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Chapter 23

There was no stopping the merciless assault of Monkey Fist and his comrades; with little effort, they had broken into the school. The simian leader slowly stalked towards his destination--the Lotus Blade. He was a predator on the prowl.

One of the students threw a punch at him from behind, fully expecting to finally bring him down. At the last moment, Monkey Fist ducked and, in a blink of an eye, roundhoused the assailant. He was unconscious before he hit the ground.

"Such a pity Stoppable lives so far away. I might actually get the blade before he gets here."

"You aren't even worthy of speaking his name!" yelled a feminine voice from his side. It was no doubt Yori. She had given him so much trouble in the past--if it weren't for her, he'd have the Lotus Blade by now.

"Shush little girl. It's a well known fact that I too am a monkey master." He smirked as she got into a fighting stance. 'I'm going to enjoy this.' He turned around and stared deep into her obsidian eyes. They radiated such determination and…what was that? Loyalty? It was of no consequence.

She struck first and hard. She faked a left with her arm before kicking with her right foot. 'Too slow' Monkey Fist mused to himself. At the last moment when Yori was sure she had gotten him, Monkey Fist's arm blocked her foot.

"Well, someone's been training," he said matter-of-factly. "Just not enough. But I'll give you credit where it's due--that would have worked a year ago." Her attacks got more and more furious, faster and faster. Monkey Fist just dodged left, then right, parried her kick, countered her body shot, and in one swift motion drove his fist into her left cheek…all the while moving closer to the blade.

Yori had realized this from the beginning and desperately tried to lure him away, but every time she tried, he just turned his back and walked towards the weapon. As the battle dragged on and she felt herself tiring, she realized something far too late.

He was toying with her.

By then, the blade was in plain reach of the Monkey Master and he didn't hesitate to grasp the legendary weapon.

"Well, this almost seems anti-climatic. No heavenly light or crashes of the thunder in the background." Yori threw one last desperation punch at him. They both knew it wouldn't work, and Monkey Fist easily sidestepped it.

"Stoppable-san will stop you," she breathlessly rasped before collapsing to the ground in fatigue. She had been punching at him nearly nonstop for twenty minutes and had taken quite a beating herself.

"Perhaps. But you won't be there to witness it if he does. You see, I would spare you if I didn't think it'd bite me in the ass someday. Give your dead comrades my regards," he smirked and lifted the blade above his head. "Good-bye, Yori."

Aeons passed as they stared into each other's eyes. The fighting in the background crept to a silent halt. They had all sensed that something was coming. Monkey Fist lowered the blade with a grin; only he knew who it really was.


"Thanks for the ride again, Eva!" Kim waved at the brunette as she got off the plane and started towards the school.

"Like you say Kim, no big!" she yelled back. Ron was silent the whole time as he ran after Kim. Eva didn't really mind at all, since he was basically invisible to her anyway.

They heard the battle raging from outside of the school walls, and as they made their way in, everything seemed to fall silent. It was as if a sudden armistice had been declared without a single word. The duo silently walked towards the front building before Ron stopped.

"Ron, what're you doing?" Kim hissed at him. A broken relationship was one thing--endangering the mission, and thus people's lives, was something she would not stand for.

"Waiting for me, obviously." They could see Monkey Fist's silhouette in the shadows as he made his way out with Yori slung over his left shoulder and the Lotus Blade in his right hand. Uncharacteristic of him, he gently laid Yori on the ground.

"Yori," Ron whispered. However, he knew that Monkey Fist wasn't going to hurt her…yet.

"You know that girl?" Kim asked suspiciously. Ron's eyes answered for him and in an instant she was in her fighting stance. "How often do we have to beat you and your hairy, disgusting friends before you finally quit?" she asked haughtily. Monkey Fist was inclined to laugh but instead just slightly winced at her insult. 'What the Hell?' he thought to himself.

"Kim Possible, for once this does not concern you. Stoppable and I--now we have business to attend to."

"Like hell it doesn't!" she angrily yelled back. The past few weeks had been incredibly hard on her, and she was looking for a way--any way--to vent out that anger. Even if it meant slowly dragging out a fight with a villain just to see him suffer.

