Time And Time Again

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Chapter 13: Seeing Red?

The mansion sat on the rocky hill like a dilapidated, abandoned ship, looming eerily amongst drooping willows and fog wafting slowly above the ground. As the mist rolled away from the decrepit structure, the once mythical home appeared in all of its' menacing glory. The ink black loch shimmered in the distance, tempting those courageous enough to come closer and closer to an unexpected death.

A sea of robes and red hair suddenly dropped from the sky like a boulder and rolled and stumbled to a stop at the base of broken, jagged stone steps. Draco regally touched down moments later and sneered at his partner's most ungraceful entry with disdain before turning abruptly with a flourish of his robes and walked up the stairs inside the legendary structure known as Malfoy Manor.

"Draco! You bloody prat", Ginny screeched as she pulled herself from the ground, frantically dusting off red dirt from her robes. "You bloody near killed me flying off the grounds, could have splinched me to America with that half-assed Apparition attempt and now you can't even help me off the ground! No wonder Hermione doesn't want you anymore; you're a pathetic assho-"

She stopped just inside the foyer at the menacing look adorning his handsome features. "You would do best to remember Weasley that we are no longer on Hogwarts property and I do not think that if you didn't make it back in one piece that you would be missed. Now I brought you along because I need you…for now. Please don't force me to reconsider your involvement. Understood?"

Ginny watched him speak slowly but surely, never once blinking or losing eye contact with her. She might be slightly mental but she was no fool. It was a well-known fact that Draco Malfoy had softened considerably since his involvement with Hermione but the cunning Slytherin ways that he was known for always simmered just beneath, seemingly begging for an excuse to rise to the surface. She realized that he had the potential to be just as unstable as she, especially considering the reason they were working together. "Clearly" she whispered, her mind racing at his words.

Whether he realized or not, Draco had let Ginny know in no uncertain terms that he had no problem disposing of her once he needed her no longer and she would be damned if she was once again cast aside because of this stupid mudblood. It was becoming clear that the allegiance she had to Draco was one-sided and his increasingly irrational behavior toward anything relating to Hermione had the possibility to make him weak. Soon, she would have to find another who was willing to go as far as she to get results and she knew that like-minded individuals like herself were out there. She would just have to stay patient and keep her eyes and ears open meanwhile.

She followed him into the mansion and allowed Draco's house elves to hang up her robe and tuck her belongings in the Malfoy's lab before taking a seat in a very open, formal Common Room.

Draco had long since abandoned Ginny so she took the rare moment alone to familiarize herself with her surroundings. It was not lost upon the vindictive fifteen year old that her own modest house was considered destitute when compared to Draco Malfoy's family home. The lushness of the expensive carpet beneath her feet and the elegance of the gold and crystal chandeliers truly left her in awe that this caliber of opulence existed.

Ginny closed her eyes, sank back into the couch cushions and began to imagine her life with the things she felt she always deserved. Harry, handsome and loving toward her, showering her with gifts that only vaguely belied his adoration for her. Children that carried Harry's looks but Ginny's characteristics and who were brilliant at whatever they attempted. Chills ran down her spine at just the thought of her dreams coming true.

"Weasley, pick your tongue off the floor and get in here!" Draco's authority laden voice bellowed from an unknown location. If he had seen the scowl he had produced on Ginny's face, he may have been proud. She reluctantly rose from the couch and followed the sound of his consistent jabbering to an upstairs parlor, 'How many sitting rooms did a family of three need anyway?'

She realized that her thought was premature when her eyes held the gaze of a second blond haired, grey-eyed individual that was present in the room. "Oh…hello there."

"I want all of you to take your seats and keep your mouths shut before I start deducting points!"

The room immediately silenced as the students resumed concocting yet another impossible potion. The trulillies from their previous Care of Magical Creatures class were experiencing their annual mating season and the only way for the process to be successful was if a fertility serum was made and administered to each creature.

Snape, who was normally responsible for this potion, eagerly gave the responsibility to his class this year as he was tired of the boils and pus-filled warts the volatile potion gifted him. The mixture was not an easy one to make as it required a steady hand and intense focus but he figured it would at least be good for a few laughs to have half of the unruly brats in hospital before the class was over.

"Harry, honestly stop it!" Hermione furiously whispered as she watched her boyfriend throw a frog's eyeball back and forth with Dean. "I can't believe you would joke around when you know how serious this potion is!"

Dean quickly stopped laughing as well when he saw Tai's serious face, clearly agreeing with Hermione's statement.

