Title: Cub Of Scar's Summary: Takes place after Nala' Story - Scar Is King. So if you haven't read that, go read that first =P.

Fetaya rose to see the stars at night. She never felt lonely anymore - not with her almost about to have a cub. She walked slowly down Pride Rock, seeking solitude, for she knew her cub would be born today.
She found a small den and laid down, cleaning herself to prepare. The first contraction came over her, she clenched her teeth. "Fetaya?" came a female voice. She looked up. Had she been followed?
"I tried to catch you, I thought you were going to the water hole, but-," Nala appeared, and she stopped talking. "Oh. Well, um, do you need help? Or do you want to be alone?"
"It might be nice for someone to be here," Fetaya smiled up at her.

Fetaya pushed and out slid a newborn cub. She licked its mouth and nose first, then worked on the rest. It was a female, it had a brownish gold coat, a combination of Scar's dark pelt and her own almost white one. A cream color covered her muzzle and underbelly, and each of her toes.
She smiled as the newborn opened it's eyes for the first time, it's bright blue eyes searching. The only faint resemblance to scar was the dark, almost black, circles surrounding her eyes. Fetaya gave the child another lick, and it let out a cry.
Nala laughed at this. "You did great," she said, butting heads with her softly. Now she was scared, though, to have the cub she was almost certain was inside of her. The sad thing was, she had no clue if it was Scar's or Simba's. She sighed, her heart breaking. If it was Scar's, he would understand. Or would he? She needed to explain what happened to her when he was away.
"What's wrong?" asked Fetaya, noticing her friend's almost- depression.
"Nothing. Just thinking," she replied. She looked back behind her. She suddenly had the feeling they were being watched. "I'll be right back," she said slowly, heading out toward the exit. Fetaya didn't even think of the suspicious acts, just continued to ponder over a name as she licked the newborn's fur.
Nala wondered out of the den. It was chilly out, or at least as cold as it could get in Africa. It was 80 degrees, and she shivered, being used to 120 degrees. The sun was halfway into the sky, warming her a bit. She looked around and listened, hoping to hear the perpetrator's breathing. She heard nothing, which made her think that it had just been her imagination. She turned, trotting quickly back over to Fetaya.
"So what are you going to name her?" Fetaya looked up quickly, as if just realizing she was there.
"Oh, uh, I don't know. But what do you think about Vitani?" she asked, as the young cub pawed at her chin, purring. She laughed and moved her chin away.
"I think it's an adorable name," she inputted, "I think, perhaps, we should get back to Pride Rock. They'll be wondering what happened." Fetaya just nodded, standing up slowly. "Do you want me to carry Vitani?" she asked. She just shook her head and slowly started walking toward the exit, with Nala beside her.

Nala had still not accepted Simba as a mate. She watched him walk off, dejected, because she had just told him no. The Pride Lands still had no Queen, except Sarabi, and some of the lionesses thought of Nala as selfish. She felt she had the right to, he had dejected her in the Oasis. He had even claimed he was not the king!
She turned to go check on Fetaya and Vitani. She found them both asleep, Fetaya curled around the young cub's body. The newborn awoke, yawning, and scooted in closer, falling back asleep.

Scar turned to the lionesses that had followed him into the Outlands and other's who had joined. "Who is the rightful king?" cried out Zira, to the response 'Scar is!'. Zira turned to check on her newborn cub, Kovu, and felt the heat rising to her cheeks. She needed to tell him that it was just a rouge lions - not his. She looked up to her mate for support, but saw him staring at one of the younger lionesses. "Scar," she said, trying to get his attention. No luck. She was starting to get jealous. "Scar!" she said loudly, to which he turned to her, dazed.
"Hm?" he asked absently.
"We need to talk," she said, quite nervously. This got his attention, she being so nervous and such. He turned to her.
"What is it?" He looked as the lionesses brought in a rare commodity - a zebra. Scar licked his lips, starting toward it.
"Um," she followed him, "Kovu is, um..."
"Something's wrong with the heir?" he said loudly, turning. This got the attention of the whole pride.
"Not exactly, well, um," 'Oh great, everyone's looking.' "Kovu's not your's." She sat down, ashamed and embarrassed. She watched for her mate's reaction as if finally sunk down. He sat, and ran a paw through his mane.
"Well, how?" he asked, confused slightly.
"Well, in the Pride Lands, there was this rouge lion by the water hole as I was drinking, and he, well, raped me," she rushed the words now, "I'm so sorry Scar! Murder him, if you must! But he would be the greatest heir we have seen!" she pleaded for the cub's life.
Scar shifted his view to the young cub at Zira's paw. "Keep him. But never lie and say I was his father. But I will be his dad," he stated. He knew, with his gangly body could never produce a cub with that mass of muscles, that much power to knock Simba off of his throne. Not that he would ever admit that, but all of the lionesses knew. Just looking at Nuka, you could tell.
But then he must tell of all of the adultery he had committed as well. "We need to talk later," he hissed in her ear, nodding toward the lionesses. Zira nodded in agreement, picking up the young cub in her mouth and hopping down off of the rock where she had stood.

"So what did you want to talk about?" Zira asked when they were alone, making Nuka watch after Kovu.
"I, must confess I committed adultery also," he said, his ears pinned. 'It's not like she can judge you!' his thoughts cried out, 'She did too!'
But Zira looked taken aback. "What, what do you mean?" she asked in a near whisper, her heart pounding. Was she losing the love of her life? Her soul partner? Her mate?
"I mean, that I conceived a cub with that young lioness, Fetaya," he looked over to her for her reaction. Her eyes watered.
"A cub of yours was made without me?" she cried.
"You cannot judge me!" he roared, "A cub of yours was made without me!" He was disappointed in her reaction. How could she judge /I?
"If it'll make you feel better, I'll send hyenas to kill it," spat Scar. Zira smiled at him. "Maybe."

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