I still don't own anything. This is the sequel to my story Lycanthrope. It takes place ten years after the last chapter of Lycanthrope.

Lycanthrope 2: The Prophecy

Chapter One: Ten-Year Vacation

"This is bigger then any of our species." Bob Fenrir watched as the vampire in front of him spoke. "We need to stand together or all our species will be destroyed one by one."

"Do you truly believe a group of humans could destroy all of us?" Bob asked. "They have tried before and they have never even come close to succeeding."

"He's right," the creature next to Bob said.

"Yes he is," the vampire admitted. "Who here knows the truth behind the Third Impact?"

"I do," Bob said. "The humans found the remains of the angel named Adam. They attempted to exploit him and it nearly led to a purging of all life from this planet."

"Correct," the vampire said. "These humans are the same people."

"SEELE?" Bob asked. That caught the vampire off guard.

"How did you know?"

"Ten years ago SEELE attempted to initiate the Fourth Impact in Japan," Bob said. "Tokyo-3 if you want to be more specific."

"I was not informed of this," the vampire said.

"It is not very well known," Bob said. "So SEELE is attempting to initiate another Impact?"

"Correct," the vampire said. "How was it averted ten years ago?"

"By a trio of insane lycans and two angelic half breeds," Bob said dryly. "Some saviors, huh?"

"Are they all still alive?" another vampire demanded. Bob turned and looked at him carefully. He was different from the previous speaker. The first had been crisp and polite, but it was obvious that he was young. This new vampire exuded an air of power. 'An ancient,' Bob realized.

"They were alive the last time I looked," he said.

"Do you know where they are?" the vampire asked.

"I know where the lycans are," Bob said. "They will be able to tell you where the angels are."

"Only the lycans?" the vampire asked, raising an eyebrow slightly.

"Well I should know where they are," Bob said. "They are family after all."


Shinji Fenrir leaned back in his seat and watched as beautiful blue waves swept over the white sand beach. "This is the life."

"Did you say something Shinji?" the brown-haired woman lying beside him asked.

"Nothing important Yuki."

"If you say so," Yuki said as she sat up and stretched her arms over her head. Shinji watched absently as her breasts rose within her skimpy bikini top.

"You two are lazy." Shinji rolled his head to the other side and saw his redheaded charge looming over him.

"Nice view."

"Pervert," Asuka Fenrir growled as she plopped down on the towel next to Shinji's.

"My pervert," Yuki said as she latched onto Shinji's right side.

"You're both perverts," Asuka said.

"It has its advantages," Yuki said with a smile that bordered on a lecherous grin.

"Should you even be out in the sun?" Shinji asked, trying to ignore how Yuki's body felt against his. "You'll turn bright red again and get all bitchy."

"She's already bright red," Yuki said as she nuzzled at Shinji's chest. Asuka quickly rested her head in her hands to hide her blush. "And don't get me started on the bitchiness."

"Leave me alone," she huffed.


"What's wrong?" Yuki asked.

"Just had a cold shudder go down my spine," Shinji said. "Someone's talking about me."

"I'll go pack," Yuki said in exasperation. "Would it kill Bob to just leave us alone for a couple of years?"

"So where are we going now?" Asuka asked. "I think we've visited just about all the beaches in the world."

"I can think of one," Shinji said.


"Okinawa," Shinji said with a grin. "That bastard won't think of looking in Japan for us."

"Don't you feel slightly bad about ditching him and Angel?" Yuki asked.

"I can't feel remorse or regret," Shinji said. "Remember?"

"Forgot," Yuki admitted.

"Besides," Shinji growled. "Let him find some new errand boy to save the God damned world."


"You know he isn't going to be happy that we're tying to find him." Bob sighed and massaged his temples.

"I know," he said. "And by now he knows that I'm looking for him. That means he's going to be ten times harder to find."

"Did you talk to Lilith or Bardiel?" Angel asked.

"The Angels?"

"Lilith and Shinji have some kind of linked psyche," Angel said in exasperation. "She saved his life by giving him some of her own power, remember?"

"Of course I do," Bob said. "But there are limits to their connection. I already contact Lilith. She said that he was. . .out of a range, if you will."

"So what are we going to do?" Angel asked.

"Everyone is trying to find him," Bob said. "The vampires, the magic users, everyone. He can't hide from all of them."

"The question is," Angel began. "Will they be able to hide from him when they find him?"

"I really doubt it," Bob said simply.

"You're sending them to die," Angel accused.

"We need to find him," Bob said tiredly. "He may just be able to save this miserable planet again."

"Or he'll cast it into hell himself," Angel said. "Might do it just to spite us."

"Come on," Bob said in annoyance. "The boy is practically my son. He'll do what I ask."

"If you can find him," Angel said.

"If I can find him," Bob admitted. "The planet isn't that big."

"But we don't exactly have all the time in the world," Angel said.

"You're just arguing for the sake of arguing," Bob said.

"What kind of mate would I be if I didn't?" Angel asked with a grin.

"A normal lycan mate," Bob growled, stressing the word lycan.


"This is nice," Asuka admitted as she looked around the beach. "I like this one better then the others."

"Yup," Shinji grunted as he rolled onto his front and sighed contentedly.

"You really do seem more like a big cat then a wolf," Asuka muttered.

"Only when it's a nice sunny day," Shinji said.

"It's been a nice sunny day every place we've gone for the past ten years!" Asuka yelled.

"So?" Shinji asked without moving.

"So?" Asuka demanded. "You can't even swim!"

"I can doggy paddle," Shinji deadpanned. Asuka's jaw dropped in mid- insult. She stared at the lump of flesh that was her sire and stayed silent for a good ten minutes.

"I hate you."


