Chapter Five

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Chapter Five

Lancelot rode for three days before he reached his destination. By then Arthur had ousted the Saxons and had taken control of the mighty fortress that was Camelot. The previous atmosphere that was full of fear and despair was now one of celebration. Arthur had managed to once again turn the old castle into a magnificent symbol of power. It was a celebration of a new era and the start of Arthur's reign that Lancelot rode in on.

There were still signs that a battle had taken place, but the people who had survived did not let those reminders deter them from having a good time. They simply danced over the slain bodies of the Saxons', and rejoiced among the burnt out buildings. Arthur was drinking with his knights when Lancelot presented himself. "My Lord, I am Lancelot sent by the Lady of the Lake to aid you in the battle against the Saxons. It seems that I was a little late." He declared and bent his head and shoulders in acknowledgment.

"Well Lancelot, why does my aunt think that you would be a good member of my court?" Arthur asked as the men around him quieted down.

"My dear Mother sent me, which should be proof enough. True she has not always been the best parent, but the fact that she is a powerful woman who should not be crossed should be enough for you." Lancelot knew that his words could be construed as a threat, but he wanted everyone to know that he was a serious man and not just a favored son.

"Well if the most high priestess of Avalon deems you worthy then I suppose I should trust your judgment dear cousin. But first, since we didn't get to see you fight in the battle, I will have you sport with three of my knights. Accolon, Percival, and Galahad one at a time you will face him. If you weapon is knocked from your hands or you yourself are knocked down you are through. Now fight!" Arthur commanded and sat back on his throne to watch his cousin fight. He had no doubt of Lancelot's abilities, but knew in order to remain in charge he could not have favorites among his men even if they were relations.

Lancelot saw the first man come at him and at once saw his weakness. Accolon as he was called put all his power into his arms. He stayed in one place only moving his legs to rotate his body to face his foe. Lancelot knew exactly what to do with him. He thrust forward causing Accolon to stumble backwards while Lancelot knocked his sword from his hands. The next knight, Percival did not hold his ground like Accolon did. He continuously moved in a circle never giving Lancelot a clear shot. But then he saw it, Percival repeated the same pattern over and over again. Three steps left and then five right. He went slow enough that Lancelot did not notice at first. But then he saw it and quickly dispatched Percival's sword by going the opposite direction. His reverse steps threw of Percival's concentration and left Lancelot free to fight his last opponent. Galahad came at Lancelot though full swinging. He swung his sword over and over, and was blocked each time by Lancelot.

The crowd cheered as the swords clashed and groans from the two battling men resounded across the courtyard. Then it was over. With one quick swing Lancelot knocked Galahad's sword from his hands and he had won. The crowd cheered and Lancelot looked around to see Arthur raising his goblet in salute.

"Well done cousin, you have proven yourself worthy. Come let us welcome our new brother in celebration." Arthur proclaimed and the crowd cheered.

The next two weeks were spent cleaning and repairing the grounds in and around Camelot, and preparing for Arthur's coronation. The mornings were spent fixing all the damage done by the Saxons, then the afternoon and night was full of celebration. The knights performed many feats of sport for the court, the women danced, and the court jester performed feats to dazzle the crowd. It was one of these celebrations that Morgaine and Gwenhwyfar came across one month later. They were riding with their two guards from Avalon when they heard the merrymaking a mile away. "It seems that my dear brother has made Camelot glorious once again." Morgaine said and smiled as she brought her horse to a stop.

"Yes it seems that way. I'm guessing the Saxons are not ones to dance. They most likely prefer to spend the day sitting on their fat asses talking about their manliness." Gwenhwyfar burst into laughter and kicked her horse to get him moving toward the outer walls of the castle again. She was anxious to see Lancelot. The four weeks that they had spent apart from each other had been enough to make her miserable without him.

As the party approached the castle wall one of the guards took notice of their party and signaled for them to be escorted in. Gwenhwyfar saw how the people turned to stare as she and Morgaine rode in. She knew that people feared the mysteries of Avalon, but did not expect the whole courtyard to cease all motion at their arrival. "I guess we wore the wrong outfit." Morgaine joked as she set a firm gaze to all of the people around her. She was about to ask one of the guards where she could find her brother when she heard her name shouted from across the courtyard.

"Morgaine!" Arthur had shouted from a doorway that lead to the heart of Camelot and where he was conferring with his knights. They had been discussing how to properly rid the kingdom of all things Saxon when one of the guards came rushing in.

"My lord." He said and waited for Arthur to acknowledge his presence. "A party of riders has just arrived my lord." He continued when Arthur waved his hand for him to continue.

