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Chap. 21 Trading Secrets

The next morning the sun shone brightly into Draco's room. He woke up with a stretch and a yawn. He was deliriously happy to wake up with the beautiful girl who's arms were wrapped around him, and her head against his chest. He noticed one of her legs were thrown around his waist. He smiled.

How am I going to get up with her on me? he thought.

He slid her leg off of him and then rolled of the bed. He walked into their bathroom and turned on the shower. It felt so good to have that hot water rush down his body. He needed to be washed off, after all that... exercise from last night.

He got out and wrapped a white towel around his waist.

He walked into his bedroom to find Hermoine still sleeping. He must have really tired her out. He grinned at the memory. Her hair was lain out wildly, she was naked with just a white sheet loosely thrown over her torso.

He walked over to her and bent down to kiss her forehead. She stirred slightly and smiled at his touch. She didn't open her eyes though.

'Hermione wake up, it's nearly noon.'

'Noon...' she sighed and rolled over. Then her eyes popped open. 'NOON?!'

She jumped up and stood confused.

'Shower! I gotta shower.' then she looked at Draco in his towel and smiled. She wrapped the bed sheet around her body and walked over to him.

She put the arm, that didn't hold up the sheet, around his waist.

She put her lips close to his lips. He leaned down.

'I need to shower.' she said teasing him and walking away.

'Damn you.' he replied smiling.

She walked into the bathroom and showered.

She wrapped a towel around her body and walked into her room. Draco was standing outside the bathroom door, now dressed and fully ready.

'Bout time you get out.' he said.

He then put his arms around her and pulled her in for a sweet kiss.

'I've been waiting for that.' Draco said as he let go.

She smiled at him.

'Me too.' she then pushed him away, 'Now, i'm going to be late for my next class. Let me get ready.'

He laughed.

'Hermione, it's the weekend. We don't have classes today.'

'What? Why didn't you tell me that when I woke up?'

'I didn't know you were confused.'

'I was freaking out because I thought I was going to be late!'

'I thought you were freaking out because you woke up at noon.'

'Oh, well, that's not why.'

'There's only one week of school until vacation...Hogsmeade.' Draco said.

'I know! It's going to be so much fun!' she smiled, 'But really I do have to get ready, so...'

'Okay go ahead.'

'No... you have to leave.'

'Why? It's not like I haven't seen you naked before.' he smiled devilishly, 'Or do I need to give you a recap from last night?'

'Or... maybe you could show me an example later...'

His eyes widened and put his body against hers.

'I'd love too.' He then put his hand to her hand that held up the towel covering her. He kissed her neck as he tried to convince her to take her towel off.

'I said later, Draco.' she sighed.

He took a step away from her.

He growled and walked out of the room. She rolled her eyes as she shut her door.

'Damn horny boys. They get it once and they think you'll put out anytime they want.'

She then began to get ready for the day of relaxation.

She walked out of the room to find that Draco had already left.

She went to find Ginny, Lavender or Parvati, who ever she'd see first.

It was Lavender and Parvati... imagine that.

'Hey girls. How'd the rest of your night go?' she asked them.

'Okay, Ron was nice and everything, it was fun.' Lavender said, not thrilled.

'Sorry bout that, Lavender. It could have been my fault, telling him about Draco really shook him up.' Hermione apologized.

'It's okay. He tried.'

'And you, Parvati, how was your night with Seamus?' Hermione asked.

'Wonderful, he asked me out.'


'I said yes of course! But the rest of the night was great, he gave me a kiss and said he'd meet me for dinner today.' she smiled.

'Wicked!' Hermione grinned.

'And what of Mrs. Hot Slytherin Man? How was your night with Malfoy?' Lavender asked curious. 'You guys looked like you were having fun on the dance floor.'

'He was wonderful... didn't he look good?' Hermione asked smiling.

'Dreamy...' Lavender sighed.

'The night couldn't have been more perfect.' Hermione sighed, 'But I got to go find Ginny so i'll talk to you girls later.'

'Alright.' they replied.

Hermione walked away to find Ginny. She went to Ginny's room and walked in.

'Hey Ginny.' Hermione said.

'Oh...Hermione, hey.' Ginny said stuttering.

Ginny was still in pajamas, sitting and brushing her hair. Her shower was running.

'Oh were you going to shower?' Hermione asked.

'Umm...yes, I was just about to get in.'

'Oh, sorry.'

Hermione was about to leave when someone walked out of Ginny's bathroom.

'Gin, where's your shamp---'

Hermione's eyes widened in sync with the other person's.

'Harry?? What are you doing?' Hermione asked.

She looked over at Ginny who was bright red.

Harry looked at Ginny and made a 'I-didn't-know-she-was-here' look.

'Hey, Hermione.' Harry said embarrassed.

'Hello, Harry. I was going to come ask Ginny how her night was, but I guess I know.'

Harry blushed and went back inside the bathroom.

'Ginny!' Hermione cried running over to her, 'Tell me!'


'Tell me and i'll tell you what Draco and I did.' Hermione whispered.

'What?!' Ginny exclaimed, 'Fine! Harry and I danced until...like 12:30 or something, and he came to walk me back to my room. He kissed me goodnight, but the kissed moved into make out, which moved into my room, which moved to my...bed.'

'Your first time?' Hermione asked.

