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Guardian: (Uncut)

Selene stood in the dark of the living area in Michael's apartment, they were hiding there after the incident just three nights ago. It was still so hard to believe, she killed Viktor her sire and beloved dark father. The man who gave her the gift of immortality.. She stilled loved him but hated him and the ongoing battle inside herself was taking it's toll on Selene, but she would never let it show.

The last three days had passed by almost in a dream-like trance, the shock of everything still sinking in for the Death Dealer, well ex-Death Dealer it seemed now.. And she was battling her ever present strong feelings for Michael. After much internal fighting and denial s had come to the conclusion that she had fallen in love with him, but was unsure to tell him so, not sure of his reaction. And still trying to decide if it was right at all, over one hundred years of strife and killing could not change her over night....

Selene smiled in spite of her rather glum situation.. Michael came up behind her quietly careful not to startle her and said, "Selene are you alright?" The former Death Dealer looked out the window staring into the raven dark of the night sky. " I don't know what to think or feel anymore.. The one man that I loved and trusted above all others, the one who made me what I am now, lied to me all my immortal life."

Through the crimson haze of tears,

I could not explain…

I don't understand…

You stole through the night

like a shadowy demon,

creeping ever so slightly…

From room to room,

creeping into my life,

to destroy it, yet just

to create it again…

Selene looked once more out the window, letting the cool breeze flirt with her dark hair like a lover's caress, trying to think clearly through her veil of emotions.

Still I don't understand…

Why did you do it…

Was it for pity that

you stopped at me…

Was it for guilt…

Still I don't understand…

So many unknowns course

through my immortal head…

And yet, I don't understand….

Such thoughts and emotions stamped there damning way in blood across Selene's dark heart, like some sickly twisted poem.. As she continued on..

"For 127 years, ever since I became a Vampire, he bore my trust and affection all the while with the knowledge that he butchered my family. Trying to hide it by blaming it on the Lycans, making me slaughter so many of them all on a lie... I loved Viktor, he was like a father to me.. All I have to say now is why?…" Selene said sadly, her voice showing thick with hurt and betrayal.

Turning to Michael then back again, hating how her emotions were doing this to her, a few bloody tears trailed silently down the alabaster skin of her cheeks. Her icy veneer finally cracking. For only the second time since she became an immortal Selene let her emotions show through as much as she did not want them too.

Michael pulled her into a comforting embrace, holding her tightly, and stroked Selene's raven mane, whispering words of comfort into her ear soothingly. Selene for once let him. (God I love her so. But does she love me?)

Selene looked up at Michael after a while, chocolate brown eyes boring into his soul she needed to tell the hybrid, it would not be right... "Michael I have something I want to tell you.." "What is it Selene?" "I.. I love you Michael. I know it is kind of short notice, and with all that has happened. I just did not know if you felt the same way. I am still unsure of myself at this point." Michael smiled and stroked her cool cheek. "Selene I do love you. The moment I first saw you I felt something special for you, now I finally realize what it is."

Selene tilted her head up and kissed him softly. This time it was a real kiss, one of love. Not one to cuff him to a chair like their first one.

"Selene, remember this, no matter what I will always love you." Selene looked up at Michael and rested her head on his broad chest, giving in for a few short moments to the rapid emotions pounding through her body. The hybrid kissed her hair. Then Selene kissed him even more tentatively, Michael returned the kiss greedily, each exploring the others mouth. They shared a very passionate kiss as Michael made eye contact with Selene, chocolate brown met grayish blue.

Each confirming their love, as Michael took her by the hand and led her to his bedroom. Selene kissed him lightly on the mouth and Michael emitted something of a low growl in pleasure. Slowly Selene and Michael lowered down to the bed, he undoing the leather straps of her armoured corset, and she going for his pants, peeling away layers to touch skin. Michael slowed as Selene hesitated slightly.

"Selene what is it?" She looked up at him, with an emotion he had never seen on the ever courageous female Death Dealer. Michael saw fear and nervousness. He kissed her pale forehead and said to her softly. "Its ok Selene, I know you are nervous, just let me loveyou, you should never be afraid of that." "I know Michael, its just everything that has been happening it is just all happening so fast, for the first time since I became a Vampire, I.. my emotions are so erratic, out of control.." The beautiful Vampire said truthfully in her silky British melody.

It surprised Michael, for Selene to be so open.. He had always seen her as the steely and tough lady Death Dealer. She bent to kiss him again as they continued to take each others clothes off, Selene was still a little nervous, but she trusted Michael, hell she was falling in love with him The young Vampiress opened her wounded soul and gave him all her love, it felt good to love and be loved in return finally..