Harry threw the eyeball into his cauldron with a plop and began stirring it five times clockwise as the instructions stated. "I'm sorry Hermione."

She disregarded his half-felt apology and turned her back to him where she slowly and methodically stirred the brew, watching Tai intently drop in three drops of liquid cotton as carefully as she could. Once that process was done, both of the young witches sighed in relief and waited for the mixture to turn it's customary amber before they continued with the next step.

Dean shook his head at the over-cautious nature of his girlfriend. Both she and Hermione were always so tense when it came to schoolwork and didn't realize that they didn't need to stress out so much about it. Both he and Harry cared just as much as they did but preferred to have fun while they worked. Their potion was coming along just nicely and once it was ready to turn amber, Dean sat back and watched Snape turn his back to him before turning to talk to Harry.

"Hey mate, did you remember Remus is coming back from his honeymoon in a few days?"

Harry laughed and slapped himself lightly in the forehead. "How could I have forgotten? He's been on honeymoon with Tonks for almost two weeks now."

Dean laughed at his friend and took out a piece of parchment and a quill. He suddenly saw a picture in his mind but knew he could sketch and talk to Harry at the same time, besides they had about another five minutes before their potion would be complete and class would end, "Yes and it's just in time for the Children of War Ball, the one McGonagall told me I have to begin planning for."

"Why? You just started as Prefect?"

"Yes, but I think she wants me to get my feet wet so to speak in my new duties. I think she was a little put off that I don't really do a lot school-related activities."

"Why don't you though? And I think school-related activities are just the start of what she may have been referring to. You've been here for as long as we have and you know how much I really appreciated you standing by my side in the war but it's finally over now. Your life can start now Dean and you don't have to be afraid to make plans for the future because you may not live to see them."

Dean stopped sketching and sighed before looking up at the concern in Harry's green eyes, "I am not afraid to make future plans Harry. I just…well it's a mixture of things, I didn't grow up in the Wizarding World and I've certainly never killed anyone before we fought in the war." He looked over at Tai and Hermione talk quietly amongst themselves.

"It's so weird to me to look at Tai just sitting over there when a year ago she was yelling the Cruciatus curse at a deatheater during a raid. I feel sometimes that we never talk about everything that happened that year. We never talk about how even though things are settled right now, we always have to be on alert because there's always a threat that this evil may come back."

"Dean, I can assure you that no one here ever forgets what we all went through but there is calm now and the reality is that this calm may not last. So while it's here, we have to live our lives and I don't know about you but I'm ready for my life with Hermione, dark lord or no dark lord."

Dean sighed again and fiddled with the quill in his hand, "I guess you're right. I'm sorry to be such a downer. If you of all people have to tell me to lighten up about this whole mortality thing then I must have a serious problem."

Harry joined him in laughter. "I would say that you do but it just took me the help of Hermione to understand that none of this was ever because of my doing and I don't have to live my life as though it is."

"You're a really lucky guy Harry."

"So are you my friend."

"What do you think they're discussing over there?" Tai looked up at Hermione's question then followed her eye line to the boys before shrugging.

"Nothing important I'm sure. How are you feeling being this close to the potion? It is extremely strong you know."

Hermione laughed. "I'm fine really. Come on Tai, you know I'm stronger than that."

"Yea, you are." Tai looked around the room to locate Snape and instead met Austin's eyes from across the room. He was staring intently at her and slowly reached inside his robes. When his hand emerged, Tai saw her knickers bound tightly inside his fist. Austin grinned at the pale flush that fell over her face and licked his lips slowly before pocketing the undies. She quickly looked around to make sure that nobody else saw before she resolutely decided to ignore him. Instead, she switched her gaze over to Ron who was Austin's partner and saw that he was too busy concentrating on stirring their potion.

Looking even closer at the intense look on Ron's face made her shiver when she saw the potion react exactly the way it was supposed to. Sputtering wildly and shooting pink and yellow sparks in the air, the entire class now looked on and were positively stunned. Ron Weasley did a potion correctly?

Snape quickly walked over to the cauldron and carefully drenched his hand in the liquid. Pulling it up and seeing the bright purple shimmering off his fingertips, he looked up at Ron who by now had held his breath to hear Snape's reaction.

"It's purple, Mr. Weasley. That means you skipped the fourteenth step. How may I ask did you know that you could do this and still make the potion correctly?" Snape's one lifted brow quivered in intensity as he spoke.

Ron wondered if he was in trouble or not as his Professor's conflicting actions and words confused him. "I-I thought I didn't need to."

