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Chapter 4: The Date from Hell

Yamato woke up with a start. His pools of pure navy shooting open in fear. Drenched in sweat from his nightmare, he slowly sat up on his bed. While taking in deep raspy breathes, he tried to recall what he had dreamt.

In his dream, he was being chased by a devilish looking clown (shudder) with stiff spiky dark orange-pink hair and extremely crusty thin lips. The clown was dressed in a school girl outfit and a shirt that sported the words "The Wolves." On the clowns forehead was a large deeply scarred "J". The clown looked down upon him with menacing brown eyes as she chased after him and eventually caught up with his pace. When catching him, she turned him around to face her bony smile. Her thin, choppy nails dug deep into his skin making him bleed. Then without warning, she dipped down catching his lips with her cold ones. Her breathe tasted worse then death itself, her decaying tongue feeling the inside of his sweet mouth. Tears stung his eyes as she consumed him, praying for someone to save him. Slowly, he felt his body shutting down, losing its soul. All hope was lost, dragging him into an endless pool of despair. Then he awoke.

"I can't believe the date's this Saturday." Sighing, he dropped his head to his bare chiseled chest. "Why the fuck did I agree to the damn date! I mean . . . The picture isn't that important." he yelled out to no one, as he lifted his head up. His body quivered from both disbelief and rage. "If she asks to kiss me . . ." he trailed off, balling his fist tightly at the mere thought. "That is it. The date is off."

Quickly Yamato stood from his bed and walked in pounding steps to the phone. It was around noon, so he knew Jun would be awake. Next to his phone was his old school bag. The simple blue carrier was stuffed full of love letters from his high school fans and admirers. He pulled out one of the many perfumed letters that Jun had given and dialed her number.

"Jun here and speaking!" came an annoyingly chirpy voice from the phone's mouth piece.

Yamato ignored her sickly sweet greeting and went straight to the point. "You know what? The date is off. That picture means nothing to me."

"MATTIE-POO? Is that you my love? You are calling me! Oh, what a day!" Jun seemed to completely ignore his screaming, her immensely perky voice filled with glee. Just his voice distracted her from what he needed to tell her.

"Didn't you hear me, you retarded cunt? I said the date is off. Do what you want with the picture! It is none of my concern now." Yamato stop yelling as he heard silence. Suddenly he was taken aback by the sound of wild laughter. His anger rose to a new level, as the loud outburst slowly began to boil his blood.

"What the fuck are you laughing at!" He barked through the phone.

The laughter died down as Jun struggled to speak. She began breathing in slowly to calm down. In a giggly voice, she replied, "You my dear. Do you honestly think that the picture is the only thing I have?"

Yamato was thoroughly confused. "What so you mean? Explain yourself!" he demanded.

"Come over my house and I will show you. You know where I live, it is written all over my letters . . . Oh and trust me . . . you do want to see what I have." She chuckled menacingly before hanging up on him.

Yamato stared at his phone, bewildered by her speech. What could she possibly have that is worse than the picture?

He shook his head slowly and walked towards his bedroom. I don't know what it is but I am going to find out. With that last thought running through his mind, he got dressed and was out the door, keys in his hand, and determination racing through his body.

Mimi lay on her bed dreamingly thinking about him. Her lazy eyes widened as she heard a loud screech coming from the front of her house. Seconds later there was a loud knock at the door. Sighing softly, she sat up and tossed her feet over to reach the floor.

She stood from her comfortable position on her bed and walked towards the front door. "Coming!" she replied, her voice echoing through the empty house.

On opening the door she was blinded by the sight of bushy brown hair. An impatient Taichi was waiting at her door step, stupidly scratching his head. His back was facing the door way as he stared onto the lawn. A pile of heavy bags sat still on the front porch flooring which Mimi recognized to her suitcases.

Turning slowly, Tai let his hand drop swiftly to his side. He smiled at her as he entered the house. "Hey Meems, here's your suitcases." Bundling the packages in his arms he asked. "Is Sora here too?"

Mimi tilted her head slightly as if trying to concentrate on his question. "I haven't seen her since she left this morning . . ." After a few moments pause she replied. "You can just leave her bags in my room."

