She's My What?!?!?!

By: SilverLunarStar

Chapter Six: Capricious Events


"Ohayo shoujo!" the two, practically identical, girls greeted the Inner Senshi.

"Ohayo Usagi-chan, Chibi-Usa-chan," they chorused their response.

"Ohayo shoujo; you're getting an early start! What would you like today?" Furuhata Unazaki asked, after she saw them signal to her that they were ready to order.

Fifteen minutes later, the girls were chatting away happily as they ate their food.

"Are you girls ready to go?" Usagi asked when all the plates were clean.

"Hai!" they replied.

"Alright then, Haruka and Michiru should be here by now. It's not like them to be late." She checked her watch, before reaching for her wallet.

"It's alright Odango; I already paid for it."

"It's about time you got here; I thought you had forgotten all about us." She pouted.

Haruka laughed, ruffling her hair. "Gomen, demo I had to get a car for all of us to fit. There were a few problems."

"Problems huh? Well, you can tell us on the way. Come on shoujo!"

"Ja ne Unazaki-chan; Motoki-kun/Motoki-onii-chan!" six young girls, plus Haruka, said as they exited.

"Ja ne minna," the two siblings responded.

Motoki looked at the sulking dark haired man; Mamoru had arrived quite early this morning at the Parlor since the Arcade didn't open for another two hours. His best friend looked bedraggled and knew that the…nightmares he had been having had not ceased. It still baffled him as to why he had such nightmares of Usagi… Speaking of which…he had been surprised when Usagi straight out ignored him on her way out. The sandy blond sighed and shook his head at the whole turn of events. Just when he thought Usagi and Mamoru would finally live happily ever after something always got in the way. 'No matter what, I know that they belong together, past life or not.'


"Ohayo Michiru," the Inner Senshi and Chibi-Usa greeted. They all climbed into the gold, Toyota Estima.

"Ohayo shoujo, how did everyone sleep last night?"

"I was so excited, I barely blinked!"

"I was too excited; I felt as if I never would, but I eventually did."

"I admit I was a bit excited, but managed a few hours of sleep."

Chibi-Usa looked at the girls, amused, wondering where it was that they're going.

"I kept on bouncing on my bed; time seemed to be passing by so slowly!"

"I just kept imagining all the cute guys we'd meet there."

"I slept fine."

The hyper girls stared at Ami.

The blue haired girl blinked. "What? I did." She protested.

"This girl is an alien," Makoto proclaimed.

"Well, technically, before she was reincarnated, she was Princess of Mercury," Usagi mumbled, so the two up front wouldn't hear.

"True," Makoto mumbled back.

Chibi-Usa looked at them, confused, wondering what they were talking about this time.

Usagi turned to face the driver's seat. "So Haruka, what problems did you have at the rental place?"

"Well, it seems they only had one Toyota Estima left, and since we needed a car to hold eight, I told them I'd rent this one until about 11:00PM. They seemed fine with it, that is, until I showed them my driver's license and they saw I was female. They said that there was no way that they'd ever let a girl rent an Estima. I was pissed off, since, one, we needed the space for all of us to fit, and two-"

"The color," Michiru cut in, looking pointedly at her partner. "She just had to have this color. She practically shoved the poor guy onto the wall."

Haruka laughed nervously. "Well, I got the car we needed, didn't I? Anyway, I don't see what the big deal was; it's not like I was renting a fancy sports car."

"I think what Haruka-san did was awesome. Damn sexist ass-"

"No cursing Mako-chan," Usagi chided, gesturing at Chibi-Usa.

"Oh, right. Sorry Usagi-chan." The brunette laughed uneasily. 'Usagi sure is overprotective of Chibi-Usa.' She looked at the two. 'They look so much alike that they could be sisters! Or maybe even mother and daughter!' She shook her head. 'Yeah right, Usagi is too young and we all know she doesn't have a sister.'

"So when will your parents be back?" asked Ami after a while, bringing her nose out of a book.

"They should be here tonight, or else, early tomorrow. I can't wait to see them or the squirt. Believe it or not, I've missed them," Usagi admitted. "Especially Mama's pies!"

