Divine Commiseration

Chapter 1: Almost a Pity

Disclaimer: I do not own any part of Rurouni Kenshin, including the adorable Sou-chan.

The history of Seta Soujiro is very strange, for all the research I've done on him, I have come up with two different theories of his childhood. It is known and accepted as a fact that Seta Soujiro was orphaned at a young age and adopted by abusive parents. The first theory states that Sou-chan was beaten as a child, but once when he was in the middle of a beating, he smiled. His adoptive father stopped immediately, thinking him mad. Therefore, every time he did something bad, he smiled. The second theory is that Soujiro was again, adopted with abusive parents who worked as rice paddy workers. They forced him to work and often beat him. He was only 7 or 8 when he saw Shishio kill a few cops. Shishio saw the boy and offered to teach him the way of the sword in exchange for bandages and some water. When his adoptive family found out that Sou-chan did indeed help the murder, they tried to kill him, but Soujiro got to them first and killed his family. I believe in the second theory because the first doesn't really conclude on how Soujiro met Shishio.
The second problem with Sou-chan is that we don't know exactly how old he is. Some people say 17, some 18, and some others 22 or 25. I've accepted that he is somewhere between 18 years old and 22. In my story, he will be 18 (because Misao is only 16). Another accepted fact about his birth is that he was born in September, and is a Virgo.
Before I bore you with more information about Sou-chan, here's the story! It's my first Rurouni Kenshin story, and is a romance between Misao and Soujiro around the 44th episode, before (but it will venture) the ultimate fight between Kenshin and Sou-chan, and after Misao declares herself leader of the Oniwa-Banshu and helps stop Kyoto from burning. Enjoy!

Silently, Seta Soujiro climbed into over the wall and into the Aoiya yard. It was his mission to kill the leader of the Oniwa-Banshu, the sixteen year old girl who handled her Kansatsu Tobi Kunai so well. It was almost a pity for her blood to be spilled...


As he jumped down limberly from the seven feet wall and landed without a sound, he could already hear the light snores of Okina, the old retired ninja. He wouldn't be a threat. Neither would the other ex-Oniwa-Banshu ninjas. It would be just him and the pretty Misao.

He almost hoped that she would fight him to the death, but no, Shishio-san told him to kill her quickly in her sleep so he could come back quickly,.

'With that girl gone, the Oniwa-Banshu in Kyoto would collapse almost instantly. Aoshi is no longer one of them, and Okina is too old. The other ninjas... They've lost their touch. And that would make it so much easier to get rid of that old group. It's been ten years too long, Soujiro.'

Soujiro crept towards the girl's room with a slight smile on his face, as always, his hand not once wandering towards the dagger which he would use to plunge into her stomach, or perhaps her heart.

It was strange to feel nothing inside, he mused. He did not feel pain, anger, happiness... Just a sort of perverse pleasure as he killed with a smile on his youthful face. Usui once told him that he had an empty head. Yes, he supposed, in a way he did.

When he was a child, when he was being beaten by his adoptive father, he remembered that he always cried out in pain, and begged him to stop. Then one day, by some chance, he smiled when a punch landed on his stomach. To his surprise, the ogre of a man stopped, thinking him mad, instead cursing him and leaving for more cheap saki. Ever since, every time something bad happened, or he was about to do something somewhat immoral, he did it with a smile. Maybe it would stop... And it would end.

That's why when he first saw Shishio-san kill a few cops in Kyoto and was asked if he wanted to be a sword master in exchange for some bandages and water, he agreed instantly. That's why, when his adoptive family found out, he killed them with a smile on his face. That's why when Shishio saw him do it, he was proud.

He shook his head, still smiling to himself, and climbed into her room.

The moonlight seemed to make her skin glow and the yukata she wore was like water flowing over her youthful body. Her braided hair, thrown over the white pillow, shown blue black. Calm, peaceful breathing assured him that she was asleep.

