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Of Fire, Ice and Stone.

Chapter 1

Welcome Reception

She stood silently amidst the white eddies of the snow in the wind, staring out over the tundra, not looking for anything at all. No one was fool enough to travel in such weather unless strictly necessary, the children were all kept in-doors when the winds howled like they did now.

Small flakes of snow danced around her, some melting from the heat coming off her. It would take hours before the cold drove her indoors, until then she was content to stand there waiting for nothing to come. It wasn't exactly the first time she'd waited for the impossible. But this time, the fact-of-the-matter was that there really was nothing coming.

Still… deep down, she hoped that, again, it wouldn't be true...


I sat outside in the harsh winds coming off the tundra, small flakes of ice sticking to my thin brows, freezing over my blue lips. I was shivering un-controllably, staring out into the storm. I couldn't move my head to look up at the cloud- covered moon, but didn't need to in order to picture the it's pale, full face, shining down upon the world.

'Have a bit more faith in me, runt,' My sister's voice rang out clearly in my mind, 'I'll be back before the moon is full; you just wait and see. Now behave and don't do anything I wouldn't, unless of course you wanna get it from me when I get back, you hear?' a reminder from the day she had left.

The moon had waned twice since then. The entire village had given up hope that their warriors would ever walk the icy lands again. But I wouldn't, I couldn't give up on my sister, like I had before with our parents. I just… I couldn't give up on the last of my kin.

I'd waited out in the snow for at least two days now, wedged in-between to large rocks near the entrance to the small, winter-locked town on the edge of the world. Hardly anyone had come looking for me not one had found me; not even my friend had. He was too much of an idiot to look for me between the crevasses in the rock-face anyway. I'd heard his voice a few times when I'd first come up here to wait, but he'd stopped looking after the storms had started.

I moved my arms from where they held my knees to my face. Breaking the thin layers of frost collecting, and pushing away the snow that kept piling up around me. Tear-tracks ran down my face, small salty beads of water frozen near my chin, or on the front of my thick sweater. I wasn't going to leave until my sister came back. If she never did, well, I was willing to let myself freeze to death waiting for her!

Clear thoughts seemed so far away from me as I stared into the furry of the icy-storm. My senses still putting my tired aching body on alert, as I was surrounded by Water and Wind. The fires that blazed within me were slowly being smothered in their wake.

My eyes drifted shut slightly, only half-open in the screaming winds; but I gave a start and forced them open again. To fall asleep was to seal my fate, allowing the snows to consume and kill me. I was willing to remain here if no one came and let myself die, but I was going to fight it until the very end! So I just concentrated all the more on remaining awake, hunger pains driven away by the wind's savage bite.

For a brief instant, in the distance, I thought I saw a shadow; I perked up as my stinging eyes scanned the shifting landscape. Tears welling up again as I found nothing, the wind playing tricks on me again. Once more my exhausted mind willing me to see what wasn't there, aside from being frustrating it was also incredibly dis-heartening...

I curled myself up into a tight little ball, willing myself not to look up as I thought I heard a voice on the winds. Another trick my mind was playing on me, the voice I thought I heard; it wasn't the same as any of our warriors, it was too young and, uncertain to belong to any of them…

I leaned unconsciously against the solid stone to one side of me, my frozen body not registering the odd warmth in the rock around me.

My eyes slid closed again, the cold tearing at my young body, icy talons ripping at my flesh. The voice came again, yes, it had to be just an illusion; it sounded just like a boy. A part of my mind stirred as I thought I heard another, this one I knew. The words were lost in the blizzard, but the sound. It reached my burning ears, waking me up again.

I forced my heavy eyes open again, unable to do more than raise my head the slightest. Something inside of me came to life as I looked down the small ledge to the road below me.

Travelers… Six of them in all; it was the same number that had been sent out with my sister! Their forms were shadowed by the snow and ice flying through the air, but I almost thought I saw one- what was it? Pointing up? Up at where I sat still curled up against the rock. Another one was pointing as well, then a third. My vision swam for a few moments, but I could have sworn I saw two others step away and exchange words. That small part of me that refused to sleep, it flared again inside. I tried to move, tried to make my way out to where they could see me.

Fear raced through my still numb mind though, as my limbs did not shift in the slightest. My heart pounded in my frostbitten ears, a sound, oddly weak, as the cold around me seemed to push against that surge of warmth. I tried to call out, but my lips were coated in ice, my voice refusing to work as I fought for the strength to move again. I was slipping…

One of the travelers broke away from the group suddenly, running up a snowdrift in my direction. I was too weak and focused on my own inner battle to watch to closely. A female shout from down below barley registering as one of the two who had been speaking charged after the first.