"I can't wait to try one; Usagi-chan has been telling me all about them! Ikuko-oba-san sure sounds great."

"She is." The five teenagers answered.

The older couple smiled at them.

"So where are we going, Mama?" Chibi-Usa asked, once again.

"Such an impatient child," Usagi chided with a smile, knowing she hasn't asked constantly since they woke up. She added, "We're almost there."


Chibi-Usa's eyes widened in surprise; she opened her mouth and let out a joyful gasp. "Sugoi!" She looked at the huge sign that said Disneyland. She had seen a commercial of this place on her first day with Usagi and had been entranced by it. "This is great! Arigato gozaimasu Mama, minna."

Usagi smiled. "Don't thank me just yet. After we've gone inside and you've had the time of your life, then you can thank me and the shoujo for helping me cook this up. Deal?"


Haruka paid for the parking and found a parking space in the Donald Duck area. "Okay, remember we're at the sputtering duck's section."


They headed over to the trolleys and once they're at the ticket booths, Haruka joined the end of a line in order to purchase eight tickets, seven adults and one child. They then joined the tail of another line in order to have their tickets scanned so they could enter the Kingdom of Dreams and Magic.

"So where do we go first?" Michiru inquired, opening a map of the Park.

"Why don't we go check out the Disney Gallery while we're close by?" Haruka suggested, knowing the turquoise haired female has been wanting to see the animal sketches.

"Sure," the others answered.

Climbing the stairs of the World Bazaar, they explore the Gallery of the famous dogs and cats of Disney; Haruka and Michiru headed one way, the young girls another.

"Aw, there's Marie from The Aristocats."

Minako giggled. "I'm sure Luna and Artemis would have enjoyed this."

"Yeah, I told them we'd sneak them in like we usually do, but they insisted that we come and have a good time by ourselves," Usagi commented.

"Hmm… I wonder if we'll be seeing little kittens around soon," Makoto remarked.

Everyone giggled.

They spread out to look at all the artwork. Once they were done, they met up at the exit.

A late teen with wavy, chestnut hair and almost shaped, hazel eyes approached them. "Ohayo minna, are you enjoying all the artwork?" she asked.

"Hai, arigato," they chorused.

"There's an art class that's only half full beginning in ten minutes, if you'd like to join." She gestured at the smaller room in the back. "You can learn to draw some of your favorite Disney characters there."

"Iie, that's alright, we just came to look at the sketches and stuff," Haruka answered.

"Oh? Well, if you're sure then… Have a nice day." Adjusting her small, silver framed glasses, she left.

"That was strange," Haruka stated to Michiru as they exited the building; they headed out to catch an Omnibus so they could explore the Plaza a bit more without tiring too much. "She didn't look like she worked here."

"Not only that, she had a mysterious aura around her."

"Maybe she was just trying to be friendly?" Usagi suggested, having heard the two.

They let the others go ahead, Chibi-Usa holding hands with Rei.

"Maybe," Haruka agreed.

They walked faster in order to catch up with the others.

"Huh?" Chibi-Usa stepped down from the vehicle.

"What's wrong?" Usagi asked.

"I thought I saw…never mind." The child climbed up the Omnibus.


"Be careful my Queen. The stars dim on your fortune. The future holds much pain and suffering. Do not charge in alone. There are loved ones all around, looking after you." The sun's light reflected on a pair of eyeglasses, before they disappeared and the outline of a female shrunk; she inclined her head at four male figures, before completely disappearing herself.


Getting off the Omnibus, they wondered where to go next.

"Why don't we take the train that takes us all around the park and see which places grab our attention first?" Ami suggested.

"Great idea Ami-chan!" exclaimed Minako.

"So what are we all waiting for?" inputted Makoto.

"Yeah, come on. Let's go before we all grow old or else Chibi-Usa-chan will have to take us around." Rei cracked.

Everyone laughed, before heading to the short line to board the train.

"All aboard!" the conductor's voice rang throughout the train from the speakers.

