Chapter 1

One night Harry Potter was lying on his bed in the Gryffindor common room and was overcome with the feeling that something in his life was not right. He thought of his utterly miserable life so far and he realised that his Gryffindor blood was much weaker than his other blood. He wondered what his other blood was made up of and thought maybe Slytherin's blood was there as the sorting hat had tried to put him in Slytherin house in his first year. That night he fell asleep as normal not realising that his life was about to change forever.

One month later

Harry woke up abruptly to the sound of voices.

"Where am I?"

"Alexis, you are at Hogwarts."

"Why, do you call me Alexis, my name is Harry?"

"No, Alexis is your real name given to you before you born."

"Umm, okay. Why are you all wearing strange clothing?"

"Alexis, you have been brought back in time to right some wrongs that were done to your family and friends because of certain elements in your world. I am Salazar Slytherin and these people with me are Rowena Ravenclaw, Godric Gryffindor and Helga Hufflepuff. I believe you recognise these names."

"No, you can't be. I can't be here. I am from the 21st century. I do not go back in time to meet the founders."

"But Alexis, you do as you can see. Now a few home truths I think are needed. What do you know of your parents?"

"Not very much. My father was James Potter and my mother was Lily Evans. At least they were until October 31st when Lord Voldemort came and killed them and then tried to kill me and failed."

"Ahh, I see. Alexis, James and Lily Potter were not your REAL parents, merely surrogate ones. "

"No, I don't believe you sir. I look just like my father but with my mother's eyes. I do not believe you. Stop telling me lies."

"I am sorry Alexis, but it is you who is telling lies. But only because you have been told them by others. Yes, you look like your supposed parents but have you not ever wondered why you look just like a carbon copy of James except for the eyes. Your current image is not your image but an image that has been forced upon you, without your knowledge."

"If I were to believe all of this, how am I supposed to look and who are my real parents? Why didn't they care enough to come after me?"

"Alexis, your parents will be a shock to you. I do not know if you can protect yourself from the feelings that will arise from the truth."

"Sir, I will protect myself from anything necessary. I have always had to growing up the way I did. Nothing you could tell me would damage my protective instincts in any way, shape or form."

"Okay then, if you wish to know I shall tell you. But please call me either Salazar or Sal, after all I am calling you by your first name. Your mother was a woman by the name of Cosette Price, but you may know her by her current name... Marcia Black. Your father is a man who you are well acquainted with... Severus Snape."

"Ohh no, you did not just tell me that the one of the three people who most hate me is my father. Snape has never been even decent in the way he talks to me in PRIVATE, let alone in public"

"Nevertheless, he is your true father and you can not help that. It is merely an accident of birth. Now I suspect you see part of the reason why Severus hates Sirius Black as much as he does."

"But Sirius never had a sister. He would have told me. We're like family."

"He did have a sister, it is true but she was killed in 1980, just a week after she gave birth to you. Severus was devastated at the loss of the woman he loved, his wife. After that you disappeared and were believed dead. In fact the truth is that concealing charms were put on you to make you look smaller, younger than you actually are and so that you did not look like your true parents. You were then given to the Potters. They had been trying for years and years to have a child, but they kept not conceiving. Imagine how happy they were when you turned up, just born they thought. They did truly love you."

"But why didn't he come after me? Why did I have to grow up in that vile place?"

"Alexis, you of all people should know what Severus is like. He is like this only because his wife was killed and his son disappeared and was pronounced dead. He assumes you to be the son of James Potter, because that is all he knows. He doesn't suspect that his worst enemy could possibly have his son."

"Okay, fair point Sal. I'll let you have that one. So I guess he still doesn't know and I'm here so I can tell him and make things how they were meant to be."

"Yes, its along those lines, with some variations."

"Alexis, you are here so that we can help train you for your final battle with Tom Riddle, Sal's descendant. Riddle is not the REAL heir of Sal, that is purely a chance of luck on his part. What I am to tell you will most likely both shock and horror you. I suspect that you thought you were Godric's Heir. Yes, you are his magical heir, when James died, he incanted a specific spell that would transfer his entire heir gifts to you, his son. You are also my heir. Yes you are the heir of Ravenclaw House and also Hufflepuff House. You are also the heir of Sal. Riddle is only the magical heir because when he tried to kill you some of his powers were transferred to you and some of you was transferred to you. But you are still the more powerful heir between you. The real heir naturally has more power than the magical heir. Also a magical heir has more power when the powers are given freely not just taken, like in the case of Riddle. You Alexis are the heir to all of our houses."

Thud. "Merlin, he's fainted!"

Read and Review people! I hope you like. Okay well, i edited this because as one of you clever readers realised that i said two of the people who hate Harry are his parents. (Author gives a cookie to uten) That was because originally i was going to have Narcissa Malfoy as his mother, but then i decided that i wasn't cruel enough to make Draco be Harry's half brother. (Author shudders)