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The absolute final battle between Macavity and the Jellicles was over. Munkustrap had finished off his greatest foe with one final blow, and his minions had fled. Now the Jellicles could live in peace. Or, so we thought (A/N: That was really lame.)

She pushed her way through the throng of Jellicles, trying to find him. Being a rather young queen, she had been in hiding with the other young queens. Although he was a young tom, even younger than herself, he had been sent out to fight since so many of the other toms had died in earlier attacks.

The queen headed over to Jellylorum, who was busy cleaning up another tom's wounds, and asked, "Have you seen –...?" But she was cut off as Jellylorum shook her head. She continued around until she came near the old Ford. There she saw a familiar patch of fur. Then the queen (A/N: that's what I'm calling her for the remainder of the fic until it's safe to tell you who she is.) raced over, and she nearly gagged when she saw him.

He had multiple gashes running up and down his body, and a large forehead gash was above his right eye (A/N: Just like Merry!). But the worst was a large spear stuck directly through his right lung. His face was pale, and he was struggling to breathe. It was a miracle that he lived this long.

The queen rushed over to him, and cradled him in her arms. His brown eyes opened, searching. When he saw her he smiled, and whispered, "You are so beautiful." She smiled back, then looked back down at the spear. He would surely die. Her eyes filled up with tears as she said, "I'm going to miss you." He stopped smiling and said, "I will...always...be here with...you....I lov- ..." His voice trailed off as his eyes slid shut. He was dead.

The young queen clutched his body closer and began rocking back and forth as anguished wails broke out of her mouth. They were the sounds of a Jellicle who had lost their will to live. All the others looked up and began to cry at the cries that were filled up with such loss and grief.

She pushed away from the corpse and began running. Running as far away as she could. Trying to find something to ease her pain.

The next morning that same queen was found dead, lying in a pool of her own blood. She had slit her wrists.

And so passes the sad tale of Pouncival and Rumpleteazer. Please tune in next time for an exclusive tale of Alonzo and Tantomile. Thank you very much!


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