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"Alright this is the moment of truth! The day when I pass my...yawn" Hotaru and Chibi-Usa walked together rubbing their eyes once in a while. "Man we stayed up too late last night.Next time lets do some horseplaying when I don't have an exam the next day. Otherwise I would played hooky just for today," Hotaru said still trying to rub the sleep from her eyes. "For a tired person you sure talk alot," Chibi-Usa said tucking her long pink loose hair behind her ear. "Your wearing your hair down today? Thats new!" the raven haired girl said smiling down at her. "I just decided to let it down for a little bit.Thats all." Chibi-Usa was about to say more when Diana popped out of her backpack. "Good morning Small Lady!" both girls gasped and sweat dropped. "What are you doing here Diana?!" Chibi-Usa said as they hid behind a tree. "Usagi was about to give you your lunch and you took off with Hotaru. So I brought it for you!"

"Then why in the world were you hiding then?" Hotaru asked holding her by the scruff of her fur. "Well I wanted to make a dramatic enterance you know!" the small grey cat jumped from the older teen's grasp and did the Sailor Moon stance.She smiled and giggled. "Yeah and if anyone sees you its going to be a dramatic exit!" Chibi-Usa said shoving her into her bag. "Just stay in there until school is out. Its too far to send you home now." The two teens ran to get to class before the bell could ring. "Phew! That was a close one." Hotaru made it to her class also but tripped in the process. At lunch, the two found each other and sat next to each other eating quietly. "Why are you two so quiet?" Diana whispered. "Huh? Uh...no reason Diana," Hotaru said snapping out of her daydream world. Chibi-Usa sipped her soda noisly and sucked up her noodles quickly.

"Chibi-Usa why are we soo quiet suddenly?" the raven haired girl asked twisting her hair with a finger. "I don't know," Chibi said sighing ," Should we say something?" Hotaru just shook her head slowly. "Do.." Hotaru turned towards the pink haired teen,"you wanna go to the movies after school? I mean its gonna be summer vacation already."

"Sure Chibi-Usa!" both smiled at each other then continued eating like they were before."Sigh...I just don't get those two girls anymore," Diana said sneaking a peice of shrimp into the bag.

"Good thing its evening huh? It was so hot this afternoon!" Hotaru said enjoying the light breeze. "Yeah I know! Lets see...what movie shall we see?" Chibi said looking through the newspaper.Hotaru lowered the paper from her girlfriend's veiw."How about a movie where theres barely any people? If you catch my drift." she said smiling slyly. Chibi-Usa returned the smile with a kiss on the forehead. "Hey, good plan honey!" Diana finally came up for air. "Geez! Small Lady you must learn to keep your bag from smelling up like that. And whats a good plan?" Both girls looked at each other then smiled. "We will tell you when your older Diana." But when they got to the movies,it turned out it was closed for repair of the theater seats and popcorn machine. "Crap!Now what Taru-chan?" Hotaru just shrugged her shoulders. Chibi-Usa thought for a bit while looking around when she spotted a purple glowing sign outside of a building saying "Karaoke: Come on down and show us what your singing voice is made of!" The pink haired girl then smirked and giggled lightly."Whats up Chibi?" Hotaru asked turning around.

"Oh lord! I don't know how you talked me into this!" The two stood on stage with two microphones and a small audience of people sitting at tables clapping. Hotaru never really liked singing in front of other people cause she was shy. "Oh come on! Remember the deal we made?" Chibi-Usa said smiling slyly and winking. Taru blushed a bright pink. She finally sighed and said okay."Yaay Taru-chan!" The lights dimmed then showed on Chibi-Usa and Hotaru. The raven haired girl jumped a little. "Calm down honey!" The announcer soon came on the stage and announced the two ansd the song they were going to sing together."Tonight we have two young ladies who would like to sing a song for all of you! Chibi-Usa and Hotaru will be singing the newist hit love song by Michelle Branch 'You set me Free'!" Everyone in the audience clapped loudly and whistled.

Chibi-Usa sang the first part:

Can't you see?

Theres a feeling thats come over me

Close my eyes

You're the only one that leaves me

Completely breathless

No need to wonder why

Sometimes a gift like this you can't deny

'Cause I wanted to fly,

so you gave me your wings

And time held its breath so I could see,


And you set me free

Hotaru was amazed at how her girlfreind was such a good singer! But she couldn't think anymore since her turn was next that moment.

There's a will

There's a way

Sometimes words just can't explain

This is real

I'm afriad

I guess this time there's just no hiding ,


You make me restless

You're in my heart

The only light that shines

there in the dark

'Cause I wanted to fly,

so you gave me your wings

And time held its

Chibi-Usa smiled sweetly knowing she was going to be a good memory from now on. Of them singing together. The two decided to sing the rest of the next part of the song together. Both giggled softly.

When I was alone

You came around

When I was down

You pulled me through

And theres nothing that

I wouldn't do for you

Cause I wanted to fly,

so you gave me your wings

And time held its breath so I could see,


And you set me free

The girls bowed and everyone clapped wildly and cheered. "Wow I didn't think we were that good!" Hotaru screamed over the cheering."Practice makes perfect Hotaru!" she screamed back. The two walked out arm in arm and admiring the night time stars gilsening. "Wow its nice out tonight!" Chibi-Usa said smiling. "Yeah I guess we can call it our first date or something like that huh?" Taru said as the pink haired teen snuggled close to her. "You haven't talked about Usagi for a while now.How is she?" Chibi suddenly flinched at the mention of her name. "Oh...uh shes...fine. Though very sad sometimes," Hotaru looked concerned. "Huh? Why is she sad sometimes?" Chibi-Usa explained that Usagi and Minako broke up two weeks ago. "Oh.I see...Tell Usagi I'm sorry to hear that." Chibi-Usa nodded to her girlfriend in agreement.

"So what do you want to do now?" asked Hotaru looking around. "I don't know. What do you think we should do?" Chbi-Usa asked back. "Lets get back to the apartment.We can have our make out session there and maybe move on after that," the raven haired girl said pulling her girlfriend closer to her which made Chibi-usa sqeak in surprise. "Sounds like a plan honey.Should we get some snack while we are at it?" Hotaru nodded and they came back home with two bags of chocolate coconut and strawberry pocky and a couple boxes of Botan rice candy. "Finally home!My feet are killing me!" Chibi-Usa said as she flopped on the couch and Hotaru put the bags in the kitchen. The pink haired teen was about to get up when she felt a hand on her shoulder push her back. Then a pair of sweet lips on hers. Hotaru gently grazed her tongue over her girlfriend's mouth begging for enterence.Chibi-Usa egarly parted her lips for the raven beauty before her letting her tongue explore every inch of her mouth. Eventually they had to stop oxygen.

"Wow...," Chibi-Usa said quietly. "Make out more or head to the bedroom now?" the raven girl asked with a lopsided grin."Bed...room...please..Taru...chan," the pink teen said between moans as Hotaru rubbed her back sending shivers up her spine. The two disappeared into the room happily and excitedly.


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