"You thought you didn't need to? Do you know that your insipid negligence could have blown up this entire classroom? Has it finally happened that you have reached a new level of stupidity that I didn't think a Weasley could reach?"

Anger Ron didn't know he could feel welled within his gut and the years of Severus Snape making him feel as stupid as he could burst forth from within him. He quickly stood out of his chair, the force causing it to fall backward and clatter against the wall.

"Look, Austin and I didn't do the bloody step because I felt we didn't need to! Obviously the potion worked and that means I didn't do anything wrong. So why don't you get off my back and quit badgering me because you didn't do your job correctly!"

Gasps filled the air and the students instantly looked toward Snape and watched the rage fill his face. Seeing sheer defiance in Ron's face and his balled up fists at his side, Snape took a deep breath and redirected his anger. He was a skilled in the dark arts and could feel that something was not right but as not to further along this ridiculous spectacle, he let it go…for now.

"50 points to Gryffindor for good instincts…and 100 points for outright insolence." His long dark robe billowed behind him as he spun around sharply and yelled "Class dismissed" over his shoulder before disappearing into his teacher's chambers.

Ron shook his head slightly to clear the sudden anger and reached down to pick up his bag off the floor. He winced as his hand burned when he grabbed the strap and when he turned over his palm to investigate the pain, the black scorch marks embedded in it made him sharply inhale a breath. "Oh shit!"

He pulled the strap over his head and made for the door. Instinctively he glanced up and looked for Hermione's eyes to reach his. When they did, like he knew they would, he walked out the door and down the empty hall.

Harry shook his head in amazement at his girlfriend's predictable behavior. As fifth year's, the Newts were not far away but they were all rewarded four free periods per week and much to Harry's protest, Hermione chose to spend her free time studying under a tree near the lake.

Harry normally would be somewhere being a nuisance with Dean but Tai stole him away as soon as she could for some Quality Time so Harry settled for hanging around with his girlfriend who refused to change her weekly schedule no matter who her audience was.

Hermione looked up from her Potions text to see Harry throwing a balled up piece of paper into the air and catching it repeatedly. After the third time, she reached over and caught it herself before resting it to her side and resuming her reading.

"Hermioneeee!" He whined pathetically. "Come on! I feel like you haven't kissed me all day and or paid me any attention or anything."

She laughed at his lame attempt to incite sympathy in her and skillfully changed the subject. "Chosen a topic yet for your Potions essay?"

"UUUHHHHH!" Harry groaned and fell backwards into the grass. "You know I haven't, that's why you're asking me."

"You're exactly right. Honestly, you act as though it's still first year and these days and days of lessons mean nothing." The loud sigh Harry let out ruffled the raven hair locks falling over his glasses and caused Hermione to change her tactics. She rest her book on the side and crawled next to Harry resting her chin before poking him in the side. "Hey."

He raised his neck slightly to look her in the eye. "Yeah?"

"I'm not trying to be a nag you know I'm just exceptionally good at it. Love, I already know you're capable of the best, I just want you to try your best as well."

"I know." He pulled her further up his chest and wrapped his arms around her. "Remember, I love you in spite of your neurotic tendencies not because of them."

Hermione joined him in laughter as she hit him in the side and closed her eyes. The soft stroking of her hair by his hand put her in a state of relaxation that she simply loved.

Harry knew that by now her eyes were closed because of his actions and he loved that he knew her so well. He knew which stroke could make her calm, angry or aroused as if he were doing it to himself and he allowed his thoughts to drift back to the strange end of their previous Potions class.

"Did you see how Ron exploded on Snape earlier? That was wicked awesome!"

"Awesome? Really Harry, that was incredibly rude. I don't blame Snape for taking away those points. I mean him yelling at Snape was one thing but what really baffles me was how Ron new he didn't have to do that fourteenth step."

"What's the big deal about this fourteenth step thing?"

"Harry that potion is very complicated and can be dangerous if not made perfectly. The only reason I know that you can miss that step is because I studied that potion extensively in third year. I'm sure Snape realized it when he was going for his Potions Masters status but there is no way Ron could have just KNOWN that." As she thought about the peculiar instances that took place, she realized that although they hadn't really spoken in a while, this was a Ron that she definitely did not know. "Harry, do you think Ron's okay? Tai told me this morning that she thinks Ron and Lavender broke up. They weren't talking at all in class earlier."

"I'm sure he's fine. I mean I noticed the distance between them in class sure but I also know Ron. He's not exactly sobbing inside about it."

"But Harry-"

He put a hand over her mouth and resumed stroking her hair. "Hermione trust me. Nothing is unusual with Ron, alright? I promise you."

