Part of me like's loneliness. Now that Tenchi made his decision. I can't really remember feeling so shallow.

I don't talk much anymore and avoid the others. More so however Tenchi and, Ryoko. Sometimes I find myself just watching. I mean I would not dare intrude on there happiness.

Tenchi won some sort of trip so we are all going on a cruise. I didn't want to go but I went for Sasami. She would be lonely without me. So now were in the cars. Much to my disappointment Ryoko got put in another car because of her mom Washu.

So here I am now with my Tenchi. No, he was never my Tenchi and since what has happened I just stopped talking to him. So I need to stop dwelling in the past.

"So Ayeka, ummm... what's new?"

I glanced at him from the corner of my eyes. I continue to live here with the one I love even though he has caused me pain because my sister does. I will not leave her.

"Nothing Tenchi."

I became used to calling him Tenchi shortly after my memory lapsed and I choose to forget him. Eventually I had gotten it back but still. I see no reason for formalities to impress him now.

"Surely something has changed. Oh Ayeka I didn't mean...damnit."

Somewhere inside me I wanted to scream at him" A lot has changed you choose her. You broke my heart. I'm supposed to just give that all up! You can't befriend me that easily! Not now! I choose to let his remark slide. I never was so upset. Just me and him and he wants to talk. I enjoy the silence.

"Tenchi perhaps you would like to use the car phone to check on the other's and see if they are heading the right way."

"Ayeka I didn't mean to---"

"Nonsense Tenchi. You did nothing of the sort now call them."

For the most part the car was silent. Other than the call Tenchi did nothing and yet I could feel him starring at me. It was quite unnerving.

"Ayeka I need to now that we are friends."


The word tasted nasty in my mouth. I saw that Tenchi was taken aback. I had not meant for that to happen.

"I'm sorry Tenchi if it sounded, how should I put it sour? But it has been a long time since I can remember..., Yes we are friends."

I chocked the words out yet it seemed to please him enough.

"I'm glad then."

He smiled that smile I had not the pleasure of seeing in a very long time. Such pleasure was kept for Ryoko and only Ryoko. This was not that smile I new long ago. It was different then I remember. So I new it was for her.

"You're not still upset with Ryoko and I being together, are you?"

Of course I'm upset! How could you even suggest that you hint that you hope I may not be?

"No I'm not upset."

I force a smile trying to ease his pain. I wasn't making this ride the best. Now I just wanted it to be over.

Tenchi's point of view.

I can't reflect on that day. I remember coming to the decision long before I told Ayeka. I know for a fact that she knew my decision as soon as I sat down to tell her. Ayeka once told me my eyes tell everything and then I'm read like a book.

It was obvious to me Ayeka new we were sneaking around even though I told the both of them there was an equal chance that they could have me. But who was I kidding from that moment Ayeka new. Before I even told her. She had braced herself to become distant.

She was only reading herself for what she knew was to come.

She was mad that day. Not because I choose Ryoko, no that made her sad. What angered her was the fact that we snuck around and slept with each other behind her back. Making excuses to be alone together, while we snuck off doing well...

She knew what was going on long before. But she kept a smile on her face. I believe part of the reason is Sasami. She didn't want Sasami to fear for her feelings.

So she made them up.

Happy Sad Angry In different Just plain Ayeka attitude.

Call it Juria intuition but something tells me she even saw us together at time. Whether just making out or completely in the nude just cuddling together.

I never cared either. Not until I knew she knew. The way she would look at us.

Sasami new and to keep the truth from her sister she covered for us. Where as Ayeka still new. I new some where deep down inside what I had done to Ayeka was wrong. I betrayed her. If we were on Juria because she was a princess I could have killed. Hell I could have still been for being a Juria noble man. But she let it slide.

She let us be together

I hoped you enjoyed that. I mean that idea took forever to write up then type down. Any way next chapter is going to be thoughts from different points of view's.