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Chapter one: The Return


Sora Taknouchi looked out the window from the plane and stared into the clouds. I can't believe I am moving back to Japan . . .

"Sora?" asked a voice next to her.

She turned around to face her pink haired friend, Mimi Tachikawa.

"What's wrong?" asked Mimi looking at her with her deep brown eyes filled with worry for her best friend. Sora has been acting strange ever since she found out that her mother wanted to move back to Japan.

"Oh it's nothing . . . Just thinking . . . I mean, we are moving back you know . . . After all we did live a whole year in America and now we're going back! After all this time . . . I wonder how are all of our friends." She said this a bit too quickly as if keeping something from Mimi. Mimi didn't seem to notice for she replied as if nothing.

"Oh I know!!! Isn't it grande??? I can't wait to see everyone again!!! I bet they will be surprised to find us so grown! Do you think they will be shocked to see my new pink hair? I can't believe we lost contact with them! I was glad I found Izzy's e-mail. I hope he told the others about my letter! I told him that we were coming today! Wow! It was fun in America! I mean I was so home sick there but then when I found out that you were moving there too I felt so happy!!! And that was a year ago!!! Time sure flies by!!! Japan . . . Here we come!!! . . . Boy I'm tired . . . I think I'll just take a nap" And with that Mimi stopped talking, put her head back, and fell asleep. (Sweatdrop . . . ya . . .)

Sora sighed deeply staring at her yapping friend I wonder why she never goes out of breathe and turned back to the window. We are going to see everyone . . . I wonder if . . . if . . . he still thinks of me??? I wonder if I will have the same feelings for him??? I wonder if he has forgotten me like I told him to??? I wonder if . . . If . . . Oh Yamato . . .


Sora calmly picked up the phone and dialed a number.

"Ishida residence."


"Ya . . . Sora? What's wrong? You sound depressed. Did something happen?"

"Actually . . . yes . . . The thing is . . . I have to tell you something . . . I am afraid I have some bad news . . . I'm well . . . I'm moving . . . away . . . far away . . . to . . . umm . . . to America . . . I don't think I am coming back . . . "

She waited for his reply but heard nothing but silence. She stood with the phone in her hand and doubted that he was even on the phone for she couldn't hear even the sound of him breathing.

"Matt?" she said quietly.

Suddenly after a long pause of silence Yamato's voice appeared from the phone as if magic.

"But Sora . . . why? I mean I thought you and your mother were happy here. Why is it that you have to leave? Why do you have to leave . . . me?"

"I . . . don't know why . . . we have to . . . but I do think it will be best if you . . . and I don't . . . don't try anymore. I mean we never officially went out and I know there are plenty of girls who would kill to be with you."

"Sora . . . don't you understand . . . I don't want anyone else! I . . . I . . . I lo . . ."

"SHUT UP! Please don't say anything! Try to understand that this is hard enough as it! I can't . . . I won't . . . just let me go! This moving away situation just proves that we were never meant to be! I . . . I . . . Good Night and Good bye Yamato . . . " And with that Sora hung up.

Tears formed onto those pink-crimson eyes of hers.

"I love you too Matt . . ."

End Of Flashback

And with a last sigh that escaped her lips, Sora fell asleep.


In Japan a phone rang awakening a young man from his deep slumber.

Yamato Ishida darted out of his room in a flash with his deep blue eyes scanning the messy apartment for the lost phone. I think I should start to clean up around here . . . Where is that phone?! It's not in the receiver . . .

"Ishida residence. Yamato speaking." He answered breathlessly after finding the phone in the kitchen under a pile of dirty dishes left from the night before.

"Hey Matt!!! You know day it is?" asked his best friend, Taichi Yagami.

"Oh hey Tai. No . . . what day is it?" he answered obliviously with a questioning look on his face.

"Have you forgotten already? It's the day when Sora and Mimi come back from America!!! We have to do something for them when they come! Let's have a surprise 'Welcome Back!' party! What do you think?" he exclaimed.

Sora . . . Yamato gazed out the window.

"Umm Yamato!!!! Hello YAMATO!!!" Tai yelled from the phone of several seconds of silence.

"Oh sorry."

"Well then . . . what are we going to do? I think we should wait for them at the airport! What do you think?"

"Umm . . . sure . . . I will see you then . . . Bye Tai."

And with that he hung up the phone.

He looked around his empty apartment onto the clutter where he and his father lived. All his memories of Sora came crawling back to him. All the things that he stored away to the back of his mind came back. He took a deep breathe and went back to his room to get ready to see her again. His thoughts of the last phone call he received from her pained his heart. I should have done what she told me . . .

"Sora . . . " he said out loud to no one, "I haven't forgotten you."


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