She nodded at his words and allowed herself to drift off with the thoughts of her former best friend on her mind.

The sharp pains of his thrusts stole her breath and she couldn't help choking on the scream in her throat. Her throat, itself, felt raw from the screaming and the echoes of those screams bounced off the walls forming an eerie soundtrack to the brutal scene.

His grunts felt just as heavy as his thrusts and fell on her exposed chest in heavy waves. Even with her eyes closed, she could feel the lust pouring from his gaze and landing all over her heaving breasts, enticing him even further to bend down and gently suckle a nipple.

Her lip curled in contradiction to the eroticism of the act whilst she was being taken against her will. The sob caught in her throat burst forward and the tears rolled down her cheek and onto the pillow below in a fresh batch.

"Oh sweetheart, don't cry. I can't bear it." He whispered against her cheek as he attempted to kiss the tears away. Her heart beat loudly in her chest and she sobbed openly now, struggling to breathe while her heart was breaking. She could actually feel the bastard slow down his movements considerably, mocking her now. Going as slowly as he could, in and out so he could pretend in his sick mind that he was making love to her instead of raping her.

"You're so fucking beautiful do you know that? I hate to see you sad but you're so fucking beautiful when you cry. It drives me mental!" He traced her outstretched hands that were held tightly above her head and roughly palmed her breasts in his hands, marveling inside that she was so soft, always so soft.

"I love the flush you get all over when I see Harry is making love to you. I watch your body twist and turn looking for an escape from the pleasure and this pale pink blush would just fall over your skin right before you reached your peak. I can't tell you how pleased I am that it is I who makes you feel pleasure! It is finally me!"

He attacked her neck hungrily and covered her mouth with his hand to stifle the cries that were tearing at his heart. "I was so jealous of him Hermione! So jealous of how he gets to touch you and be within you! It was supposed to be me, don't you think it was supposed to be me?"

Hermione could feel the exhaustion creeping up her body. There was only so much more fight that she had left within before she succumbed to the torture he was ravishing onto her unwillingly. She felt him speed up his thrusts then, his cock furiously pistoning in and out of her magically lubricated passage. His groans reached their peak and she felt him gearing up to come again, the telltale flush connecting around his neck like a chain.

She felt him jerk randomly against her still body, simply not knowing or not caring that she was shuddering in disgust instead of reaching completion with him. He suddenly collapsed on top of her for a moment before thinking of his considerable weight and moved to the side of her, cradling her body against his.

The pressure from his fingertips had imprinted onto her cheeks and she shuddered from the feel of his release coursing through her. He reluctantly released her face from his grasp and reached down towards her abdomen to rub it slowly and tenderly.

He grabbed her face by the cheeks again and kissed her as romantically as he could considering the circumstances. She could feel the desperation in his kiss, begging her to kiss him back if even for a moment but she could not fathom the thought. She was too exhausted from trying to fight him off to do anything more than blink and sob softly.

The feel of his cock hardening even one more time caused her heart to clench in dread and strength she didn't know she had left made her pull against the thick cord around her wrists. "Why are you doing this?" she screamed in frustration when the cord didn't budge.

"I love you. I've always loved you Hermione. I've waited so long to have you here with me and I can't get enough of you love."

"Please just let me go! I promise I won't say anything please!" She begged until she began crying again. The feel of his hands confirmed to her that he was choosing to ignore her words and instead concentrated on opening her thighs to his hungry gaze again. The thought of what he was staring at completely humiliated her and she closed her eyes from having to see his hands prepare her for him once more. She would never forget the feel of him caressing her anyway.

"Oh your pussy is dripping wet for me, isn't it? I know you still want me, you will always want me as I will always want you!" She gasped loudly as he pulled her legs downward until their sexes were in sync and he licked a path from her neck to her quivering lips, obviously savoring the taste of her skin while she recoiled from his touch in disgust.

"I love you Hermione." He whispered in her ear before he plunged back into her and she screamed once again.

"Hermione! Hermione! Baby, wake up, it's okay! Hermione!"

Harry shook her screaming, shaking form then held her tightly to his chest and willed her to wake up out of her nightmare. She let out a loud involuntary gasp and opened her eyes, immediately bursting into tears at the reality of the dream she had when she saw her beloved.

"Harry!" She sobbed into his arms, burrowing her head into his chest.

"Hermione it's alright. You're going to be alright. What happened sweetheart? What's wrong?"

"I-I was…it was so…oh Harry-" Hermione attempted to tell him about her brutal dream but couldn't find the words to describe what she had dreamt. It felt so real that there was no way she could have imagined any of it but she had no idea who the man was or where she was being held.

