Disclaimer: These characters belong to J.R.R. Tolkien. I just like to write about them.

Departing Feelings

It seemed as if the years of hurt and pain decreased with each step as he approached the moored golden ship at the harbor.

A heavy burden was lifted off his shoulders as the former Ringbearer heard the words "It is time, Frodo."

He had no idea of how to break the news to his foremost friend, ally, that he was leaving Middle Earth. His cousins would learn to cope. They had each other. Pippin was to be Thain someday. Merry, well, he was courting a fine lass.

But it was Sam that Frodo felt he was betraying. He had been and always would be his friend. He no longer looked upon him as a servant. In fact he never did. It was just what Sam did. It was in his blood to take care of others, the flowers, trees, all living things. It just so happened that Frodo was at the top of his list.

Now, the time had come for Frodo to leave. He was anxious and happy. The two Ringbearers would be together for one last adventure together.

He held tightly onto Sam, thinking if he could just grab onto Sam's spirit, it would be enough to sustain and keep him planted to Middle Earth.

Tears of sorrow ran down Sam's cheeks. He had to keep a stiff upper lip, a brave face. Frodo kissed Sam softly on the forehead. He then turned, not wanting to face his endearing friend, because he himself would break down and he did not want Sam to think he was not going onto a better place. Frodo walked towards Gandalf's outstretched hand, not daring to look back until his padded feet lightly stepped onto the deck of the golden ship. All Feelings of hurt, frustration, impending doom faded and for the first time in years, Frodo's cheeks glowed, not from illness, but from overwhelming feelings of hope and eternal happiness.

As Sam looked on as his master departed, he saw for the briefest moment that Frodo had smiled. 'He is happy at last, my master has returned,' Sam mused as he wished for the day to come when he could at last be with Frodo again.