"Who are the riders?" Lancelot spoke up from Arthur's side. In the few weeks he had spent as a knight, Arthur had realized that to make proper decisions as to the welfare of Camelot, he would need someone's counsel. So Lancelot had become Arthur's closest confidant and second in command.

"I do not know them by name my lord, but the riders are two women who look to be dressed in the fashion of the fairy people sire." The young guard babbled afraid of the trouble he could be in for giving the wrong answer.

"What on earth are you talking about?" Arthur questioned the guard.

"Are there two men dressed in brown clothes with them?" Lancelot asked before the terrified guard could continue.

"Yes my lord."

"There here!" Lancelot exclaimed with a huge grin on his face.

"Who cousin?"

"Morgaine and Gwenhwyfar, my wife. They have come from Avalon for your coronation."

"Morgaine is here!" Arthur exclaimed and ran out the doorway that lead to the courtyard followed closely by Lancelot. He was prepared to run straight to his sister's arms when he realized he did know what kind of woman Morgaine had grown into. He did not want to run up and embrace the wrong person. "Where is she Lancelot?"

"Arthur..." Lancelot laughed. "Don't you recognize your own sister! She is there atop the horse." He answered and pointed down to where Morgaine and Gwenhwyfar were still waiting on their horses.

"Morgaine!" Arthur shouted and saw his sister turn her head to face him, a huge smile immediately gracing her face. Arthur didn't wait another second before he took off running to where Morgaine was now getting off of her horse.

Morgaine had just touched the ground when Arthur ran up to her with Lancelot following close behind. She threw her arms around him and was smiling laughing so much she could hardly talk let alone exclaim "Look at you, you are huge. Where did my little brother go!"

"Oh Morgaine it is so good to see you again, it has truly been to long!" Arthur answered and pulled Morgaine into another hug.

"So husband are you going to help me down from this horse or am I going to spend my time in Camelot stuck atop here?" Morgaine heard Gwenhwyfar say from where she was still sitting on her horse.

"Once a princess always a princess." Lancelot responded pretending to be annoyed and helped his wife down. As soon as Gwenhwyfar's feet touched the ground smiles broke across both her and Lancelot's faces.

"Lancelot cousin who may this be?" Arthur asked and watched as his greatest fighter and warrior tenderly embraced the fair lady in front of him.

"My lord may I present my wife Gwenhwyfar, priestess of Avalon." Lancelot said and presented his wife to his king.

"My lady, I am honored to meet you." Arthur stammered out his greeting when Gwenhwyfar turned to face him. Arthur had seen many women since he had come to Camelot, but none had taken away his breath with their beauty the way the woman in front of him did now. "You are most welcome to my kingdom my lady. I hope you will pardon my surprise, Lancelot failed to mention that he was married. My knights and I knew nothing of you."

"That is quite all right my lord, Lancelot and I have only been married for a short time. I'm sure with all he has been doing for you here he has not even had time to think of me." Gwenhwyfar answered Arthur with a smile.

"Well my lady you are most welcome. Please come, you and my sister must meet my knights." Arthur said taking Morgaine's hand and leading her back into the doorway he had burst from moments before. As they entered the room where the knights were waiting at the round table, Arthur's most trusted companions stood. "Knights my sister has come to Camelot from Avalon. We will have a celebration like none before tonight. We will celebrate to a new beginning of a world that unites the old ways and the new." Arthur proclaimed and grinned when the knights let out a roar of rejoicing.

"Now you must meet my knights." Arthur continued and introduced Morgaine to each of the men poised around him. "Percival. Galahad. Barken. And this is Gwain. He is our cousin the first born of our aunt Morgause."

Morgaine smiled and embraced her new found cousin. Although the priestesses and Vivian had been like family on Avalon, it had been a long time since she had been with blood relations. "I am very happy to meet you."

"And this is Accolon, one of your younger knights but one of our best fighters." Arthur introduced Morgaine and watched as the young knight struggled to form words as he gazed at his king's sister.

"It is an honor to meet a priestess of the enchanted land my lady, I long to visit Avalon and learn of its ways." Accolon managed to get out.

"I would be happy to answer any questions you may have." Morgaine said back with a smile that had come across her face as soon as Arthur had introduced her. Accolon was different than all the other men she had been in contact with during her life so far. The time that she had spent learning from Vivian, she had only seen the silent guards and Merlin on his few visits to Avalon. Accolon was younger than her but yet seemed very wise. Morgaine supposed that came from having been exposed to war and struggling to serve others. He was very handsome as well. His dark hair and well kept beard was very appealing compared to those men who let their beards grow long and scraggly.

"So Lancelot! Who is this beauty that you have with you? She's too homely to be stuck with you!" Galahad shouted out and made the rest of the men laugh.

"My lords and friends, this is my wife..."