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Blood Biscuits and fleeing brides.

"What do you mean you're going on holiday?!!"

Verona stared at her husband.

"I mean what I say," she replied, "Aleera, Marishka and I need a break from the trials of mother hood."

Dracula had gone paler than was natural for a vampire, "you're leaving me alone with....." he gulped, "THEM!!!!!" he pointed at the mini vampires that were struggling to stand around them and clinging to his cloak to stay upright. The children that had managed to stand on two feet were practicing changing from their human form to their vampire shape.

"Papa! Papa!" Vladislaus junior 1342 gurgled, "we want blood biscuits!"

The others screamed in agreement. Dracula looked up from the floor and his child to his bride with an expression on his face that would have made Igor look like a first prize beauty pageant queen.

"Them," he repeated venom in almost every inch of his voice. The part that wasn't venom was shear terror.

"Honestly Vladislaus! They're only children! Besides you said it was really boring since you killed that Van Helsing and the Valerious family!"

"Yeah, but my idea of excitement isn't changing their nappies!"

Aleera appeared from a side door and, picking up one of the toddlers, said,

"Honestly! You're the one who wanted so many children!"

"Yes! But I expected you to be looking after them!" He said with an innocently casual voice. "You know! It's woman's work."

He instantly realized he had gone too far when Marishka dropped down behind him and circled to join her fellow Brides.

"What did you say?" she whispered in a deadly calm voice. It was then that Dracula realized that he was backed into a corner with no escape from his blood-thirsty Brides. That what scared him the most though, was the expression on all their faces. It was surprisingly similar to the one he wore only moments before.

"You may control our minds, bodies and souls, but you cannot stop us from going to EURO 2004!!!" spat Aleera.

Suddenly, all three of them produced little flags. (Vladislaus never did figure out where they came from.)

"Come on Portugal!" screamed Aleera, jumping up and down waving a red and green flag.

"No way!" Yelled Marishka. "Czech Republic are gonna' wipe the floor with you!"

Verona shook her head sadly. "Sorry to disappoint you, but you're all wrong. England is going to kill you all." She sighed. "They have David Beckham. They can't possibly lose! He's sooo gorgeous!"

"I'm standing right here you know!" yelled Dracula, his brides ignored him, but responded violently when he said, "When did you get interested in football anyway? I bet you can't even explain the offside rule!!!"

"There must be at least one defender between you and the goal keeper at the time when the ball is played." they said in perfect unison, ganging up on him again, fists clenched.

Vladislaus gulped again then said, "Well I'm not interested in football so I wouldn't know if you're right or not."

"Well we are going! There's nothing you can do about that!" Marishka said pompously sticking her nose in the air.

At this point he looked down at his kids......yes they were all sporting flags, all the Verona's were waving the Saint George's Cross, the Aleera's had the flag of Portugal and all the Czech Republic flags were being held by Marishka's children.

"Time to go," Verona said, "see you in a months time! Bye Vlady baby!"

"Bye kids!" the three Brides chorused.

Before he had a chance to catch them, their luggage was in a taxi as were they. Desperately he ran after the car screaming, "Verona, sweetheart! How do you use a microwave?!"

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