The Tears You Cry

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Summary: The Kaiba brothers get into a fight and Mokuba runs away from home to live with Yugi until the argument is settled. Although, a new girl appears and wants to find her brothers.....YamixOC

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The Tears You Cry: Part 1

Mokuba Kaiba raced out of Kaiba Manor on a rainy night. He didn't care it was raining. He and his big brother had gotten into a fight again, and this time Mokuba could not bear the pain, so he ran away, leaving Seto shocked and stunned.

He stopped running when he came across The Game Shop. Maybe he could tell Yugi his problem and everything will be all right; Yugi always seemed to get out of situations with no problem, anyway. He knocked on the door frantically, wanting to get out of the rain that he was now drenched in, soaking wet from head to toe.

A few minutes later, after countless knocks, Yugi opened the door. "Mokuba? Why are you here on a rainy night like this?"

" brother and I..."he sniffled before sneezing.

"Come on in, Mokuba, you can tell us all about it."

"Us?"Mokuba asked.

"Joey, Tea and Bakura."


"And of course, Yami,"Yugi said as Yami appeared beside him.

"How could you forget to mention me? Me!"

Yugi and Mokuba laughed and went to sit down in the living room.


"What have I done?"Seto said, looking out the window as he saw his brother vanish into the city, running away from home, crying. Seto didn't have a clue where he might be.

"Why did we even have the fight to begin with?"

He continued to look outside, holding his locket close to his heart. 'Mokuba...'


Joey turned his head to see Yugi and Mokuba come into the living room. Mokuba looked rather sad and soaked from head to toe. He was wondering why the kid had been out in the middle of a storm.

"Hey, kid, whatcha doin' here? Shouldn't ya be with ya brotha?"Joey asked as Tea turned around to see Mokuba come in to the living room.

Yugi sat with Mokuba on the couch beside Tea, and Mokuba explained everything to them.

"Woah..."Joey exclaimed.

"Did you two really have a fight, Mokuba? I know Kaiba and he would never hurt you. You're his brother,"Tea said softly to him, trying to make him feel better.

Mokuba nodded. "We did have a fight. And I'm not sure about him caring about me anymore, Tea. He let me run away from home; he didn't try to stop me, like I thought he would. He just let me go. You wouldn't do that to your sister, would you, Joey?"Mokuba asked him as Joey shook his head.

"No way, man. I'd just try and realize what the freakin' fight was about and make up and stuff."

Mokuba nodded. "Well, that's not easy when you have Seto for a brother."

Yugi nodded. "I can imagine..."

"Hey, Yugi,"Mokuba began. "I was wondering, until I see Seto starts caring for me again, can I stay here for a while...?"

Yugi nodded. "Sure, Mokuba."

"Thanks, Yugi. You're a life saver."

"No problem. Glad to help."

To Be Continued


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