Twenty minutes later, after their tour around the place, they decided to go to the smaller rides first, to get them over with so they could go on the more exciting rides. They went to a couple of small coaster rides like Snow White's Adventure, Peter Pan's Flight, Pinocchio's Daring Journey, and Dumbo the Flying Elephant. They went to It's a Small World, before finally convincing Chibi-Usa to enter the Haunted Mansion, telling her it wasn't all that scary. Surprisingly, it's Usagi who was finally able to convince the small girl.

Chibi-Usa was a little frightened (that voice coming from the speakers was freaky!), so to make it up to her they went to Alice's Tea Party where she, Usagi, Minako, and Makoto entered one tea cup and Haruka, Michiru, Rei, and Ami entered another.

Thanks to Makoto's and Haruka's super strength, the two tea cups were the fastest ones on their round.

With rumbling tummies they exited Fantasyland and headed over to Toontown for some lunch. Stopping at Huey, Dewey and Louie's Good Time Café, they ordered two sandwiches apiece, along with brownies for dessert, and their drinks.

Less than half an hour later, they walked around, visiting Minnie's House and Mickey's House. In both, Chibi-Usa was able to use her new autograph book to get their signatures. Another round around and she collected the signatures of Pluto, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Chip 'n Dale, and they even ran into Louie. Finally, they joined the line to get on Gadget's Go Coaster. Laughing as they got off the ride, they make their way to Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin. Chibi-Usa was giggling as she got out and became even happier when she bumped into Roger Rabbit; another autograph was added.

Contemplating on where to go next, they caught the train to Tomorrowland.

Waiting to go into MicroAdventure! Rei volunteered to get them ice cream; Minako tagged along.

Distracted, she accidentally crashed into someone. She touched her nose in pain. 'Mou, and to think this was a daily habit with Usagi and Mamoru…' Looking up, she was suddenly mesmerized by a pair of steel blue irises.


The smoothness of his voice snapped her out of her trance. "Ara! Sumimasen! I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. I should have, I know, I was just-"

"Daijoubu." He looked down at her, amused. 'She hasn't changed at all.' "Daijoubu desu ka?"


"Your nose," he replied.

"Ara." She touched her appendage. "I'm sure I'll survive." She blushed, more than a bit embarrassed.

"Miss! I said I was sorry!"

"It'll take more than a simple sorry! You're nothing but a rude, arrogant…" She trailed off. "Minako-chan! There you are! Where were you? I was making line, when this jerk here cut in front of me!"

The blonde looked at her dark haired friend, startled. "Rei-chan!"

"I told you, I didn't notice you were there!"

"Let's go Minako-chan!" Grabbing the blonde's wrist, she dragged her off.

Minako looked back at the man she had bumped into, taking in his strong, tall physique and silver mane. 'What gorgeous hair!'

Once the girls were at a safe distance, the taller man bopped the male, who had been apologizing to Rei, on the head. "Baka, what did you do?!"

"Me?! She's the one with the hot temper! You should have felt her aura flaring all around her…" He trailed off dreamily.

Sighing, he shook his head. "What are we going to do with you? Stella is going to be pissed."

"Not if I can help it." Another man approached them. This one was blond like the 'baka,' but his hair was fairer and much longer.

"What do you plan on doing?" asked the fourth man with brown hair that's accompanying him.

"Get them their ice cream, of course."

"You do know that we don't know their favorite flavors, ne?"

"One can never go wrong with vanilla."

The chestnut haired man went with him.

"Excuse me, Miss?" He tapped the shoulder of a certain blue haired girl.

Turning, Ami was startled. "Hai?" she asked, staring into a pair of forest green eyes.

"My friend over there," he pointed to the idiotic blond that was a distance away, "seems to have pissed off your friend and so we thought we'd get you your treats as an apology. You see, sometimes he doesn't use his brain and gets himself into the most interesting predicaments. Somehow, his brain blocked his line of vision which is why he didn't see her."

Blushing, Ami took the treats. "Arigato gozaimasu You really didn't have to. Rei has a short fuse, I'm afraid. I hope your friend didn't suffer any bodily injuries."

The man accompanying him laughed. "If he did, there was no harm done. He's pretty hardheaded and can take almost anything."

Makoto, hearing a hearty, and oh-so-familiar, but irreplaceable, laugh, turned.

