Chap. 63 Discussions

Hermione and Draco walked back into the tea room, and sat down together on a small couch.

'Well, how did the tour go?' Narcissa asked politely.

'Good.' Draco replied.

'I love your home, it's so beautiful!' Hermione exclaimed.

'That's good that you like it, Hermione dear, because Narcissa and I have been talking about you and Draco's summer plans.' Anne said smiling.

'Yes, and because your wonderful family were able to get to know Draco a little better, during

the two weeks of his suspension-' Narcissa started.

'We thought that you should stay here with Narcissa and Draco for a few weeks.' Richard finished.

'Really?' Hermione asked, 'You'd let me stay here with Narcissa and Draco?'

'Yes, Narcissa needs to get to know you, too.' Anne smiled, 'It's only fair since we got to get to know Draco.'

Hermione smiled and then remembered that she and Draco still hadn't told them about France.

'Umm, wait, before you let me go, Draco and I have some good news, well actually it's Draco's news.' Hermione smiled.

'What is it? Draco?' Narcissa asked.

'I was told, after my N.E.W.T.'s, that Beauxbatons called Dumbledore, stating that they needed a new Potions master. Dumbledore recommended me, he told them of my grades and how I excel in the class, and Beauxbatons immediately wanted to hire me. I start teaching Potions for the upcoming school year.' Draco said nervously, but beaming brightly. Hermione was proudly sitting at his side, beaming just as bright.

'You are going to teach Potions? At Beauxbatons? At 17??' Narcissa cried. She jumped up and hugged her son. 'Oh, my Draco, my Draco, you're really doing it. Your doing what you love!

Right out of school, my baby was recommended to teach what he loves!'

Draco hugged his excited mother back.

Richard and Anne looked at Draco, then at Hermione.

'You wanted to help mediwitches with potions eventually didn't you?' Richard asked.

'Yes, it's his dream career, and teaching Potions right out of wizarding school will only help him reach his dream faster.' Hermione explained happily.

Richard stood up and shook Draco's hand.

'I seems as if you are already starting out great, with high expectations. Congratulations.'

'Thank you, sir.'

Hermione stood up and put her arms around Draco.

'I'm so proud, I couldn't believe it when he told me.' She said, not taking her eyes from Draco's.

'Yes, that's very impressive.' Anne said smiling, impressed by the young man. 'Where is boo-ba-tons?'

'Beauxbatons.' Hermione corrected. 'This is the hard part. Beauxbatons is in France.'

Richard sat back down with Anne.

'France?' Anne asked.

'And we assume that you plan on moving with him?' Richard asked Hermione.

'That is also something we both wanted to discuss with all of you.' Draco commented. 'Hermione and I wish to be married...this summer.'

Narcissa and Anne's eyes lit up.

'A wedding?!' They both cried excitedly.

'My son's getting married this summer!' Narcissa cried as Anne cried, 'My daughter is getting married this summer!'

Both mothers hugged the couple. Draco and Hermione had never felt so relieved...until

Hermione realized her dad wasn't hugging them. Hermione pulled away.

'Dad?' She asked, 'Are you okay?'

'Fine. Congratulations sweetheart.' He said, hugging his pretty daughter.

'Thank you, daddy.'

Then they all rearranged back to the way they were. Narcissa sitting on a wicker chair, Anne and

Richard on a small couch, and Hermione and Draco on the other.

'So, with that I still allowed to stay here for a bit?' Hermione asked nervously.

'Well, of course.' Anne smiled, 'Just because your going to France in September doesn't mean

you shouldn't get to know Narcissa.'

Hermione then looked at Draco.

'What do you think about all this?' She asked him.

'What do you think?' He asked smiling, 'I'm all for it.'

'So, when do you want to have this fabulous event occur?' Narcissa asked the couple.

'Well, we don't want a big one.' Draco said, 'Although Father is in Azkaban, Voldemort still lives. We want only friends and family. NOT YOUR friends, mother.'

'Yes, yes, fine fine. I'll tell them all AFTER your married.' Narcissa said, brushing the topic off.

'Mother...i'm serious...' Draco grit through his teeth.

'I know I know, Draco. I understand.' Narcissa smiled. 'You also should know something, however.'

'What?' Draco asked.

'It is stated, in the Malfoy Will and Testimony, that if the Senior Malfoy is not able to be lord of the house, the next generation, if potential to carry out generation, shall lord the Manor.'

'What does that mean?' Hermione asked.

'It means...that as soon as you and Draco marry, the Manor is Draco's.' Narcissa explained.

Hermione's face snapped toward Malfoy's.

'This will be your house?'

'Our house.' He corrected her quietly.

' to a really good start.' Richard added. 'He's got a career and a house.'

'Then...what are they going to do with the Manor, when they are in France?' Anne asked.

'Yeah, Hermione and I will only have it during the summer, until I am done teaching at Beauxbatons.' Draco said, 'Mother, I hate to leave you alone all that time.'

'Draco, don't worry about me. You know now that your Father is gone, I can finally go be with my friends, vacation, etc...I won't be lonely. The servants will the keep the house orderly.'

'Are you sure?' Draco asked.

'Of course, silly boy.' Narcissa smiled, 'I'll be perfectly fine!'

'So, Hermione, what do you plan on doing while Draco works?' Anne asked.

'Umm...there has got to be jobs out there.' Hermione responded.

Then a gray owl swooped down and dropped a note on the tea table and flew off again.

Narcissa grabbed it.

'It's for you, Hermione.' She said handing it to her.

'Really?' Hermione asked.

She opened it. It read:

Bonjour Miss Hermione Granger,

We at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic wish to offer you a job as a Teacher of Transfigurations. We have heard of your excellence in Transfiguration at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizarding.

We contacted your former Head Master, Albus Dumbledore, and he told us where to reach you.

Please consider our offer. We are willing to further negotiate a salary, but our last Transfiguration Professor received 12,500 galleons per year taught.

Thank you,

Madame Maxine

'I can't believe it...' Hermione said quietly.

'Who's it from?' Draco asked.

'Beauxbatons is offering me a job!' Hermione cried excitedly.

'What? Really?' Draco asked happily. He grabbed the letter and read through it quickly.

He turned and hugged Hermione tightly.

Anne and Richard hugged their daughter.

'Congratulations darling!' Anne cried.

'I can't believe out of all the wizards Beauxbatons could have chosen, they choose two 17 year olds, fresh out of a school in England!' Narcissa cried.

'I really can't believe either.' Hermione sighed, 'I mean, Draco's acceptance was crazy, but me, too? I mean Potions, is one thing, but Transfiguration? How do they not have a teacher more qualified than myself? Draco excels at Potions, he always has, almost naturally, but me...I'm just a good student!' Hermione said, starting to freak out.

'Hermione...calm down.' Draco said grabbing her shoulders, 'You deserve this teaching job, you are excellent at Transfigurations, remember how you got an O and I failed?'

Hermione giggled.

'So, we're both off to teach?' Hermione asked Draco.

'I guess we are. September, year starts. We should go get comfortable in August.'

'And the wedding?' Narcissa asked.

'End of June, July?' Anne suggested.

'July?' Draco asked Hermione.


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