized. He looked at Ginny was a look of utter surprise, which was the look she was giving to him. "Weasley?" he asked

"Malfoy?" Ginny said in the same tone.

It's not that she was at all disappointed to see him it was just she was surprised to see him as the owner of the magazine. Magic Mag was a magazine for women between the ages of 16 and 30. It provided witches with everything a muggle magazine would provide to a muggle teen. To him his as the owner and founder of the magazine was just surprising.

Ginny recovered from her shock first and looked into her purse. She pulled out her resume and handed it to him. This little action took Draco out of his staring daze. He took it and started reading it over.

"Well you certainly have a lot of experience in fashion. But you've never worked for a magazine before" Draco said noticing she didn't have any experience working at a magazine.

"Yes…but you wanted a fashion editor and who better then a fashion designer slash buyer?" Ginny asked. She really wanted this job and would do anything to get it.

Draco eyed her and raised her eyebrow. "Yes, but you still have no experience in working for a magazine."

Ginny sighed. "I know, but I'm a fast learner!" She said. Draco again raised his eyebrow. "Look you said it yourself I have a lot of experience. I worked in New York for 5 years and Paris for 2…the two biggest fashion capitals. I know what I'm doing and I will give you 150 percent if you give me the chance!" Ginny told him.

Draco looked at her for a minute or two. Ginny looked right back at in showing determination although inside she was worried and scared.

"You know what" Draco said, "I'll give you that chance. You do have the experience and you seem very determined."

Ginny broke out in the biggest grin. "Are you serious?" she asked not knowing if she heard him correctly.

"Yeah…you start tomorrow." Draco told her taking out a manila folder and putting her resume in it. He was going to retrieve her records later.

"Thank you so much" Ginny said standing up and smoothing out her skirt.

"Your welcome…be here by 9 tomorrow," Draco said standing up as well.

"I will…thank you again," Ginny said holding her hand out. Draco grasped her hand in a firm handshake. It sent a shock through them both. Ginny picked up her purse and walked out saying goodbye to Luna on her way out.

"Lovegood" Draco said stopping in front if her desk. He followed Ginny and watched her leave.

"Yes Mr. Malfoy" Luna said looking up from her computer.

"Get me Weasley's records…have them on my desk by tomorrow morning." Draco said then turned around and went back in his office. He sat down at his desk and placed his elbows on his desktop. He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.

He had no idea why he hired her. She had no experience for working for a magazine, but she did have an extensive background in fashion and he needed a fashion editor. She said she would do a good job and he didn't doubt that. In Hogwarts she gave her all. That's why she was in 3 advanced classes with him. She still had that fiery attitude too and if her work was as colorful as her personality was then the magazine would have a lot more readers.

And damn did she get hot! He had never seen legs look so good before.

Draco sighed again. What was he thinking? This is a Weasley he was talking about. Yeah a very hot Weasley. With a cry of frustration Draco let his head collapsed and his forehead hit his desk.


Ginny walked up to the door to her flat. After her interview she went into muggle London and did some serious shopping. She thought she deserved a gift for getting her job. She bought new shirts, pants, skirts, and bags for herself so she looked stylish at her new job. After shopping she walked back home because it was a beautiful March day.

She opened the door at threw the keys on the side table next to her door. She walked into the living room and put her bags on the side of the couch. The she fell onto the couch sighing tiredly. She took her sandals off and threw them on the floor. She put her feet on the coffee table and looked around the flat.

The living room was a perfect size and the biggest room in the flat. It had a fireplace on one of the sidewalls and a long window that looked down onto a children's playground and the adjacent wall. Sometimes Ginny would sit on the loveseat that was in front of it and watch the kids play. Across from the loveseat and window was a bigger couch that she was now sitting on and in between the two couched was a maple wood coffee table that had magazines scattered all over the top. On the other wall were two other muggle items. A nice sized television and a stereo. The walls were full of pictures of her gigantic family and friends.

Behind the couch was the kitchen. It was small cozy kitchen that Ginny used often. It had a long counter with a sink in the middle and cabinets following it along the walls. There was also a stove and oven and a refrigerator that was also littered with pictures. In the center of the kitchen sat a wood table for four.

Down the hall, which also had pictures on it, was her bathroom on the left and her bedroom a little more ways down on the right. Her bathroom was small and normal. There was a tub with a showerhead above it. A toilet and sink with a mirror that opened up to a cabinet above it.

Her bedroom was the second largest room in the flat. In the center of the back wall was Ginny's canopy bed anchored by a nightstand on each side. Across from the bed was her dresser that was littered with jewelry and her makeup. Next to the dresser was a full-length mirror and next to the mirror was a chair with a lamp over it that Ginny sat in when she read. On the wall with the door on it was a small walk in closet that was over filled with clothes, shoes, and bags. Once again the walls had pictures of her family and friends on them. Above her bed however was a painting of a park that one of her friends from New York painted for her.

Ginny looked at her watch and stood up. Harry was supposed to come over for dinner today and he would be arriving in an hour. She walked into the kitchen and was walking over to put the stove on when a bouquet of flowers appeared with a 'pop' on the kitchen table. Ginny looked at them strangely and walked towards them. She looked for a card and found one hidden between two of the pink carnations. She opened it and read.

Ginny, I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to cancel tonight, something came up. I hope you like the flowers I know they're your favorite. I'll owl you to reschedule. Love, Harry.

Ginny sighed and crumpled up the note and threw it on the floor. Her and Harry had been dating for a little almost 6 months and this was the…well she lost count…time he canceled on her. And for Merlin's sake carnations weren't her favorite flower. It wasn't even close, well the color was…she'd give him that. She liked pink tulips or cal lilies.

She loved Harry, but she wasn't in love with him. How could she fall in love with him she never saw him! He would always reschedule because something was coming up. But somehow Ron and Hermione saw a lot of him. She knew this relationship wasn't going anywhere and to be honest she wasn't very upset about it.

She went back into the living room and flooed the pizza place down the road and ordered a personal pie for herself. After ordering it she went into the bathroom to shower as she waited for the pizza to arrive.


Draco threw open the door to his flat.

His mother still lived and owned the manor even after his father's death, but Draco thought it was to big and wanted to be on his own so he bought his own flat. It looked like Ginny's but bigger and with a lot less pictures and, unknown to either one of them, was only 3 buildings down from hers as well.

He walked into his living room and threw himself down on the couch. He put his face in his hands and rubbed his face.

He had been thinking of the little Weasley girl all day. For some reason he couldn't get her out of his head. Not only was she beautiful and hot but also her personality was…amazing. There was no other way to put it. She was feisty, and determined. She was unlike all the other women he knew and worked with.

He got up and walked into his kitchen when his stomach gave a loud grumble of hunger. He opened his fridge and took out the Chinese food from last night and heated it up with a heating charm and dug in trying to eat Ginny Weasley out of his mind.

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