Soujiro walked over like a ghost, gliding over the smooth wooden floor, and for the first time since he arrived, he pulled out the small dagger that was inside his shirt. It was longer than her small Tobi Kunai, but nonetheless still as sharp.

He took a small breathe and pulled his closed fist down, and was just about to inflict on her the wound when she opened her dark eyes and she...

Punched him in the face with her right hand.

Surprised but still pleased that she had fulfilled his earlier wish, he held a finger to his lips with a slight grin. "Shhh! We wouldn't want to wake anyone!"

Misao prepared to do exactly the opposite and start screaming at the top of her lungs, but it was then that she saw his face, and more importantly, his sword.

"You're that guy who works for that bastard, Shishio! Where are the other Oniwa-Banshu? Where's Jiya?! Did you kill him, too?!"

Without answering her questions, he quickly whispered, "Ah, Misao-san, I really do have to make this quick. If you make me late for Shishio-san!"

"Do what?!" Misao stared at him intently, her mind racing, trying to calculate how fast he could move, and how fast she could get to her Kunai, or at least something sharp enough to kill.

"Well, Shishio-san has decided that the Oniwa-Banshu is getting a little to pesky, so he sent me to kill you."

If it had been the sadist Saitou, Misao would have glared and asked why he was smiling, but with Soujiro, it was different, almost scary how he smiled. "Just me?"

"Yes, Okina and the rest of the Oniwa-Banshu here aren't problems. Just you, Misao-san. You should be honored!"

Misao moved back, crawling away from him. "Don't touch me!"

Soujiro held his hands up innocently. "I'm sorry, Misao-san, but if I just stuff a dagger into you like Shishio-san asked me to, I won't touch you."

"Get away from me! I'll yell for the other Oniwa-Banshu and Kaoru and Yahiko!" The instant she said those words, she smacked herself mentally. If she did yell for her friends, he would kill them too!

"I'm sorry, Misao-san, but if you do that, I'll have to kill them, too." He echoed her previous thoughts. "And I'm not sure if you would want that."

"Who are you? What's your name?" Misao tried to buy time as she tried to remember where she hid her poisoned Kunai. If she could just hit him just right...

He brought his hand up behind his head, looking slightly embarrassed. "Sorry, I've been rude. I'm Seta Soujiro. I work for Shishio-san. He was my master."

"Shishio Matoko is your master? B-but... You're the guy that mastered that god-like-speed thing!"

Looking absolutely delighted, Soujiro nodded. "Yes, it's called Shukuchi. The Battousai is well informed! Shishio-san taught me the Battou style and I improved it with the Tenken speed. Even an empty head is good for something."

"Empty head?" Misao was now actually interested. "Why an empty head? You look pretty smart to me, not like some village dope."

Just as the smiling killer was about to answer, a noise interrupted him. The sliding of a door...

Without thinking, Soujiro grabbed Misao's arm and pulled her up with him. With his Tenken speed, he grasped onto her waist and jumped out the window. His hand quickly covered her mouth just as she prepared to scream.

Misao tried to bite his hand in an attempt to get away, and then tried to yank his sword out of it's sheath so she could stab him with it, but to no avail.

Soujiro had her at his mercy, and being the killer he was...

She awaited the final blow.

Ending Note:
Sorry, sorry! More crap from me, please forgive! Some more explaining: Shukuchi equals Sou-chan's speed. Kansatsu Tobi Kunai equals Misao's ninja daggers, the ones she throws from her hands, four at a time. (Sorry for the earlier mistake! Hope this is better!)
Also, if this idea is overused, I apologize. I don't usually come to the Rurouni Kenshin section. One more thing-I realize (if you also read my other 'large' projects) that I like to have the whole kidnaping scene, but don't worry, in this story, I assure you that this story centers more on the male character, and we get to venture into Soujiro's mind as he goes somewhat insane during the battle between him and Kenshin and he realizes his whole life's philosophy (The Strong Survive) is just a lie. Okay, I gotta go. This has got to be the longest author note I've ever written in one chapter. It's scary. Almost.