"Sure thing Meems!" he agreed. Walking towards her room he dropped the heavy load of black and pink bags on the floor of Mimi's room. He stretched, hands reaching to the sky and let out a profound yawn. He made his way to her bed and lay down on her soft mattress, eyes dropping to a close and then went completely silent.

Mimi had followed him but paused as he shifted comfortably on her sheets. Why is he just laying there? Light snoring came from Taichi's resting body. His strong chest was rising and falling in a slow heavy pace. Well that answers my question. She rolled her eyes in exasperation. Hmmm . . . why is he so tired? I wonder . . . She slowly creped towards his sleeping body. Upon reaching him, she shook his shoulders slightly.

Taichi's eyes shot open as he abruptly sat up. "I DIDN'T DO IT! IT WAS KARI! I SWEAR!" he yelled out accusingly, arms flailing about like wild snakes. He quickly calmed down upon hearing Mimi's soft giggles.

"Tai? What are you doing here?" she asked after stopping her laughter. Her eyes were glittered with amusement.

Taichi looked up at her with a soft expression on his face. His forehead wrinkled in thought as he spoke. "Am I bothering you? Cause I can leave . . ."

Mimi blinked in confusion. After registering his reply she held her hands up. "Oh no! You can stay, but just answer my question."

"Well . . ." he started as he leaned back against the backboard of the bed. "You know yesterday . . . when we were at my house? Well ya, my mom found her broken china collection . . ." he lifted his hands to rest against the back of his head. "Let's just say I didn't get any sleep last night."

Mimi was not in the least surprised. Duh. Anyone would be mad if someone broke their valuables. I know I would! What a dork. She kept the thought to herself as she glanced it him with an obvious look on her face. Then it hit her. "But why aren't you home now?"

A grim look spread across Tai's relaxed face. "I am scared to go back . . . You have never seen my mom when she's angry . . ." He hesitated for a second then continued. "Trust me . . . It is not a pretty sight." He shuddered slightly, holding his arms in the process.

Mimi couldn't help but laugh. "I'll let you sleep then. I'll call Sora to tell her to pick up her things." She turned from him and walked towards her door. She turned the knob and looked back to rest her eyes on his peaceful drifting body.

A small "thank you" escaped Tai's lips as his eyes fell gently to a close. Mimi stood there for a few moments, deep in thought. Should I ask him? . . . No, never mind. Shaking her head, she placed a smile on her face and rolled her eyes before closing the door. "Sweet dreams," was the last thing that came through the door.

Yamato parked in front of Jun's lawn and walked towards the front door. He pounded his fist loudly on the rough mahogany, impatience not improving his mood. Yamato's insides twisted and turned as he thought of all the possible things she could blackmail him with. Whatever it was, he knew he wasn't prepared for it.

"Come in." came a seductive voice from the other side of the plank wood.

Yamato open the door slowly, as if trying unsure whether he was doing to right thing coming in. Almost instantly, thin arms wrapped around his neck in a tight hug. He pushed the figure back causing them to fall on the floor. Jun stood up as if nothing had happened.

"Follow me." She said in the same seductive tone. It gave Yamato shivers that ran all through his body. She is definitely a psycho.

As he trailed behind her, he glanced at the photos that adorned the walls. He halted in front of a large family picture. It could have not been more than 3 years old. His eyes glanced around from the mother to the father to a smiling Daisuke and finally landed on the only other figure that was in the picture. Where's Jun?

The foreign girl standing next to Daisuke had her shoulders back and full of pride in her stance. She had a smile of pure joy across her oval face. Her healthy bright orange-pink hair fell down her shoulders and seemed to sway despite the fact that she was standing completely still. Her eyes sparkled, her almost flawless skin shone, and her body was delicately curved. She seemed happy.

Yamato didn't notice Jun standing next to him, with a look of sheer disgust in her eyes. "That was me, back when I was fat." Her voice crackled with hate. "I knew you would have never looked at me if I were like that. Now look at me!" Jun twirled her stick body around, her stiff spiked hair almost hitting him. "I made myself better for you, my love."

A pang of guilt hit Yamato's stomach. She used to be so pretty and happy back then. I bet she was even sane! Now look at her . . . I can't blame myself for what happened . . . But the why do I feel like it's my fault?