Whoever this person was, he was unable to keep his footing in the thick snow. He tripped over his own feet and sank into the white, hardly fighting as the other traveler came up and grabbed him by the scruff of his neck. There was shouting, the one who had fallen gesturing towards my hiding place. He was quickly silence by the other man, whose harsh voice echoed in the cold night.

"Right there!" the first shouted out, throwing an arm in my direction, they were both so close I heard every word over the vicious winds. "I swear Saturos, I can feel someone hiding in the rocks!"

Darkness began to creep up on me, my vision blacking out as I felt those talons taking hold, trying to drag me down into an unending sleep. The last thing I remembered, was finally forcing my frozen form forwards. Out of the weak protection of the rocks and into the wind's path; into the site of the travelers.

Saturos stared dumbly for a minute, before roughly dropping the other man he held and scrambling up the side of the hill. He was barley halfway up to where I was, when his companion sped past him.

"Karst!" Menardi shouted, worry ringing through her voice as she ran up to me. I felt the warmth of my sister's hands on my shoulders, and weakly I looked up. Ice still plastered over my face as parted my frosted lips.

"M-Menardi," I breathed, "I-I knew you'd come b-back if I waited long enough..." my eyes closed again and I fell against my sister's warmth, Menardi closed her arms around me, my chilled mind picking up dim, faltering voices,

"Felix, you took a chance running like that son, but perhaps you made the right choice."

"We would have walked right past if you hadn't sensed something, I swear I felt nothing in the rocks around here."

"We have to get her inside; Poor dear she's frozen, Kyle, you two be sure to go in with her, you can help can't you? Felix can stay with me."

"Karst, you're not going to quit on me now, you hear? Karst? Karst!"

--End Flash Back--

"Karst!" Karst was jolted from her memories as Agatio came up behind her, his thick cloak whipping around him in the wind. "Hey aren't you hungry yet? You've been standing out here for hours!" he said as she turned around to face her former companion. After their journey to fire the Lighthouses, Agatio had returned to his normal, slow, good-natured self.

"Come on!" he urged, gesturing back to the village, Karst nodded without speaking and fell in step with him, "What were you doing standing out like that?" He asked as they walked down the blistery streets of the small village towards her home. "You've been spacing out a lot recently, some people are getting worried." He added as they stepped inside the small house where she had lived her whole life.

A large fire in the far right-hand corner giving off the same re-assuring heat and light it had since she was a small child. A long bench-like couch facing the flames and covered in somewhat rough, durable fabric a roan red colour.

To the right was the kitchen area, a long counter running along the walls with cabinets hanging on the wall above them. A large cast iron sink for washing and cleaning with a handled water pump to bring melted snow up from the ancient pipes running under the village. In the corner of the Kitchen was the large clay stove, logically it should have been next to the fire place, but in Prox; more fires meant more heat. The deep chestnut floors beaten and old from years of use, a few small area rugs scattered across the boards under the couch and in front of the door, which was where the two stomped the snow from their boots.

Agatio closed the door behind them and gingerly made himself at home, removing his cloak and setting it down on the back of the couch near the flames. Karst took off her own sopping coat and handed it to him, bending down to start undoing the various leather ties which kept her boots from slipping off in the heavy snow.

"Not up to Psynergy tonight?" she asked, side-stepping the first question. Agatio looked up from where he had set the cloaks,

"After that display a few months ago, and everything that's happened since, I'm not so sure I want to try anything on fabric." He said grinning, Karst smiled back at her friend as she walked over to the window near the table to look out at the storm. After Mars-lighthouse had been fired, fully unleashing Alchemy, everyone's powers had become easier to tap, thus harder to control as they were used to having to fight for their dominance over fire.

"You didn't answer me Karst." He said as he busied himself in her stores closet, pulling out a chunk of meat and a hardened loaf of bread. Karst moved to the cupboards where the few wooden dishes were kept. She grabbed two plates and large pewter mugs for them both and moved to where he was waiting impatiently for her. Setting the plates down so that he could divide the food up, she took the mugs to the large keg in the back.

"I forgot to thank your mother for the extra barrel," She called over her shoulder as she filled them at the tap, thick brown ale pouring into the tankards, frothing at the top as she stopped the flow. "I was running a bit dry, be sure to tell her that, will yah?" She said, coming back to find him eating heartily. He accepted the mug with a nod, taking a big gulp before continuing his meal. Karst, feeling the warmth of the fire, started in on her own food too.

"You still haven't answered me." he said, looking up in-between bites.

"Wasn't lunch less than an hour ago?" she asked, pretending not to hear, he quirked and eyebrow before raising his hand.

"Two to be exact. Now quit dancing around the issue and answer me." Agaito pressed,

"I'm not dancing, if anything its evasive maneuvering." She replied; her temper not as quick to flare as it was normally. Thinking back; Karst didn't think she'd had a good fight in months.

And, she wasn't to sure she even wanted to blast anyone to Tundaria...

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