"I…I think I need to go back to my rooms and lie and-and lie d-down please?" She shook as she got her words out to Harry and tightened her grip on him when he began to protest.

"No Hermione, talk to me. You were completely spooked."

"No Harry, I'm okay. I swear I just had a small bad dream. I'll be fine. I-I just want to go to my room. Will you please help me up there?"

"Alright love, I'll take you. You're going to be fine. I promise." He gathered their items together and carried a still shaking Hermione back inside the castle walls.

Ron watched Harry carry his beloved into the castle from where he was situated in the library window. At first, he was pleased that he had such an unabashed view of her but was instantly disheartened to see her and Harry so carefree and loving with one another. What he wouldn't do for the chance to take Harry's place. 'Soon' he thought to himself before turning around and walking deeper into the quiet aisles.

He hated the school library and made it a habit to visit only if under extreme pressure to finish an assignment that he was forced into seclusion to complete but for this instance, he had to make an exception.

The scorch mark was far from hurting anymore but try as he did to scrub it away, he was unsuccessful. The mark's origin worried him more than the mark itself and he knew that going to Dumbledore about this problem would only raise suspicion in his eyes.

As Ron walked past the aisles, he instantly felt drawn to the one he had just passed. A chill ran up his spine and his curiosity as to why he felt compelled to visit it made up his mind to just go ahead in. He looked around at the various books, willing the chilling feeling to return and tell him what to do or where to go next.

He knew deep inside that he should just turn around and go to the Hospital Wing to get his hand treated but suddenly the chill came back and the closer he got to the end of the aisle, the sharper the sensation got. Ron turned slightly to his right and reached up to the shelf just above his head for a book with a deep red and black binding. The sound of loud and hurried footsteps followed by the Library Mistresses harsh reprimand just behind him caused him to drop his hand back to his side.

When it was quiet once again, he reached for the same book and pulled it from within its confined spacing. Turning it from front to back, he saw no words or marking to distinguish the book as more important than any other he had ever come in contact with but found that when he tried to put it back on the shelf, it would not release itself from his hands.

Ron frantically tried to pull the book away but it held firm as though it were magically attached. When he had finally decided that he would have to give up and hightail his arse for some help, the book fell to the floor with a loud thump and opened up to reveal blue pages with white script.

While the fifth year could see that the script was Latin, he knew that he could not decipher exactly what it was saying. He fell to his knees and tried to get a closer look at the text but to his surprise, the book closed itself.

"Bloody hell" he muttered to himself and rose to his feet, sharply looking around to see if anyone else had seen what had happened. He could hardly believe what he saw and decided that he had enough with this adventure for today. 'I'm getting the hell out of here."

Ron ran out of the aisle as fast as he could, deciding that he would simply wrap his palm until the mark went away. It was already beginning to return to normal. He missed witnessing the book rise in the air and float for a moment before heading back toward its space among its peers.

He stared at the red-haired beauty and marveled at the steady eye contact that she threw his way. Seeing that staring each other down was getting them nowhere, he pulled his shoulder-length blond hair back into a loose ponytail saying, "Defiant little bitch aren't you? I like that very much."

Draco took it upon himself to break up their awkward moment by introducing them. He stepped forward and took Ginny's hand within his. "Darian, I have brought Ms. Ginevra Weasley to assist us with my potion. Ginny this is my older cousin Darian Malfoy."

Ginny raised an eyebrow before reluctantly accepting Darian's offered hand. "Hmm, you certainly seem like a Malfoy. Insulting me before you get a chance to know me. Good show."

"Well I must do my part to keep the family legacy afloat. You know evil buggers and all that."

"Actually, I would say you could go ahead and let that ship sink. In case, you didn't get the Owl, no one's afraid of your family any longer." She smirked at the look of fire that flashed in his eyes before turning her back to him and addressed Draco. "Now, I would really like to know where I'll be staying."

Draco laughed at her successful attempt to unnerve his cousin and gladly offered his arm. Upon her acceptance, he placed her arm beneath his and escorted her up the stairs toward her temporary room.

Neither of them noticed the smile that graced Darian's face at her brave words. He thought to himself for a moment 'I wonder.'

He raised his wand from the holster in his robes and muttered a spell to reveal the inner essence of the two magical beings still ascending the staircase. He was only mildly surprised to see that both of their essences were red but immensely surprised to find his cousin's essence was beginning to turn pink at the core while the color of Ginny's core burned bright red.

'Hmm, I see you're red all over Miss Weasley.'

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