Jun grabbed his arm, pulling him away from the picture. His thought about the portrait broke as he remembered why he was there in the first place. Stopping, he turned her around to face him.

"What is it that you have that would possibly make me want to go out with you?" Yamato asked narrowed eyes filled with suspicion.

Jun's eyes sparkled a bit before dragging him to her room. "Don't you worry, my dear, you will soon find out! I know that what I have proves to me that you do love me!"

Yamato's eyes filled with confusion. What is she talking about?

Jun sat him down on her bed toward the right where her television stood. She smiled. "I'll be right back!" she commented as she jetted out the door. A few moments later Jun came back with a black tape.

The tape had no labels. It looked slightly overused as if it was to tear from watching it too much. The air of confusion rang all through the room. Yamato blinked.

"Let me put it on for you." she pushed the tape into her VCR that sat conveniently under her television. Pressing the play button, she stepped back to observe Yamato.

Then the tape began to play.

A look of pure horror came over his handsome face as he wrinkled his forehead in disbelief. His eyes were cold concrete and wide with confusion. His body tensed up as though he had turned to stone. His throat became dry, mouth wide open, twisted in a silent, horrified frown. He could not believe his eyes. The things said on the tape made no sense to him. When it stopped, Jun cautiously stepped in front of him.

"What do you say now?" she asked knowing his answer. A small knowing smirk clung to her fish bone face.

Yamato dropped his head down to his chest as if in defeat. "I'll pick you up on Saturday." He replied in a deadly whisper.

Jun smirked at him as he got up and followed her to the door. Yamato stepped out the house and swiftly ran to his car. Slamming the car door he jammed his foot against the gas pedal and sped off.

Jun placed a crooked smile on her face matching the evil glint in her eyes. Closing her front door, she slowly leaned against it. Mr. Ishida . . . your mine . . .


Yamato, dressed in gloomy outfit, came up to Jun's front door. A wave of nausea swept over his body as he knocked his knuckled upon the wood. He swallowed whatever was trapped in his throat as he tried to calm down. A few moments passed by as he stood facing the closed the door. A strike of hope ran through his mind as he thought that maybe, just maybe, she wasn't home.

Then the door opened. All hope was shattered as the image of Jun, in very little clothes appeared in front of him. Needless to say, she was very unappealing to the eyes. He grimaced as she looked him, up and down, an unpleasantly suggestive smile spreading across her caked face.

She turned from him to lock the door and then walked towards his car. She cleared her throat when she saw he wasn't moving. Wincing a bit, he made his way to the driver's seat of his Convertible. Jun gave out an exasperated sigh as she opened the passenger door and slipped inside.

Yamato started the car, his hands shaking from both nervousness and anger. When he found his voice he turned his head towards her. "Where do you want to go first?" he asked, keeping his voice as calm as he could possibly manage, his face completely deprived of any emotion.

Jun lifted one of her hands and placed it over her mouth, her index finger tapping her over-glossed lower lip. The other hand made its way towards her elbow as she held herself there, deep in thought.

"Let's see . . . Why don't we go eat! I always wanted to go to Le Petite Cafe!"

Yamato's eyes widened. That was the restaurant I promised to take Sora for our first official date . . . His face fell as he saddened at the thought. Jun looked at his deep frown changed her mind.

"On second thought, we don't we just go to McDonalds?" she rushed hesitantly. If he is going to be sad the whole time I will never get my kiss. Unless . . . Her face turned into a menacing smile. A plotting glint sparkled in her narrowed eyes.

Yamato forehead wrinkled at her sudden change. What confused him even more was the expression her face took. "Alright . . ." He turned his face back to the road, his car swerving around to drive towards their destination. I wonder what she's thinking . . .

Sora walked down the path that lead to the movie theater, bags in her hand. She had been shopping at the mall all Saturday, buying things for her mother and herself. Might as well see what movies are playing while I'm here . . .

As she turned the corner, walking towards the theater, she sighted two familiar figures. She froze in place, but quickly regained herself from the shock as she backed away from them. She hit the corner of the wall and turned to hide behind it. Matt and Jun? How could I forget! Their . . . date. No! Remember what Tai said. It's not a real date. Just remember. (During the ride from the airport Tai said the "date" that was going to go on was nothing more than a hangout. He couldn't talk about it because of Jun's blackmail.)

