Hikari's Light

By: finalfantasys-child

Welcome to the last chapter of Hikari's Light!! The adventure ends here, what did Hikari decide?

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Chapter 7

Happily Ever After

"Well? What are you goin' to do?" Tasuki asked growing impatient.

"I want to stay here. Not only because of Tasuki, but because I want to learn more here. I know almost everything about home." Hikari answered.

"Are you sure, Dear?" Miaka asked. Hikari nodded. From the other world, everyone sweat dropped at Taka's crying.

"I'll miss you!!" he said.

"Come on. We'll keep in touch." Hikari smiled.

" sniff sniff I guess you're right. . ." Taka blew his nose very loudly on a kleenex.

"Good bye, Dear. Have fun." Miaka said.

"All right."


"Be nice to my daughter Tasuki." Taka added.

"Sure, whatever."


The good bye's lasted for almost a half hour, and then Taka and Miaka were gone. Tasuki and Hikari stood there, holding hands.

"Well, wanna go back to Mt. Reikaku?" the girl asked.

"Sure, okay." The bandit looked at Hikari with sparkling eyes. The younger girl smiled.

"Hey, save the mushy stuff for later," Nuriko interrupted. The couple jumped.

"Yeah, don't make us jealous, you know?!" Chichiri crossed his arms.

"We're sorry!"

"Yeah, so don't kill us, 'kay?"


One month later. . .

"Genrou! We're gonna have a baby!" Hikari jumped up and hugged Tasuki.

"Huh? We are?" Kouji walked over to his friend.

"Baby, huh? If it's a boy, can ya name it after me?" he asked.

"In your dreams." Tasuki punched him in the arm. Kouji crossed his arms.

"Hmmm, a baby born into the bandits, not a bad idea. . ."

"After all. . ." Tasuki paused. Then after a few minutes continued, ". We're one big happy family!"

"Counting all the bandits?" Hikari asked. "that's a lot."

"He, I know, only containing one woman, so then. . .after surviving fourteen years surrounded by men, she runs away to live a normal life."

"That sounds like my life!" Tasuki narrowed his eyes.

"Yeah, but instead of men, they were women!" Kouji smiled.

Nine Months later. . .

"Genrou, settle down, will ya? Nobody's gonna die!" Kouji slapped his friend in the back.

"I-I can't help it! I feel like Hikari's dying!"

"Don't worry pal!"

Just then, a babies cry could be heard in the other room.

"See? What did I tell ya? Everyone lived!"

Mitsukake walked out with another woman (the nurse) who had a baby girl in her arms.

"I. . .I'm a dad!" Tasuki cried.

"She said you could name her," Mitsukake said. The bandit stood in thought for a moment, and the light bulb went on in his head.

"I'll name her. . .Reirei," he said.

And so, they all lived happily ever after. . .although, Kouji was still single, he didn't mind anyways.

Ah. . .this chapter was only two pages long. Oh well, what did you think? I hope you enjoyed the whole story. . .even though. . .I get lost at some parts for no reason at all. sigh Hmmm. . .well, I hope you enjoyed it! walks away grumbling because she just went brain dead