Hikari's Light
By: finalfantasys-child

Chapter I
Universe of the Four Gods

Full Summary: Hikari means light, right? Taka and Miaka are happily living together with their 16-year old daughter, Hikaru. When Hikaru finds the Universe of the Four Gods, she finds herself in the book world, where only two years has passed. She meets the Suzaku Seishi, and Tasuki finds that Hikari reminds him of a girl. Will Hikari find a way out of the book world, or fall for the bandit leader we all know and love?

WARNING- May contain spoilers for people who have not seen Fushigi Yugi Eikoden, and anyone who has not read Genrou Den.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Fushigi Yugi, and I do not own Hikari. I own the plot. . kinda. . .

Hikari Sukunami walked through the National Library's bookshelves. She had to study for some exams, and needed some books to study with, plus she wanted a book to read for free time.
Hikari strolled through the halls, and found herself near an opened door. She walked into the room, only to find more books that seemed interesting. The girl ran her fingers through the different books, until she found one that caught her eye. Hikari took out the book.
"Universe of the Four Gods. . ." She whispered to herself. Hikari ran her hand across the cover. She knew she couldn't just take the book, but it seemed so interesting. Plus, if she did take it, it would still be the same as when she'd steal other people's cooking during cooking class (reminds me of someone else). Hikari hid the book in her school bag, and quickly walked out of the library.
The girl ran home, excited to read this new, strange book. She reached the steps to her house, and stopped to catch her breath.
Hikari walked inside and up into her room. She sat on her bed and opened the book.
"The reader of this book will find themselves in an adventurous world. . ." she read. "what does that mean?" Hikari turned the page, and a bright, crimson light filled the room. The girl's eyes widened. When the light faded away, Hikari was gone, but only the book remained.

Hikari opened her eyes and sat up.she found that she was in a forest, after looking around a while. The girl stood up, and started walking.
". . .It seems so peaceful. What is this place?" she asked herself.

"Hikari! Hikari! Time for dinner! Hikari?" Hikari's mother, Miaka, walked up to her room. She gasped when she saw the Universe of the Four Gods, opened and lying on the bed. "Taka! Hurry! Come quick!"
Hikari was tired, after walking for almost an hour and a half, but to find her way out, she kept walking. She saw some dark figures up ahead, after walking towars it more, she saw three men. The men spotted her, and one of them pointed at Hikari. They started running after her, and the girl backed up and ran left. She ran faster, but got tired and tripped on a loose tree root. The bandits laughed and grabbed the helpless girl.

Hikari woke up, and found herself tied up in an old looking room, with curtains of red and gold. There was a large door, also decorated in red and gold, but also had a crimson colored bird carved into it.
"Hey boss!" Someone yelled. "the girl we captured is waking up!" the big doors opened, and two tall men walked into the room. The first one had red-orange fiery colored hair, a tan-peach colored jacket with red trims, and black boots. The second man had a white shirt, blue hair, a scar on his left cheek, brown pants, and brown boots.
Hikari sat there, wondering what she should do, and how she should get away. Hikari also wondered why that first guy looked so familiar.
The two men walked over to the frightened girl. The red-head raised an eyebrow and asked, "Do I know you from anywhere?"
"Whaddya mean, Genrou?" the other man asked. The man shrugged.
"I dunno." He answered. "what's yer name?" Hikari glared.
"Isn't it more polite to tell others your name first?" she asked. The man sighed.
"I'm Genrou, leader of the Mt. Reikaku Bandits. This is my friend, Kouji." He said.
'. . .Genrou. . .I've heard that name before. . .but where?' Hikari thought. "Hmmm, I'll only tell you my name in one condition."
"But I thought. . .but then. . .we're bandits! We shouldn't ask people their names!" Genrou yelled. "besides, why would I want to know a woman's name?!" Kouji grinned.
"I would." He said.
"I'm not askin' fer yer opinion!" After a few seconds, it hit Hikari. She knew where she heard of Genrou.
"You must be Tasuki!" she exclaimed. Kouji and Genrou looked at Hikari in awe. "yeah! You're Tasuki of the Suzaku Seven!"
"H-How did you know that?!" Genrou asked.
"Oh, my mother is the first Priestess of Suzaku." A bandit ran into the room.
"Boss! That monk, priest guy came again! He said he wants to see you." He said. Tasuki turned to Kouji.
"Keep an eye on the girl." He said. Kouji nodded in response.

"Chichiri! What're you doin' here?" Tasuki asked. Chichiri shrugged.
"I thought I felt Miaka's life force, you know? I followed it, and it led me here, you know?" Tasuki's friend answered.
"Well. . .about that. . ." Tasuki began. "three of my men captured a girl today, and she claims to know Miaka."
"Hmmm. . ."