"Such arrogance from such fierce beauty. I'm beginning to see why Stoppable despises you so much." He smirked when he realized he was getting inside her head. She was fuming, on the verge of exploding. "Such a hypocrite too--you claim to be a hero for the love of helping people but that isn't it, is it? You love being a hero."

'Do I?' a voice in her head asked.

'Well, I obviously don't not like it.' Monkey Fist's next words broke the camel's back.

"A lot more important than being a good friend right?" The dam burst. Kim's eyes became fiery as she leapt at the laughing Simian. However, she realized she wasn't getting closer when she saw Ron restraining her.


"This isn't your fight." His voice was still so icy, but her emotions were too far out of control to see anything but red.


"Not until you calm down." Kim clearly wasn't herself anymore. Months of stress finally built up to this one moment.

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF ME NOW!" She kicked at his head and made contact with it. He reluctantly let go not out of pain but in astonishment. Six monkeys jumped in front of Monkey Fist in the same instant that Kim broke free. They initially jumped at the approaching attacker one by one, but each met the same fate anyway.

The first one tried to bite her but didn't come anywhere close as Kim grabbed it by the neck and threw it down. She proceeded to punch it square in the nose and felt a crunching sound. The rest jumped at her together in anger but couldn't even touch the heroine. The second one came rushing at her with his right arm in punching position, only to find it broken a few seconds later.

The third was knocked straight out with a roundhouse to the head. Each hit brought a satisfied smile to Kim's face, and she realized she was actually enjoying this. She had begun to calm down, and it scared her. By the time the rest of the monkeys were demolished, there was only a fuming Monkey Fist to deal with. Now she was the one smirking.

"I'll admit I did that one for myself," she said smugly, still feeding off the rage boiling inside of her. Just thinking of the past month justified her actions to herself.

'Ron going out with Bonnie.'

"Ron not showing up for our annual holidays.'

"Ron yelling at me at Christmas.'

'Ron hating me.' There was obviously a common theme.

"Kim Possible. You call torturing monkeys heroism? You might as well be a villain because at least, at least you wouldn't be even more of a hypocrite." He smirked when he saw the look on Stoppable's face. "Stoppable hates you, doesn't he? Is that why you're so angry? Don't you just want to rip my head off for saying that? Well, bring it." He finished his statement solemnly. She half expected Ron to grab her again when he made a move forwards, but she saw he was only getting a better angle to watch the fight from.

'Not that he'd be able to stop me after what that freak said.'

She lunged at him, pretending that he was Bonnie. Pretending that he was everything she had ever loathed. Through it all, she fed off of her emotions. Somehow, he was blocking nearly everything and acted unphased when she actually landed a punch. She aimed for his face, only for it to move to the right a split second before she even touched a hair on it. It seemed futile, so she resorted to the last thing she could think of. She went for his manhood.

It was so unexpected that Monkey Fist didn't even see her feet move. What was even more unexpected was when a hand blocked her foot--it wasn't Monkey Fist's either. It was Ron's.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"The right thing," he whispered. Yori was coming around and both Ron and Monkey Fist looked down at her affectionately. Kim looked from Ron to Monkey Fist to Yori, trying to make sense of what was going on. Her anger had been replaced by shock, though she was glad to have vented so much of it. Monkey Fist was the first to speak.

"You know, I would have blocked that," he just said matter-of-factly.

"Maybe, but this is our fight. I don't need you any more exhausted than you already are." Monkey Fist openly laughed.

"I'm not even tired. You see, these past few months I've ascended to a level of fighting that I didn't think possible--if you'll excuse the pun," he said, motioning to the still surprised Kim. "It's obviously my--actually, our Mystical Monkey magic developing, which I'm sure you've felt too."

"Stoppable-san, you have to stop him," Yori said sluggishly as she regained consciousness.

"Quiet, girl. I let you live only because your friend Stoppable and I have become so connected. I pick up on his every subtle emotion, and I'm sure he picks up on mine. Well, Ron, how about it?" Ron nodded, knowing all too well what Monkey Fist was talking about. He could almost feel the monkey hybrid's thoughts as he got into fighting stance, and Monkey Fist did the same.

