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Chibi-Usa: 16 Hotaru: 17 Usagi: 24 Sana: 17


"Hello Tomoe residence?" answered Hotaru on the phone."Hey Hotaru its Chibi-Usa.You wanna come over and spend the night at my house?" Hotaru blushed and paused for a minute. "Uhh...sure.When?" Chibi-Usa thought for a minute then suggested Friday through Sunday."Okay t-thats fine." Hotaru said a little quiet. "Oki doki! See you there Hotaru-chan!" Both said bye and hung up."I wonder if this would be the perfect time for me to confess to her," she thought sitting on her bed. "No.She would just freak out. Chibi-Usa doesn't seem that way." Just then her cat,Sakura,came in the room. "Whats wrong Hotaru? Did something happen to you and Chibi- Usa?" she asked the brown kitty with her green eyes filled with worry.

"Oh no nothing like that," the raven haired teen said smiling a little,"but I think I've been too distant from her and she suspects it." Sakura climb up on the bed and sat on Hotaru's lap. "Don't worry Hotaru nothing will turn out wrong.Besides you get to hang out with her tomorrow right?" Hotaru nodded her head agreement."I guess it will be fun," she said tucking her long hair behind her ear. "Oh you know what? Its time to cut my hair again Sakura." The cat frowned. "But I like your hair long!" Hotaru got up from her bed and started packing for the next day. "Well I don't.Sorry girl," she said taking out some sisscors.

Meanwhile at Chibi-Usa's house,the pink haired girl was running around in her room trying to find her hair brush. "Small Lady what on earth are you doing?" Diana asked sweatdropping. "I'm trying to find my hair brush so I can look good for when Hotaru comes over," she said panting. "Its right here under your bed," Diana said pulling the brush with her mouth. "Oh.Thanks Diana," Chibi-Usa slowly walked to her gray kitten and fell exhausted before even reaching her. "You need to work out more," Diana said poking her.

"Chibi-Usa! Stop running around in here!" Usagi screamed.

"Sorry Usagi! I was trying to find my hair brush!" Chibi got up and started picking out her outfit. "I want the outfit to be perfect and not something a little girl would."

"Ohhh!This is because your confess your love to her huh? Chibi- Usa and Hotaru forever!" the grey kitten sang happily.

"Shut up Diana!" Chibi said throwing a ball at her."What are you gonna do until tomorrow Small Lady?" the grey kitten stretched out and shook herself.

The pink haired girl looked outside the window to see nothing but stars staring back at her. And the moon shining down on her face. "Wow.Its so beautiful," Chibi-Usa sighed smiling too. "I wonder if Hotaru is looking at the same moon." she thought rubbing her eyes. "Come on Small Lady. You should get to bed now," Diana lead her two her bed. "I'm too tired to get in my pjs so I'll sleep in my clothes for tonight," she said drifting into slumber.

Back at Hotaru's house Sakura was busy sleeping while the raven haired girl layed awake in bed wondering what tomorrow would be like. "sigh I can't sleep. My best frined is on my mind and I can't get her out." Hotaru slowly got up and walked into the kitchen where the medicine was kept. "I know. I'll just take two of these guys and I'll be out like a light soon enough," she thought shaking the bottle of sleeping pills. Two white little pills popped out onto her hand. She quickly swoalled them and took a long drink of water. "There.Now back to bed," she told herself like a little kid. Sakura woke up to find Hotaru uncovered on the bed so she went over and covered her back up. "Good-night Hotaru-san."

"I'm not asleep yet Sakura."she said weakly. The brown cat patted her head softly. "Well..take your time falling asleep Taru," those words were always comforting to the teen. Sakura always said that when she had trouble falling asleep. This time it seemed to have had its affect. And it hit her pretty fast.

The Next Day

"W-wheres my purple cap Sakura?!" Hotaru asked panicky. "Don't worry its in your bag." the teen sighed in relief and went down stairs to see if Chibi-Usa was there yet. "Is she here yet father?" Mr. Tomoe looked up from his paper and said,"Nope. Not yet sweetpea." She sat down at the table and took a bite from the rest of her toast."Remember if you need to call me our phone number is programmed into the cell phone," Mr. Tomoe said sipping his coffee quietly. "I know. Don't worry daddy," Hotaru said rolling Sakura's ball of yarn into the living room. Sakura ran after it like it was a mouse."How long are you staying again?" he asked folding his paper in half. "Two and half days. I'm coming home Sunday afternoon," she said putting her shoes on. Beep beeep! "Oh look Chibi-Usa is here sweetpea." Hotaru dug quickly through her sports bag and put on her cap. "Bye daddy! See you Sunday!"

