All characters have been unashamedly nicked from HRH J.K.Rowling.

A Good Wheeze

Chapter 1: The Gift

Southern England was experiencing a heat wave. The pavements of London were scorching and the sunlight bounced blindingly off the walls of the National Gallery as tourists kicked about in the fountain pools of Trafalgar Square.

Professor McGonagall stood with her back to the gallery, gazing towards Westminster. She drummed her fingers on the wall in front of her and considered. She had spent the morning in the National, searching for an idea, but had come out with nothing. Perhaps they needed something more modern? Something closer to home?

There was a sudden burst of applause and a cheer as a tourist paddling in one of the pools slipped and fell in. The Professor looked over and her eyes rested on the great lion statues that adorn the fountains in the square. She smiled slightly. Silly how sometimes you can't see what's staring you in the face.

Professor Dumbledore was staring her in the face.

"Well?" he asked.

"Well," she replied "I have found inspiration."

"Splendid. Care to share it with me?"

She picked up her Gryffindor lion brooch, which had been lying on the desk, and tapped it with her wand, transfiguring it to life. It began to gamble across her notes and lesson plans, turning somersaults and cartwheeling. Dumbledore smiled as it ended its display with a set of six back flips before vaulting itself off the ruler into his cocoa cup, where it appeared to be drowning.

"Excuse me" she said, rescuing the now spluttering brooch from his cup and transfiguring it back. She cleaned it with a quick scourgify and placed it in the drawer of her desk.

"That was very funny, Minerva, but I fail to follow you." he said as the drawer closed.

"A mascot, Albus. For their new shop. Something from the school, that reminds them of the school, that is part of the school and part of their time here. A Gryffindor lion sign."

"A cartwheeling Gryffindor lion sign?"

"Not quite…although I suppose it could cartwheel…"

She looked up at him, but he seemed to be absorbed in his cocoa. There was a twinkle in his eye and he was chewing on his bottom lip. They sat for a few moments in silence until her curiosity got the better of her.


"I do beg your pardon, I was quite lost in thought. It's a wonderful idea. You'll do it yourself?"

"Yes, but you can help if you like. Add a bit of character to it. Your sense of humour is more akin to theirs than mine."

He looked mildly amused.

"You said their sense of humour was childish!"

"Exactly." She smirked.

"Well…Actually, Professor McGonagall, I've just had rather a good idea of my own…" He smiled smugly.

"Oh yes?"

"Oh yes." He leaned forward so that she could clearly see the excited twinkle in his eyes. "Minerva, my dear, I wonder…would you mind awfully if I were to sabotage your mascot?"

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