Chapter 1

All was bustling and excitement was thick in the air throughout the Beauxbatons Castle. It was only 3 days before a few chosen students would be travelling to Hogwarts to compete in the Triwizard Tournament and as Madam Maxime was taking it awfully serious, a duelling competition had started up.

The teaching staff, seated at a long table were watching the duelling platform with Madam Maxime sitting in the middle, towering at least 3 feet above everyone's heads. They were grading the performance of each dualist on magical skill and the beauty and gracefulness of which they performed each spell.

A tall seventh year boy had just won the previous four duals and received fairly high marks, accounting for the way he stood on the platform looking almost bored, carefully smoothing out his robes and impatiently tapping his foot. "Fleur Delacour." Called Maxime.

There was a rustle about the crowd and a beautiful girl, with stunning silvery blonde hair stepped onto the duelling platform. Fleur gave a quick glance about the room, and all the boys went into a semi daze, admiring her beauty. Her face suddenly hardened as she looked towards the seventh year boy she was about to duel. He smiled, but retained his cool and took up a ready position. Maxime raised her wand, shooting a fountain of sparks into the air and signalling the start of the duel.

"Ferus ningues!" Fleur yelled. Her hair gracefully dancing behind her, pointing her glowing wand toward her opponent and from it releasing a strong wind and stream of snow. The duelling platform had become a raging snowstorm, the wind and ice relentlessly pushing the tall boy back and covering him in thick frost. "Expelliarmus!" He shouted, but the force of the wind blew his spell away. The wind was now so loud that only a piercing howl could be heard. Despite the harsh wind, Fleur's hair remained swaying gently behind her. Fleur swished her wand and the storm ceased immediately as a final shimmering snowflake fell to the floor.

The tall boy now partially frozen and Fleur standing there without a speck of snow on her. She smiled and flicked her hair before muttering an incantation, sending her opponents wand flying out of his hand and into hers (and every other boy into a daze), then melting the snow and ice that had been keeping her opponent at bay.

The crowd cheered, some girls more sardonically than others, just barely making contact with both hands. The staff and Maxime on the other hand rose from their seats and applauded louder than everyone (due mainly to the thunder claps of Maxime's large hands). Five scores of perfect 10's rose in the air above the duelling platform. Fleur curtsied, her brilliant blue eyes mixed with both arrogant politeness and boredom.