"This isn't your fight, Kim. Stand back." She stood still, contemplating her choices. A few seconds later, she gave him his room.

Monkey Fist struck first this time, seeing he had met someone on his level. To his surprise, Ron actually dodged the first attack before delivering a right jab to his face--a hard jab that knocked Monkey Fist down. He swiftly got back up and jumped back into the fight. Their movements became a blur as Kim looked on. All previous fighting between the students and the monkeys had stopped as they gathered in a circle and looked on.

'Is Ron a better fighter than me?' Kim asked herself surprisingly.

'He…he was just a clumsy fool a few months ago. Almost got us killed on our last mission." That had been six months ago.

'Then again, you did always underestimate him didn't you?'


'The Ron factor. How many missions have we completed just because he was there?' She couldn't even recall them all because there were so many; yet she had let her own sense of infallibility veil everything Ron had done. She had truly believed she didn't need him for missions, that he was just a distraction. He had been so much more though.

'He wasn't just a distraction.'

'No, he was your partner--an invaluable one--not the bumbling distraction the media made him out to be…when they decided to even mention him anyway.' She had realized in the past few weeks that she needed him in her life. Now, she realized she needed him for missions too.

As if on cue, Monkey Fist collapsed to the ground in defeat.

"There can only be one supreme Monkey Master, Stoppable." He motioned for one of his monkeys to pick up the Lotus Blade. Kim was inclined to stop it before Ron motioned for her to stay put. The monkey slowly grasped the blade and walked over to Ron, setting it as his feet. "We lost, my monkey minions. I lost. Let's go home."

"Not if I have anything to say about it," said Kim, back to her old form.

"Let him go. We've had enough fighting for one day."

"Ron, you're just going to let him pack up and escape after assaulting a ninja school?"

"Yes, and I believe we have a lot to talk about on our way back too." Kim was too shocked to stop Monkey Fist. Ron was going to talk to her?

"Thank you, Stoppable-san. You have saved us once again." Yori was tired but none worse for the wear. Monkey Fist had done a number on her, but nothing fatal. The next few weeks would be a time of healing.

"As a friend used to say, no big."


Sensei awoke in the middle of the night with a content smile. For the first time in weeks, he didn't dream of destruction.

"Sensei, what is it?" asked Hirotaka, who immediately jumped up in a fighting stance.

"Everything's going to be okay. Stoppable-san has the Lotus Blade."

"You feel it too? Does that mean our mission is complete?"

"For now. Let's go home."


"Ron, thanks for at least talking to me now. I--" Ron was about to interrupt before Kim motioned for him to stop. She had things she needed to say. "I've missed you so much, and I've done a lot of growing up during that time. I appreciate you, and everything you've done for me. You've saved my life, my reputation, my missions, and, for the longest time, you've upheld our friendship. I guess there came a point where it finally broke you--where not even you could hold together what we had left, and I'm so sorry for that. I can't live without the Ron factor."

"I can't say it's been easy for me either, KP."

"I know, and I'm so sorry for that."

"It's just that, when I saw you with Josh so soon--well, it doesn't matter. I'm just going to have to live with that."

"You're wrong. What you feel matters to me, so much more now. Besides, I broke up with Josh."


"Just a few minutes ago, when I said I'd catch up to you."

"Isn't it midnight back there?"

"Yea, which is probably why he just said 'ok' and went back to sleep. Either that, or he probably never cared that much anyway."

"I'm sorry." Ron apologizing? It didn't seem right to her.

"Don't be. You were right this whole time. Do you think we could ever…be friends again?"

"We can at least try. I think I've given you enough hell."

"Ditto that. And do you think we'll ever, you know…" she started nervously. "Be the way we were?"

"I don't think things can ever be the way they were…not after the day it changed."

"But we can try right?" she asked hopefully.

"Yea, KP. We can try." They both stared out of the plane windows in silence as the sun rose. Maybe there could be a new beginning.

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