Secretly, Selene was scared for a while that Viktor had completely turned her heart to ice, but somehow Michael broke through her once frosty soul and helped her to love, he had only cracked it, but that crack would eventually lead it all down. This would be Selene's first time, she was virgin when she was turned and had been ever since, the only innocence she kept.. Too busy fighting the war to ever consider to let love enter her heart.. Accept for loving her dark father Viktor, but everything he ever told her was a lie and betrayed her all along, bringing the immortal world as she knew it tumbling onto her mercilessly..

Selene pushed those thoughts back in her head, wanting to focus on this moment, burning it into her memory as the Vampiress kissed Michael on the neck, the smell of his blood arousing her desire to taste him, to mark him as hers, enough to make her lovely fangs burn and tingle. Michael and Selene shared a passionate kiss as he poured himself into her, Selene flinched a minute as her maiden blood was spilt, but then smiled up at Michael.

They made love, at first slow and gentle then fiery and passionate. Selene ran her fangs along his neck before sinking them into Michael's skin, tasting the coppery sweetness as she made love to him. Michael in turn sank his fangs into her neck repeating her earlier action, tasting her blood marking her as his and his only.

Selene emitted a long throaty moan of pleasure as Michael growled. Locked in a passionate embrace, bodies joined, they both reached their climaxes together, kissing lovingly, tasting each other's blood on their lips, fangs dueling and scraping against one another. The Vampire and her hybrid collapsed soaking with sweat on the bed, holding one another. Michael whispering words of love into Selene's ear. Michael pulled her to him again, holding her tightly.

Selene was his, no one else would ever touch her but him, and if they did, he would tear their throat out. More than that he would kill them and feast on their body. Michael chastised himself, a bit ashamed of such primal and savage thoughts, not knowing where the violent thoughts had come from. He had never thought like that in the past. Selene sensed his confusion."What's wrong?" Selene asked as she rested her cool cheek against his while they were cuddled close on his bed.

"Hm? Oh nothing." Michael answered, playing with her hair. "Tell me." Selene ordered as she lifted her head to give him a stern, yet a little playful mock glare. Michel frowned a bit then told her what had bothered him. When he finished, his heart skipped a beat as he watched yet another smile play across Selene's mouth.

"What?" Michael asked as he too started to smile back, "How can that make you smile?" "You want to know why you thought that just now don't you." He nodded and she continued explaining to him. "It means you've marked me." Selene said snuggling close to him and resting her head on his shoulder, enjoying the warmth. "I've what?" Michael was now even more confused as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Remember you are half Lycan." "Yeah." Michael said wanting to know where Selene was going with this. "Lycans mate for life." She leaned back against him as she continued to explain, Michael held her close. "When a Lycan male chooses his female, usually the strongest one, but love is essential to some, he mentally marks her as his. It is instinctual." Selene watched as Michael nodded.

"A male Lycan will go to any lengths necessary to protect his mate. Including," she smirked, "getting rid of other potential rivals." "So I thought about ripping some ones throat out and tearing them to pieces because.." "You've marked me." Michael turned to face her and kissed her lightly before asking her a question he desperately wanted to know the answer to.

"Selene, does that mean Vampires mate for life also." "Some choose to." Selene answered simply, as he wrapped his arms around his mate. "Some? Ok. How do you know which ones?" Selene replied, "They physically mark their mate." "They do that by biting don't they?" "Yes, when a Vampire wants to mark their mate they bite them, creating a blood bond that cannot be broken." Selene turned to face him an unreadable and typical neutral look across her face, as the Vampiress tried not to smile, when he touched the two identical little wounds in his neck.

She showed him her neck where he had bitten her, she had the same identical mark, two small puncture wounds, which would remain there like a brand. "Very few Vampires enter into that kind of relationship like the one we have now, for many reasons. What we did while we were making love was marking each other as our mates. We share a blood bond, mated for life." Michael smiled at her softly, Selene was his.

Resting against him, Selene pondered what had happened this evening. This was a completely new experience for her, emotions she never dealt with, the young Vampire found she rather liked them, but it would take time to be as open as she knew Michael wished her to be..

Michael looked down at her, holding Selene like she might disappear. It seemed like so much of a dream, but he knew it was real. Mysteries still surrounded his dark mate, but that only added to the pleasure of having her in his arms, there to protect his new mate.


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