"Hey! I'm bored!" Hikari whined."I know! Let's play Shiritori! Let me start. My word is 'Tamahome' so your next word has to start with 'me-'." Kouji glared at the girl.
"Shaddup!" he ordered.
"What's up with you? I've been sitting here four a really long time, it's getting boring!"
"You better shut up, Genrou put your life in my hands." Kouji said. Hikari said nothing after that.
Tasuki and Chichiri walked into the room.
"This is the one we caught," Tasuki said.
"I see a resemblance, you know?" Chichiri nodded to himself. "she looks like Taka and Miaka, you know?"
"Hmmm. . ."
"Hey! Hello?! Can you untie me now?" Hikari asked. Tasuki nodded at Kouji, and the blue haired man untied the girl.
"I think we should introduce her to the other seishi, you know?" Chichiri said, crossing his arms. Tasuki nodded and walked over to Kouji.
"Take over while I'm gone. I'm counting on you, Buddy." He said. Hikari, Tasuki, and Chichiri walked out of the hideout, and made their way down Mt. Reikaku.
After a long time of walking, Hikari decided to lift the quiet off the group.
"Is this like a kidnap mission? I've always wondered what it would be like to be kidnapped." She said. Tasuki suddenly stopped walking, and look back with a look on his face as if he'd just seen a ghost.
"What?" the girl asked. "was it something I said?" Tasuki shook his head and started walking again, hands curled up into fists.
Five minutes later, Hikari broke the silence again.
"What's with the gloom (stress the word 'gloom') all of a sudden?" she asked.
"Yeah, you know? What's up?" Chichiri looked at his fellow seishi. Tasuki glared.
"None of your business." He said, and walked faster.
"What's his problem?"
"I don't know, you know?"
"No, I didn't know."

"There's Kounan Palace, you know!" Chichiri pointed at a beautiful palace, that looked like it was from ancient China.
"No, I didn't know!" Hikari answered back. 'wait, what timeline was this anyway?'
The group walked up to the steps, where men who were working, stopped what they were doing and bowed down to Tasuki and Chichiri.
"Wow, you guys really are famous!" Hikari exclaimed. Tasuki laughed out loud.
"AHAHAHA! Can you believe it? A bandit who is famous! AHAHAHA!!" he yelled.
"That's what you get for being a Suzaku Seishi, you know?"
"I knew that!"
"Don't make fun of me, you know?" Chichiri whined. He looked ahead and started waving. "Your Majesty!"
Up ahead, a man in a red and white robe, with the same designs as the bird on the door, his hair tied up, walked to the group.
"My friends, it has been some time."
"Lord Hotohori! God to see ya, Pal!" Tasuki grinned.
"And who's this?" Hotohori asked, eyeing Hikari.
"She never told us her name, but she claims to be Miaka's daughter." Tasuki crossed his arms. The young emperor gasped.
"She looks like a teenager! How old are you?!"
". . .what do you mean? I'm sixteen." Hikari shrugged as if it were no big deal.
"SIXTEEN?!" the seishi jumped back. "in two years you're sixteen?!"
"Two years? I thought it was sixteen years."
"I think. . .in the other reality, sixteen years have passed, while here, only two years have passed, you know?" Chichiri said. Tasuki decided to change the subject because it was getting boring.
"Where's Nuriko? How is he?" the young bandit asked.
"Oh, he is in town, looking at the shops."
"Oh, sometimes, life at the capital can get dull at times." Hotohori explained.
"Hm, I see."
Chichiri forgot about Hikari, and looked back at the girl, who was rocking back and forth on her feet, whistling and looking around.
"Emperor, would you mind if we stayed for the night so Hikari can meet Nuriko?" he asked.
"No, not at all. I'll ask my attendants to get rooms ready." Hotohori answered with a smile on his face.

During dinner that night, Hotohori had his servants prepare a large feast. Hikari gobbled down the food like it was the end of the world.
"Chichiri, do you want that eggroll?"
"Take them all."
"Tasuki, are you going to finish that soup?"
"If you're goin' to ask, go ahead."
"Excuse me! I want more rice!"
The others in the room watched in amazement, as this young teenager, scarfed down all the food they gave her.
"S-she's just like Miaka, you know?" Chichiri asked, protecting himself from flying rice. Tasuki nodded, trying to grab his friend's hat for protection.
"But this one eats GIMME THAT! five times more and doesn't I NEED THAT HAT! get sick."
"Mmm, that was delicious! Got any desert?" Hikari asked.
"Um, you already ate it." Hotohori chuckled.
"Oh, whoopsie."
Hikari, Tasuki, and Chichiri were lead to their rooms. Just when Tasuki was about to walk into his room, a familiar voice called his name. The bandit looked.
"Oh, hey Nuriko!" he said.
"Hotohori told me about the new girl."
"Hm, is that so?"
"Yep, hey. Where's Chichiri?" Nuriko asked.
"Oh, he's in that room."
"Ah, you seem tired. Get some rest, we'll talk more tomorrow." Nuriko waved at Tasuki, and he walked away. Tasuki walked inside his room, and shut the door. At Hikari's room, she opened the door so that only a little light would shine into the room. She peaked out.
"Genrou, I've come back. After all these years. . .I will finally stay with you." the door shut lightly, and the halls were silent.

