Chapter 5

Dear Family, I have arrived at Hogwarts and am doing fine under these Hogwarts conditions. I suppose I should also tell you that I have been chosen as the Beauxbatons champion. Yes, I am very pleased as is Madame Maxime. But there is one problem; it appears that someone, (I suspect Mr Albus Dumbledore) has entered another Hogwarts champion. Apart from the chosen Hogwarts champion, Harry Potter has also been entered. Yes, you read correctly. Harry Potter, in search of more fame perhaps?

Fleur paused, brushed her already perfect hair aside then finished the letter.

Talk more later,

Love, Fleur

Realising that she would have to use an owl at Hogwarts, she grumpily left the carriage and set out across the lawn to the castle.

Inside the draughty castle, Fleur found Amabelle and Jullieta and walked together to the owlery. Although Amabelle and Jullieta weren't too bothered by Hogwarts, Fleur on the other hand found it particularly hard to enjoy it all here. Indeed, when compared to Beauxbatons Hogwarts was just an old castle (despite it's obvious attempts to be welcoming). But to Amabelle and Jullieta the people compensate for this (and a small part of Fleur silently agreed).

Well, most of the people anyway. On the way to the owlery, Jullieta dropped her wand and it rolled down a flight of stairs. As she bent down to pick it up, three Hogwarts students, (one boy with an angular face and slicked back blonde hair and the another two considerably larger and slightly clueless looking) came around the corner and tripped over her.

"Watch what you're doing you filthy foreign mudblood!" Scathed the blonde boy, picking himself up.

Although not fully understanding English, Fleur and Amabelle new exactly what he meant by 'mudblood'. Jullieta's parents were both muggles.

Fleur and Amabelle drifted over to a hurt looking Jullieta and a smug looking little boy.

"What are you still doing 'ere you little toad? Don't you 'ave some cleaning to attend to? This castle is an awful mess, and it seems your presence alone is making it that way." Fleur swiftly said to him.

"Why, er... you." He replied, looking for words but eventually just pulling out his wand. The other two great lumps of boys did the same (one of them holding his wand upside down.)

Fleur and Amabelle did the same.

"Floridius finitimus!" Fleur chanted.

"Stupefy!" Amabelle yelled.

All three of them stunned stood dead in their tracks, unable to move as beautiful flowering vines grew up from their feet, tangling them from the waist down.

The three girls quietly continued their walk to the owlery before Fleur paced back, took the boys wand and placed it the right side up in his stunned hand.

As they strolled around the castle, Fleur smiled to herself, "No, Hogwarts isn't so bad."