Mr. Tomoe watched his only daughter run to the car like it was the last time he was going to see her. "Be careful honey!" "Hi Chibi-Usa! Hi Usagi!Can I sit by you Chibi?" Chibi-Usa smiled brightly."Of course silly! Thats why I'm in the back," she shifted around so Hotaru could fit in next to her. Usagi put her sports bag in the trunk and ran over to the drivers side. All of them waved to Mr. Tomoe and he waved back. "It was nice of your dad to let you come over Taru-chan!...oh," Hotaru blushed at the nickname she gave her and Chibi-Usa blushed at what she just said. "Yeah it sure was!" the raven girl said smiling and giggling nervously. Usagi tilted her mirror so she could see the girls faces. That made her giggle a little.

The ride from Hotaru's house to Chibi-Usa's was a two hour drive and thats why she was staying for two and half days. riding in the car for that long could make anyone sleepy right? So Chibi said it was okay if Hotaru slept through the drive."Nah its okay.I can stay up through the drive.Hopefully," she passed Chibi-Usa a strawberry-banana lollipop and took out a raspberry- lemonade lollipop for herself. "Oh thanks Taru!" with a happy smile on her face, Chibi-Usa licked it like she never had a lollipop in years.

"I hope its okay that I invited Sana over too," Hotaru frowned. Sana has never been nice to her and pretened to when Chibi-Usa was around. Worst of all, she was the most popular girl in her 9th grade class before Hotaru moved away so its most likely she hasn't changed. "Oh...thats..nice," she took a bite of her lollipop trying to hide her anger. "Hey Hotaru, you okay?" asked Usagi chewing some cherry gum. "Yeah..sure," she replied a little dryly. Sana had long shiny brown hair,perfect teeth,and beautiful blue eyes. So all the boys went gaga over the young schoolgirl."Shes not a big Sana fan Usagi," Chibi layed back in her seat. "Oh I see.Why do you hate her?" The raven haired girl looked away from the tilted mirror. "Shes not very nice to me."

"Well we should stop for dinner.Is that okay with you Taru?" Usagi pulled up at a diner that not many people thought was popular."Usagi! I only get to call her Taru!" Chibi-Usa said annoyed. "Okay okay! Sorry about that."So," Hotaru started,"When is Sana coming over?" her voice was calm but filled with anger.The pink haired teen said she was already there. The raven haired girl now had flames coming from her."Grrrrr!! Waiter get me a spiked soda!!" The waiter came running towards the table with his apron flying behind him. "Uhh..sorry your under aged young lady and plus you nee.." Hotaru made an uncomfortable glare at him that made the poor guy jump. "Get..me..a ..spiked..soda..NOW!" she yelled. Luckily there were barely any people there to get attention from.

"Uh yes miss! Right away!By the way what kind of soda do you want?"

"Strawberry please."

"Very good miss!Your in luck.We've just recieved a shipment just now!"

Usagi and Chibi-Usa both had their mouths hanging open. Hotaru never acted like this before! In front of them at least.They soon ate and headed back to the car but saw someone standing next to it in a biker jacket. "Hey Usagi!How are ya Chibi-san?" Sana stood kneeling against the car with a pocky stick in her mouth."Hi Sana!" Chibi-Usa ran up to her so- called -friend and hugged her."Oh why if it isn't Hotaru Tomoe! Its been awhile huh?" They shook hands but didn't show any sign of friendship. "I know Hotaru likes Chibi-Usa alot but tonight she'll fall for me and not that weird girl!Heh heh he!" Sana thought smiling evily. "Hey Chibi-Usa want me to take you back home on my motorcycle?" the brunette asked holding her hand out. "What about Hotaru?"

"Oh don't worry.She told me while we were shaking hands that you could go with me!"

"Well.....okay I guess."

"What?! But...but..I"

"See you at the house Usagi!Bye reject." Sana whispered under her breath.

Hotaru knew she was gonna cry if she didn't get back to the car quick enough."Come on Usagi lets go!" She said cheerfully but her face remained hurt. "Whoa there raven girl! Don't pull too hard!" Usagi said struggling to keep up since she had her by the hand. The two other girls went ahead and the blonde and raven girls got into the car. Hotaru sat in the front seat and Usagi glanced at her before she had a chance to look away."Okay Hotaru whats wrong?You totally lost it back there in the restruant and now you look sad.Whats with the mood swings?" Hotaru was trying to hold back tears but they couldn't be held in. "Why is Chibi- Usa with that bitch?She could be with someone better!" Usagi was confused for a minute but then realized."Oh you're in love with Chibi-Usa aren't you?" she nodded slowly and continued to let the tears fall.

The blonde woman embraced her in a comforting hug. "Calm down.Well settle things once we get to the house.I know she would never do anything to hurt you." Hotaru slightly nodded. "Lets hit the road Tomoe!" she said smiling. "I hope we'll work it out," Hotaru thought looking at the clouds.

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