"I find your lack of pants disturbing," Seto said dryly, as he hung up the phone.

An expression of bemusement came over Duke's face. "Disturbing?" he inquired, twirling one lock of black hair around his forefinger.

"Not so much disturbing as…arousing," Seto admitted, shifting slightly in his seat. "Normally, anyway. But when I'm in the middle of a conference call, it is quite disturbing to have my lover show up and plant himself in my lap whilst stark naked. Disruptive as well."

"But also fun," Duke added.

Seto glowered at him. "Yes," he hissed out between clenched teeth. "But fun does not belong in the workplace. And neither does my naked lover."

"Ah, c'mon, Kaiba, don't tell me you don't have a fantasy about doing it on your desk," Duke coaxed. "I know I do…" Again a coy smile crossed his face as he undulated against the CEO, causing Kaiba's breath to catch in his throat.

"I…Dev, please…" Seto pleaded, his breath quickening at the unbearably erotic sight of his lover gasping and moaning above him. "We're in my office, anyone could come in."

Duke chuckled lowly. Leaning in close, he breathed against Seto's ear, "I locked the door, Blue Eyes. And if that's your only objection to fucking me on your desk, then I'd prefer to skip the foreplay and just get to it." He punctuated his final words by grinding his groin against Seto's, gasping as his erection rubbed against Kaiba's tenting pants. "I need you, Seto, please?"

How on Earth Duke Devlin, Dice Duelist Extraordinaire (a self-proclaimed title, of course), managed to beg and plead exactly like Mokuba when he wanted something (and his little brother was eleven years old and could make puppy eyes, whereas Duke couldn't – though he did look rather delectable sitting on his lap like that…) was beyond Seto Kaiba at that moment.

But then, with his extremely hot (again, according to Duke, but this time the appellation was corroborated by none other than himself) boyfriend, naked and willing on his lap, pleading with Seto to have sex with him…rational thought was also beyond Seto Kaiba at that moment.

Leaning forward the few inches it took to bring their lips almost within touching distance, Seto growled out tersely, a lustful gleam in his eye, "All right, Dev; get ready for the ride of your life." With those husky words, he proceeded to tumble his boyfriend back onto his desk, scattering papers everywhere. As he leaned down to capture the raven-haired teen's lips with his own, he muttered, "But let's not make this a habit," which caused Duke to chuckle into their kiss.

"Ah, Blue Eyes," he protested when their oral embrace finally broke. "I intend to do this every chance I get."

Seto just groaned as Duke started helping him out of his clothes. Why did he even bother trying to protest? He always ended up naked in the end, anyway.

Not like he minded, of course.