'Yes, both of ours.' Ginny said, 'Now you.'

'Draco and I danced until midnight probably. Then I said I was tired and we went to our room. And he looked so...so sexy I couldn't resist. I began to take of his clothes, and he was very sweet about it all and asked me if I really wanted to do it. I said yes and he carried me to his room and... yeah.'

'First time?'


'So he knew what he was doing?'

'He's only had sex once... but he definitely knew what he was doing, yes.' Hermione grinned.

'Oh good... we're both skanks... I don't feel horrible anymore!' Ginny cried laughing.

'Me either.'

Harry walked out of the bathroom now dressed.

'I--my shower was broken so I had to come use Ginny's and--'

Ginny cut him off, 'Harry, she knows.'

'Ohhh.' Harry replied. 'And--?'

'And I think it's naughty but great for you two.' Hermione laughed.

'Wicked.' Harry then walked over to Ginny and kissed her on the cheek. 'I'm going to go back to my room, just to make sure Ron doesn't freak out because i'm not there.'

'All right. Meet up with you later?'

'Sure.' Harry smiled at her. 'Bye, Hermione... don't tell Ron.'

'I won't! Bye, Harry.' Hermione smiled.

Hermione then turned to face Ginny.

'Ron's going to find out eventually won't he?'

'Yes... but we're going to try and postpone that time as long as possible.' Ginny said nervously, 'I don't know how he'll react.'

'It won't be pretty.' Hermione said, 'But I got to go find Draco, he kinda ran out on me this morning.'

'Oh? Why?' Ginny asked concerned. 'I thought you had a great night??'

'We did, but he wanted some more this morning and I told him no... I wouldn't even give him a good kiss.' Hermione smiled evilly.

'Hermione! Now he's going to think it was a one night stand, you are boyfriend and girlfriend now aren't you?'

'I think so. I hope so. I don't know, we never really specified it to each other. But he knows I wouldn't ever pull a one night stand. He knows me better than that. His hormones were just out of control and got mad that he couldn't satisfy them.' Hermione said sounding annoyed with boy's raging hormones, 'I'm going to go find him. Talk to you later.'

With that Hermione left Ginny's room. She walked down to the Great Hall, no one was in there. She then walked to the library, no one. She was about to go to her room when she saw Blaise Zambini.

Okay, Hermione, he's talked to you many times. He's Draco's best friend, he's not going to say anything stupid to you... I hope. Hermione told herself this as she walked up to him.

'Hey Blaise.' she said nervously.

'Oh hey, Granger.' he smiled as he reached into a closet for his coat.

Good... he's being civil.

'Have you seen Draco?'

'Ahh... need him for some action?' he laughed.

She blushed. 'No i was just wondering where he is.'

'He's out on the pitch practicing.'

'Were you going to go out there?' she asked noticing his warm clothing.

'Nah, Destiny and I are going to go take a "walk"...' he said this and winked.

'Ahh. I see. Have fun.'

'Oh I will.'

Hermione and Blaise then walked separate ways.

Hermione walked out to the quidditch pitch. She saw the hot blonde boy zooming around.

'DRACO!' she yelled up.

He didn't seem to hear her.


He then looked down at her. She could see his crystal blue eyes even from afar. Those eyes made her melt.

He slowly flew down to her, but didn't get off his broom.

'Yeah?' he asked uninterested.

'Draco are you mad at me just because I didn't want to do anything with you this morning?'

'No.' he replied... in an angry tone.

'Come off of there.' she said pointing to his broom.

'I have to practice.

'You were excellent in your game, you don't need practice.'

'I was excellent because I practice, Hermione.' he said looking away from her.

'Please come off. I'm sorry if you felt cheated this morning.'

'I told you i'm not mad.'

'I don't believe you. You guys have crazy raging hormones and if your needs aren't met, I know you boys get angry. I'm sorry, but I was tired and just wanted to relax.' Hermione then looked innocently into his deep eyes, 'I was so tired from what you did to me last night.'

He finally looked at her, he had that glow to him that he lost a second ago.

'You were just tired?'

'Yes, Draco.'

He slid of his broom and she put her hands against his chest, and looked up at him.

'What did you think I was?'

'I didn't know. I was worried that you... i dunno. I was being stupid.' Draco looked down at her and put his arms around her back. 'I'm not the one night stand type of girl, you know that...' she was worried about her next question, 'What are we, Draco?'

'What do you mean?'

'I mean, last night, that wasn't just because we had a fun night at the dance and it was just a way to end it was it? Are we more than that? I dunno where I stand.'

'You stand next to me. Always, if you will.' Draco smiled, 'Don't worry about what we are. We are together and don't need a title for others to call us.'

'You really don't care about other's thoughts do you.'

'I've taught myself not to.'

'So we are together... what happened last night--'

'Was not a "fling".' he finished.

She smiled.

'Good. I was scared, because you know you were my first and if it was just for kicks I--'

Draco stopped Hermione.

'Hermione, don't worry about it. Don't even think about it. That may be something people make me appear to do, but you know I won't do that to you.'

'I know. And you know i'm not that kind of person either. Right?'

'Yes.' he chuckled.

He leaned down and kissed her. It felt good to kiss her warm lips in the cold winter air. A warm sensation circulated through their bodies.

'You're going to take that sleigh ride with me next week right?' Draco asked her.

'Of course.'

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