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Selene was perched atop the ledge to Michael's apartment. Looking off into the pitch black of the night sky. It was midnight and in the distance Selene could hear the heavy metal music of some partiers, probably out in the woods drinking and all that lot.. Typical teens out for fun.. and the streets below were quiet as the dead, blissfully unaware of what was walking their streets and living under the earth..

(Lucky mortals, you have no way to comprehend what is happening around you..) Selene thought bitterly, a scowl marring her pale lips, while the female Vampire would not harm a mortal, she was restless and nervous about all that had occurred and what was going on now. Not that she would really show it..

But truth be told, she felt so lost.. After all that happened, the beautiful Vampiress felt so utterly lost right now. She had a mate who was worse off then she, a newborn practically in the immortal realm.. What would she do, she could not leave Michael, but he could not see her like this either… Their was still so much they did not know about each other, and what could happen in the future for them, too many unknowns, but deep down she felt love for him, it was still growing but it was there, refusing to go away..

Michael walked out onto the ledge, still nervous about being up on ledges like this, he had had a bad case of acrophobia as a human.. But he would get use to it eventually, but not yet.. The hybid would still much prefer stable ground, not walking on ledges like this. Michael did not see how Selene handled it. But then again she was Selene, seemed like the woman could handle anything..

"Selene what are you doing out here?" Michael asked his beautiful mate. Michael wrapped his arms around his mate. (Aw, mate.. definitely something I could get used to.) Michael thought lovingly. Selene looked up at him, eyes slightly glazed over. "I was just looking, watching.." Selene trailed off, the thickness of her voice showed with emptiness that was almost heartbreaking. Staring into space, her mask of coldness firmly in place. Michael could sense her troubled spirit. "What is it Selene?" Selene looked to the man she was loving more by the day, her eyes displaying her soul to him when her face could not.

He could see all the pain and confusion in the haze of her chestnut orbs like little storm clouds.. No words were needed for Michael to know what was going on with his mate, their bond was so strong, they could touch each others soul in a way Michael nor Selene would ever have thought possible. It was scary in a way..

Michael held the Vampiress close, he would protect her with every ounce of his immortal soul, Selene was his angel, she was his everything. They both knew one of the reasons Selene was so unsettled. They were the hunted.. Selene was an outcast from her Coven simply for trying to bring out the truth and all the lies surrounding her Coven, and

Michael was a hybrid, confused and in love. They were both renegades..

They both looked down at the streets below, watching for any sign of Vampires or Lycans that might be looking for them. Selene took one more look and then said to her mate coolly, "Michael, it's not long before they will find us, we need to be ready at any time." Michael held her to him protectively. " I wont let them hurt you. I'll kill every one of them. I swear it." Selene rested her head against her mate's chest. He kissed the top of her ebony hair, inhaling her intoxicating scent.

She smiled beneath her hair at him, then quickly hid it. Selene untangled herself from her mate and walked back inside. Michael followed the lovely Vampiress. "Selene, what is it?" Selene turned her back to him staring out the open window as the green curtain floated on the wind, raw pain from that heart-wrenching night which seemed like so long ago, when it was just mere days, stabbed her in the chest like the bite of a shuriken.

Crimson tears leaked out her tightly shut eyes, despite her efforts to hide them, Michael with his hybrid senses could smell them.. Selene was suffering, all these years she was lied to, all the betrayal, all from Viktor, her very own sire and dark father, the man she thought she could trust. Selene still loved him, and it anguished her to kill him, but he had betrayed her her entire Vampiric life, and tried to kill Michael.

Michael pulled her into his arms gently. Trying in his own small way to comfort someone he was quickly growing to love from her emotional torment. Selene buried her head in his neck, crying crimson tears of grief. She cried until her lungs couldn't take it anymore and Selene cried herself out on her mate's shoulder. Michael whispered how much he loved her to his angel, stroking her raven mane softly. He knew she needed this, to get it out, help her recover from the emotional shock she had received just barely a week before, so many seemingly long nights ago, she had pent it up for far too long. Selene was caught up in her memories.

-Gripping the covers in sheer terror, she screamed out in grief, images assaulted her, images of things she so desperately wanted to hide from but avenge at the same time.. Bolting up from her slumber, still wrapped in her horrible nightmare. Selene was sitting up in her bed, just turned a few months before, blood red tears were streaming down her pale face. A tall aristocratic man walked in, hearing her crying, it was Viktor.

He sat down on the side of her luxurious bed, noticing young Selene's tears and he asked, "What is it my darling. Was it another nightmare?" Viktor pulled his dark daughter into his embrace, stroking her jaw length raven hair, easing her night terrors. Viktor knew she was having another nightmare, having to relive yet again her family's murder in her dreams.

"Shh.. I know you want revenge my child, the Lycans will pay I promise you." Viktor had eased her crying and tucked the covers back up around her, kissing her forehead as she began to fall back asleep hesitantly, whimpering slightly. Viktor stood up and quietly left the room as his dark daughter slept a little easier. Memories of a certain other young daughter crept into his mind, one with beautiful gold curls and emerald green eyes, the Vampire Elder pushed them away sadly, he had done it for the good of the Coven he reminded himself.-

Selene was assaulted with yet another memory. -Selene stood in a large training room, practicing attack moves. "Now again, Selene use more force." Kahn shouted to his student, urging her on. Dressed in what looked like a black training uniform of some sort, Selene flipped, spun and kicked a training bag, hard enough to knock it down and rip it open, gutting it. She stopped briefly to get a drink of blood and she looked off to the side, seeing her dark father Viktor watch on with pride. He smiled at her and she went back to practice with renewed vigor.-

Selene's memories flew around in her head, making the Vampiress light headed as her grief consumed her. She had loved Viktor so much. But no matter what, she had to be strong and remember that he was the one who killed her family, she would never forget it.

But she still loved her dark father, she figured she would always love him but the hate for him grew deep also, like a black plague it had slowly begun to wrap around her undead heart and tear at her.

He had butchered her family in cold blood for pleasure then lied to her, she had gotten her revenge. Not one to wallow in something, Selene fought it off. So she had to get past all this. It would hurt Selene knew, but it seemed like life.. or immortal life anyways, was full of pain.. (Rest well in hell my dark father.) Selene thought.

Michael brushed a stray strand of hair out of her gorgeous face bringing the former Death Dealer back into reality. Selene looked up at her mate with bloody eyes, then shut them briefly, Michael kissed each of her shut lids softly, and Selene hugged him tightly as she whispered to his surprise, tightly shutting her chocolate eyes, " I love you Michael." Michael smiled down at his mate kissing her tear streaked face. He knew she was in pain, he vowed he would be there for her always.

Michael hoped he could help his mate deal with her torments. He held her close as they went off to bed for the morning, the sun would be up in little under an hour. Selene was still struggling with her emotional anguish, but she would take it head on, her tormented soul was finally beginning to heal, barely, but it would heal. Michael pulled her to his chest as they lay curled together. The Vampiress's tears had ebbed but Selene was now quiet as stone and still as a statue. Slowly his arms curled around her cool body and he nuzzled her cheek.

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