Filicia's Picnic

I hereby disclaim! Filicia made me do it, well, okay, technically it was my decision to go along but! Well, never mind...

Sammo and Pei Pei were walking through the park. It was a beautiful, sunny day.
"Hey, Sammo, wait up!"
Sammo and Pei Pei turned around and stared at what appeared to be a cooler and a heap of blankets running towards them.
"Excuse me?" asked Pei Pei.
The blankets and cooler were put down and Filicia appeared, "Hey, guys, want to go on a picnic?"
Sammo nodded, "Hello Filicia, that would be nice. Thank you."
Filicia picked up her stuff and charged off the path, "Follow me!"
Sammo and Pei Pei had to jog to keep up.
"Okay, we're here!" Filicia stopped, put down here cooler and started to spread out the blankets.
"Let us help," said Pei Pei, and she and Sammo finished spreading out the blankets while Filicia opened the cooler, "Help yourselves!"
They all sat quietly for a few moments, eating their sandwiches. When they were done, Filicia leaned forward, "Hey, wanna see something?" She didn't wait for them to answer her and lifted up her shirt up just enough to show her bellybutton.
"When did you get that done?" Pei Pei asked.
"I pierced it myself, last night!"
"Oh. Did it hurt?"
"Well, I numbed it with a bunch of ice and stuck a needle through. Then I put the earring in," she brought out a bottle of Advil and took one, "It hurts a little bit now, though."
"Does your mother know?" asked Sammo.
"N- I mean, of course! She totally recommended it!"
Pei Pei nodded, "Uh-huh..."
Filicia shrugged, "It's no big thing," then she leaned forward, "Hey, Sammo."
"I could pierce your nose for you."
Filicia watched as Pei Pei and Sammo left quickly with polite goodbyes. "Bye guys!" she waved then turned back to the cooler, "Oh, well, more food for me. Wonder what I'm going to do with all the extra ice, though..." she tugged thoughtfully on her lip...