Disclaimer: I do not own these characters as JK Rowling has all rights to her characters as they are hers. I'm just using these things for my own morbid pleasures.

Summary: "If I'm not made for you then why does my heart tell me that I am?" Sirius and Remus have troubled lives, will they be able to make their relationship work? SB/RL (some JP/LE)

Warning: This is rated R for mature themes, substance abuse, SLASH, MPREG!!!!! So if you don't like it go somewhere else!!

A/N: Story inspired by "If You're Not The One – Daniel Bedingfield"


If You're Not The One

Chapter One: Missing Marauder


The final sound came from the Hogwarts Express. It was now leaving the station for King's Cross after another year at Hogwarts, and the Marauders were still one member short. Deciding to comb the train from to back, they split up to look for their lost werewolf. James and Peter headed to the front of the train while Sirius took to the back, looking from one compartment to another.

After losing number of the many compartments he opened, Sirius was beginning to think that either James or Peter had already found Remus, or Remus never got on the train. The tall, muscular teen was hoping the former as he opened the very last compartment in the train where he found a very disheveled looking Remus Lupin.

"Oi! Remy! We've been looking for ya everywhere mate," Sirius said sitting unceremoniously in front of the crestfallen teen.

"Well you found me," the sandy haired teen said flatly, staring out the window.

"You look a right mess Moony," Sirius stated as he gazed intently at his friend.

"Gee thanks," Remus said sarcastically, not removing his gaze from the window.

Doing a double take Sirius noticed the red, glassy look in Remus' eyes and knew instantly his friend had been crying. Without so much as a second thought Sirius got up, looked out the compartment door to make sure no one was around, and then locked it behind him before going back to his seat.

"Remus? What happened?" Sirius asked, concern filling his voice.

At the sound of his proper name Remus did look at his friend then. It was so rare for Sirius to call him by his proper name that he couldn't ignore it. Especially when there was nothing but concern written all over the dark haired teens face. Sighing, he gave in to Sirius' attempt to know what was wrong.

"Eric and I broke up."

"What? Why? I thought everything was all 'hunky dorey' with you two."

Not being able to look his friend in the eye, Remus stared at his hands that rested clasped together on his lap. He muttered his explanation, which was no more then a whisper making him having to repeat himself.

"He cheated on me."

"He what?!? That filthy little prat! I'll kill him!" Sirius growled, balling his hands into fists as he jumped to his feet.

"Siri don't!" Remus urged, grabbing hold of Sirius' wrist.

Looking down into the golden orbs that seemed to shimmer like the sands of the deserts under the setting suns, Sirius' anger ebbed away. He could never deny Remus of something he really wanted. Nodding slightly he sat back down across from Remus, who's hand hadn't yet left his.

"Do- do you know why he did it?" Sirius asked, curiosity getting the better of him.

Once again not being able to look his friend in the eye, Remus stared at his lap. He trusted his friends utterly, especially Sirius, but everything was still too fresh in his mind. Everything still hurt too much.

"He wanted more from me, and I couldn't give it."

"You mean how yer a werewolf?"

"Yes... and no..." Sirius waited patiently for Remus to continue. "The intimacy he wanted I wasn't ready to give."

"He cheated on you cuz you wouldn't sleep with him?!?" Sirius exclaimed, outraged all over again.

How could someone be so heartless? So inconsiderate? Especially to his sensitive Moony. Well not his... but Moony was just one of those extra sensitive people when it came to love. It definitely didn't help that Remus was a werewolf either. That made things extra hard. Finally Sirius was brought out of his thoughts when he felt something hit him in the head.

"Oi! James! What was that for?!?" He growled at his friend, as he stared down at the now shattered chocolate frog on the floor.

"You were just standing there looking at nothing with that 'I'm gonna kick some arse' look on yer face. I had to bring you back to reality mate," James explained as he and Peter entered the compartment.

"Well that's no reason-" Sirius began before something else came to mind. "Hey... how'd you two get in here? I locked the door."

"Like a silly thing like that would keep us out? I think you're losing your memory Padfoot," James said moving to look into Sirius ear as if he could actually see Sirius' memory slipping away.

"Why did you lock it anyway?" Peter asked sitting next to Remus as Sirius shoved James away from his head. "Usually you only do that when yer snogging someone Sirius."

"Yeah Siri, you shouldn't be snogging Moony. He's got a boyfriend," James informed him as if Sirius was oblivious to that fact.

"Not anymore," Remus said firmly before Sirius could protest about his snogging sessions.

"Really? Why not?" Peter asked.

Remus then related the story nearly in its entirety. From how Remus was tipped off about Eric's night time romps up to when he got on the train. Sirius mentally noted that Remus kept out the part of how Eric cheated on him in part because of lack of intimacy. He let that fact slide since it was Remus' business and not his to share. He did wonder vaguely why Remus had chosen to share that information with himself though.

For the rest of the train ride back to King's Cross the four Marauder's planned different pranks to play on Eric when they returned for their sixth year. They also started making plans for getting together during the summer. This seemed to cheer up Remus significantly, which eased the worries of his friends greatly. Upon parting, Peter promised to let off stink bombs in Eric's backpack, and James promised Remus to fill Eric's Quidditch uniform with Hickbert's Itchiest Itching Powder. This left Sirius to say goodbye.

"If you need anything, anything at all just let me know alright?" Sirius said knowing that Remus was most likely still hurting over the break up.

"Alright, I will."

"Remember, I'm just an owl away."

Remus nodded, and with that the Marauders disbanded for the summer.