1 A/N: Pronunciations: Kiwara (Key-whara) - meaning "savanna."

Maliki (Mah-Lee-Key) - meaning "king."

"Zira," roared Nala. Hima watched in amazement at the once scrawny and pitifully weak lioness he had met just as she was escaping now so powerful and domineering. "Why don't you just give up? The Pride Lands will never be yours!"

"I have to do this announcement, it is the laws, and even I abide by the laws sometimes," she looked over her shoulder to a lionesses with a cub in her mouth, motioning her further. "Set him down." She motioned to another lioness with a cub and told her to do the same. "These two cubs are the sons of King Scar and myself, Queen Zira," she smiled at Nala's amazement, "Let me present them by themselves."

She first pointed at the lighter of the two, a dark creamy color only a bit darker then his mother's pelt, with light brown patch of hair on his head and a light creme color on his paws. "This is Kiwara. He was born after his brother," she pointed to the darker of the two, darker then even Scar himself, with a dark brown pelt and a black tuft of hair on his head, and black paws. "This is Maliki. He will be King." She gave a toothy smile before picking up the cubs and placing them on her back. "They will grow powerfully, strongly, and will rule together." With that, she bounded into the grasses with her accompanying lionesses toward the outlands. Pride Rock lionesses roared and started bounding toward them.


Cub Of Scar's Epilogue

Maliki and Kiwara did grow to be strong and powerful lions. But their many attempts to take over the Pride Lands were not fruitful. With that fact and their over domineering mother, both went their separate ways from the Outlanders. Maliki took over a large pride north of the Pride Lands, and Kiwara started his own small pride.

Zira continued plotting after her sons disappeared and now tried to use Kovu. But Kovu, being ignored over the two years that she was training the twins, did not give any effort and eventually left with a fellow lioness from the Outlands and was a rouge with her all of his life.

Hima and his small band of lions became Pride Landers, and Kiara and Kosa grew up as play mates. Later, they were betrothed and married at the early age of two.

Hima and Nala never became a couple. She could not get over the guilt she felt about Simba whenever she thought of such a thing.

The Pride Lands stayed the same, watching quietly how cubs become lions, then older, until their last breath, as the circle of life continued on it's grassy plains.

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