"No I mean I really hate you," Asuka said. "And I'm never talking to you again."

"Fine by me."

"I'm serious," Asuka said.

"Get with the 'never talking' already," Shinji growled.

"Good to see some things never change," a new voice said. Asuka turned and saw a pale man with silver and black hair looking down at her.


"Touji," the man said as he crimson eyes flashed in annoyance. "I know you're a foreigner, but is it really that hard to get my name right?"


"What are you doing here?" Touji turned and stared at the man who had spoken.


"No," Shinji said, his voice muffled by the fact that his face was pressed against his towel. "I'm Santa Clause with extra claws."

"One question," Touji said.

"Eh?" Shinji grunted.

"You're bigger," Touji said. "And older. Why are you older? I thought you were immortal."

"You ever try to stop aging?" Shinji asked without looking up.

"Not really."

"It's a lot harder then it looks," Shinji said. "Takes about ten years for a body to completely stop aging, except for vampires. Of course they're dead."

"It takes females eight years," Yuki added. "We're just a lot quicker then you men."

"So?" Shinji asked. "You never complain about me being slower at other things."

"I sense something pervert lurking behind that comment," Touji said. "But I really don't want to know."

"No," Asuka said. "You really don't."

"So. . .eight or ten years. That's a long time," Touji commented. "I could stop aging whenever I want. It goes along with the 'celestial being' bit." He glared at Shinji's prone form for a moment. "Are you going to move at all?"

"Wasn't planning on it," Shinji said. "Who sent you?"

"Your sire," Touji said. "He's very worried about you."

"Right," Shinji drawled sarcastically. "Who's trying to destroy the world this time?"

"SEELE again," Touji said as he sat down next to Shinji and stared at the deep blue water.

"Why do they need me to fight SEELE?" Shinji asked. "They're a bunch of old men of God's sake."

"Let me guess," Yuki said. "They're trying to start another Impact."

"Yup," Touji said as he turned and looked at Yuki.

"You're in my spot."

"Sorry," Touji moved over and Yuki sat down. Shinji finally sat up and Touji could only stared for. "Jesus Christ!"

"What's the matter?" Shinji asked.

"Been fighting recently?" Touji asked dryly as he stared at the scars on Shinji's face.

"Does is show?" Shinji asked.

"A little," Touji said. "Have you been dying your hair?"

"No," Asuka said. "It just turned that way a few days after we left." She reached out and tugged at the light blue streak in Shinji's bangs.

"Quit that," Shinji grumbled as he shook his head, trying to dislodge her hand.

"Have you just gotten really lazy, or is it just me?" Touji asked.

"They both have," Asuka growled. "For the past ten years they've been lying around on various beaches all day long and screwing each other all night!"

"I didn't need to know that," Touji said.

"She's exaggerating," Yuki said. "We hunt sometimes."

"And then they screw each other."

"And then we screw each other," Yuki admitted.

"So are you guys coming with me?" Touji asked. "Or is Bob going to have to drag you along?"

"I'm going to lay here until the sun sets," Shinji said as he lay back down on his towel. "I'll kill anyone who tries to move me."

"Hell, sounds like a winner to me," Touji said as he flopped down on his back.


"Where the hell are they?" Bob asked impatiently.

"Well we know that Bardiel found them," Angel said.

"Big comfort," Bob growled. "Those two assholes are probably out getting drunk."

"Do you really think that Shinji and Bardiel would do that?" Angel asked. Bob stared at her like her brain had suddenly disappeared. "Well I guess they would," she admitted. "I mean look who Shinji's sire is."

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Bob demanded.

"That you drink too much." Bob whipped around and stared at the young man who was standing in the doorframe.


"What's the matter Pops?" Shinji asked as he walked into the room. "Didn't recognize me?"

"Not really," Bob said. "What's that smell?"

"It's him." Bob turned again and watched as Yuki and Asuka walked into the room.

"When was the last time you bathed?" Angel asked as her nose wrinkled.

"About four weeks ago," Asuka said.

"I like the way I smell," Shinji said.

"You smell like a slaughter house mixed with a liquor store and a gun shop!" Bob exclaimed.

"Exactly," Shinji said with a grin.

"Where's Bardiel?" Angel asked.

"He went on a liquor run," Shinji said. "He'll be back pretty soon." The door banged open and another young man appeared. "You get what I asked for?"

"Yeah," Touji said as he reached into the bag he was carrying and tugged out a glass bottle. "This shit is expensive."

"It's imported," Shinji said as he took the glass bottle.

"Is that Jack Daniels?" Bob asked.

"Down boy," Shinji said with a smirk. "My booze."

"Oh come on," Bob whined. "I'm your sire for God's sake!"

"Too bad," Shinji said. "My vacation just got ruined. I need to get drunk."

"You've been on vacation for ten years!" Bob yelled.

"So?" Shinji asked as he pulled the bottle cap off and took a long drink. "Where's Rei?"

"She'll be along shortly," Touji said. "She won't be late for the council meeting."

"Council?" Asuka asked. "Am I the only one who's in the dark here?"

"Nope," Yuki said.

"Not even close," Shinji added.

"The council is a meeting of elders from every species," Bob said.

"You're an elder?" Shinji asked. "Wow. I knew you were an old fart, but I didn't know you quite that old."

"Insolent pup!" Bob roared.

"Old fart!" Shinji roared back.

"Isn't family wonderful?" Angel asked.

"Just grand," Asuka said as she watched her sire and her grand sire threaten to beat the shit out of each other over a bottle of whiskey.



-Author's notes. I had some ideas for Lycanthrope that didn't make it to the story. These ideas wouldn't leave me alone, so I decided to write a sequel. This is just a short test chapter. Review and tell me what you thing. P.S. Catch title, eh?