Minako was disappointed that their silver haired friend was not with them, but perked up when she received her treat.

The brown haired man kept on so he could give it to Makoto. "Here you go ma'am."

'Breathe girl, remember to breathe.' "Arigato." She stared into those pools of cobalt.


The two couples were mesmerized with one another, so they're completely startled when Michiru announced, "It's time to go in!" She was slightly disturbed that these unknown males had brought them ice cream, but pushed off the paranoia, knowing if Haruka felt it, she'd get on the defense. Instead, she told the men, "Arigato."

"Oh, r-right," Makoto stammered.

The brunette man shook his head before nodding to Michiru.

"Are you sure you won't join us?" Ami suddenly asked.

"We'd love to, but I'm afraid our friends get testy repeating the same thing over again. But maybe we'll run into each other again?"

Ami so wanted to argue how the probability was slim to none, but something compelled her to answer, "Yes, I'm sure we will."

Dismissing themselves, the two men joined their friends as Ami and Makoto followed the other girls.

The four, Inner Senshi were all thinking about their encounters with them. They're following somewhat different trails:

'I can not believe the arrogance of that jerk!'

'That cascade of hair was beautiful. Like the moonlight.'

'He seems so intelligent; maybe he attends university?'

'One thing's for sure, he's nothing like my old boyfriend.'

However, like a true team, they all came to the same conclusion.

'We've met somewhere, sometime, before.'

After a good laugh during the show, they had some fun in Buzz Lightyear's AstroBlasters.


"Nice save."


"That's our boy, the smooth-talker."

"Just because I'm younger…"

"Hey! I thought that was my title."

"Not after you almost ruined things with Rei! Why were we surprised? You always did get on her bad side."

"I've been dethroned… Well, at least I always made it up to her afterwards!"

"With our help!"

"How did it go?"

They all shut up as a small female made their way to them.

"We've made contact. They didn't seem to recognize us immediately, but it's only a matter of time until they put two and two together. Our girls are smart."

She smiled, amused. "No doubts here. Not too soon I hope. At least, until you four can explain what's going on to them without having to fight for your lives."

"They remember everything else, why don't they remember us? Before we tried to kill them that is…"

"I'm not sure. Could be anything, the fates, head trauma. What's imperative right now, however, is that they learn to trust you. Explain to them that you've been revitalized without bringing me up. It's not my time yet and Pluto will maul me if I ruin the time line. I've already interfered quite a bit. It's a miracle she hasn't noticed or, is she has, that she hasn't called me out on it." The day that came would not be pretty for her.

Looking into her serious liquid metal irises, they nodded.

"Good luck." With that, she walked off, disappearing in the crowd. 'My work here is done. The rest is up to them.'


The girls almost decided to skip Critter Country too, but chose to take the Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes in order to take in the scenery.

"What's left?" Chibi-Usa asked Makoto.

"There's only Westernland and Adventureland left. The only thing I see worth going to in the first is Big Thunder Mountain, but you're still not tall enough," she said in a teasing voice.

"Aw." The small girl pouted. "What about Adventureland?"

"There are a good few rides. Pirates of the Caribbean, in particular. There's also a Jungle Cruise, which sounds like fun. We can have dinner at the Crystal Palace Restaurant too," she added, noticing that it's almost 6:00PM.

"Let's go then!"


Chibi-Usa and Usagi stepped out of the Estima Haruka rented. "Arigato gozaimasu Michiru/Michiru-san Haruka-Haruka-san!" they chorused.

Haruka and Michiru smiled and told them they were glad they had a good time, before driving off.

Michiru turned to Haruka with a serious look. "The ocean is in turmoil."

Haruka nodded. "The winds of change have begun. We better prepare." She sped to the rental place to leave the vehicle and pick up her motorcycle.


As Usagi opened the door to enter with a giddy, but sleepy, child, she locked the door. Noticing the answering machine's light was blinking, she suddenly felt a sense of dread. Hesitantly, she made her way to the machine and pressed a button. She held her breath as she heard the message; she vaguely heard Chibi-Usa call out to her. The sympathetic, but distant voice echoed clearly in her mind.

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