That morning, Hikari met Nuriko in the dining room at breakfast.
"You must be Nuriko! Do you still crossdress?" Hikari asked. Tasuki wapped the girl in the head.
"Now's not the time to talk about that! Baka!" he yelled. The girl rubbed her head.
"Hehe, at least I don't get descention and descretion mixed up!"
"Shut up!"
"'Aw, how sweet. They're getting along great!' is what Miaka would say." Nuriko sighed. Hotohori and Chichiri nodded.
Five minutes later, Tasuki ended up with a headplant into the floor. Hikari yawned.
"Well, let's get going! We can't keep the others waiting!" the girl skipped out of the room.
"H-hey! Wait up, you know!" Chichiri called, helping Tasuki. Tasuki finally got free, and raised a fist in anger.
"You won't get away with this! YOU WON'T!!" he yelled.
"Is that a threat?!" Hikari yelled back. Nuriko walked up.
"I think I should come, too. To keep these two in line." He said. Chichiri nodded.

The group started towards Josan City, where Chiriko is.
"Isn't Chiriko the one who worries about his height?" Hikari asked. "and that smart kid whos smarter than this kid named Shinra who always says, 'I'm just a kid.'?" Tasuki sighed out loud.
"Don't you ever shut up?" He whined.
"I bet you don't use your head! Even Einstein asked questions!"
"What does that mean?" Tasuki asked.
"Ha! You're not smart!" Hikari laughed.
"Man, for a kid, you sure are annoying." The bandit said. Chichiri leaned over t Nuriko.
"I think it should go, 'Man, for kids younger than us, you two have talked through the whole trip non-stop.' You know?" he whispered.
Hikari stopped talking and ran up ahead.
"Hey! Is that place Josan City?" she asked.
"Yeah, it is, you know?"
The party walked through the city, looking aroung for any sign of Chiriko, or at least a giant study hall. Instead, he found them.
"Guys!? What are you all doing here?" Hikari looked back, and saw a young boy, who looked fifteen (yes, he not thirteen no more), two feet shorter than she was.
"Are you. . .Chiriko?" the girl asked. The boy nodded.
"And you are. . ."
"My name is. . .!" Hikari paused.
"Don't tell me you forgot your name!" Tasuki whined, hanging his arms.
"I didn't!"
"Then tell us, you know." Hikari cleared her throat.
"My name is Hikari Sukunami! Daughter of Taka and Miaka Sukunami!" she said, as red and white fireworks exploded behind her.
"All we wanted was your name, not effects, you know."
"Whoops, sorry."
"So Chiriko, why aren't you studying?" Nuriko asked. Chiriko smiled.
"I passed the exams two years ago." He happily said.
"Oh!" Hikari exclaimed. "you must be talking about the exams that. . I forgot what they were called."
"Yes, I passed them."
"Well, the only reason we came here was to introduce the girl to ya!" Tasuki put his hands on his hips.
"Hey! I'm not just 'THE GIRL'! I have a name!" Hikari whined.
"Pff. Well g'bye g'bye g'bye." Tasuki bowed. Nuriko sighed.
"Sorry if their rude, they've been like this ever since the trip started." He apologized.
"No, don't worry. I find it quite entertaining." Chiriko said. Tasuki snorted at Hikari.
"Hah! Ya hear that!? He finds you entertaining!"
"That meant you, too!"
"Nuh-uh!" Hikari grabbed Tasuki's shirt.
"He meant you, too." The girl whispered. The bandit nodded.
"Ai, let's get gong and find Mitsukake, you know." Chichiri interupted. Chiriko walked up.
"Wait, I'll give you some horses to travel with. That'll be much faster." He said.
"Thanks, Chiriko!" Nuriko said.

"I'm sorry, but I never rode on a horse before." Hikari mummbled. Nuriko walked over to the girl.
"Don't worry! You can ride with Tasuki, I bet it'll keep the horse calm and keep it from trampling all over the poor guy." He said. Behind them, Tasuki was yelling at one of the horses.
"I told ya before! I did not eat that carrot! Don't neigh me!" the man yelled. Hikari pointed at her head.
"I bet he has mental problems." She said. Nuriko laughed.

"Why do I always have to be stuck with an annoying girl!?" Tasuki yelled.
"Be quiet and live with it." Hikari ordered.
"Fine fine."

"It's getting dark, you know?" Chichiri said. He stopped the horse. "we'll camp here." The group set up their tents, and had some soup. Hikari went to bed early, and quickly fell asleep.

'You're that girl.' 'Who? Me?' 'Listen, if you do anything to hurt Genrou, I'll take your life.' 'What do you mean?'

Hikari's eyes slowly opened. It looked like it was already morning, and Tasuki was staring at her.
"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Tasuki flew out of the tent, Chichiri and Nuriko wondering what happened. Hikari walked out of her tent with a baseball bat in her hand.
'I knew this would come in handy,' she thought. "what were you doing?!" Tasuki pointed at Nuriko (who was waving at Hikari for no reason).
"He told me to wake you up! When I came in, you were talkin' in yer sleep!" the man yelled.
"Is that so?" Hikari asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Yes it's so!" the baseball bat flew at Tasuki and smacked him in the head with a loud 'THUNK!'.

Ai, I read this story over and found that it was like the Inu-Yasha plot ;. I like to continue the story, so please review, okay?