Sora stood behind the corner, letting the darkening of the sky consume her. She decided to spy on them to see if the date was true or not. Quietly she began to observe.

Yamato and Jun came out of the movie theater where they just saw some romantic comedy. Jun was hoping it would set the mood, failing to notice the disgust Yamato felt towards her. Throughout the whole date he had been cold and disconnected from the world. The only thing on his mind was the tape. How did I get like that?

Jun dragged Yamato to one of the benches that surrounded the big water fountain set in front of the theater. It was conveniently placed in the middle as a center piece for the mall.

Jun sat down patting the bench with her boney hand. She had a strange glint in her eyes, as if suggesting things that Yamato didn't have the stomach to think about. Gloomily, he sat down letting her have her way with him. I don't care what she does . . . as long as she doesn't kiss me.

Sora stood there, eyes watching them like a hawk. She was carefully hidden behind the corner, her legs hurting for standing so stiffly. She could not hear what they were saying, so she concentrated on their body language.

From what Sora had been observing, she could tell Yamato was having a terrible time. He had miserable expression carved in his face and looked as though he would rather be in a gay bar than with Jun. This thought had brought a smile to her face. Quickly, it turned into a pondering frown. But why then? Why did he agree to go with her? If he really didn't want to he would have never agreed to go . . . even if it is a hang-out.

These questions had her rattling her brain. She stopped and stiffened up as she saw Jun rap herself around Yamato. She bit her lip from crying out. What is she doing!?

Jun came up close to Yamato's ear. "Kiss me." She breathed out in a low whisper.

The air of the theater frosted over. Slowly the sky began to darken into a deeper shade of gray. Angry clouds were looming overhead as if threatening to let go of their tears. The pair of teenagers sat stiffly on the stone bench.

"No." Yamato simply replied. "I'm not going to kiss you." He twisted his body away from her. Slowly, he began to stand up form his position.

"Sit." Jun hissed at him. No way was she going to be made a fool of. She snaked her hands around his tensed arm and pulled him close to her. "There is no way I'm going to let you leave. Remember that I still have the tape." He shifted uncomfortably in her grasp.

Yamato didn't have a chance to speak as she shoved herself on him. Her flaky lips covered his soured frown. It was enough to make him slightly gag. His face paled over several shades until she let go.

Sora stood there her face twisted in rough emotions. What the hell does Jun think she is doing? I can't believe she just kissed him!

As Yamato began to recover from the unpleasant shock, Jun huffed out loudly. She began to yell at his swaying figure. Her disappointment to his reaction had her escalating her voice.

Sora automatically stretched out her neck to hear her ranting. Try as she might, Jun's word could not be heard, no clearer than the sky itself.

Shesighed in defeat. Lowly, she whispered to herself. "The look on his face . . . was that disgust?" her forehead wrinkled in thought.

Sora looked down from them and bit her nail. Confused concentration was concreted on her face. "If he didn't want to come with her . . . If he didn't want to kiss her . . . then why?"

Her thoughts were shortly stopped by eerie silence. Jun stopped screaming? Sora looked up to the gloomy pair and stared.

"What the hell is going on?"

Jun looked up at him, evil overcoming her eyes. "You have no idea what could happen with that tape if you don't do as I say."

Yamato looked over at her fear overtaking his face. He knew he had to but he just couldn't bring himself to kiss her. At least, kiss her the way she wanted to be kissed.

"I want you to kiss me. Kiss me long and hard. I want to suffocate in your aroma! Let me feel all the passion that is in your very soul! Do it . . ." her voice turned deadly, "Or I will show the world what is in that tape." She paused for a second and then added a minor detail. "I'll show your precious Sora."

With that last remark Yamato's face to gravely serious. "Fine." He agreed. "But, if I don't get that tape I'll come after you. If Sora sees that tape, I'll kill you."

Wearing a seductive smile she stood in front of him. She placed her hands one his knees and acted as if he hadn't said a word. "Whatever you say, love." Her voice was full of excitement. The man of her dreams was going to kiss her. Not only that but kiss her like she had always wanted and more. Oh so much more.

Yamato dipped his head towards Jun's lips, silently praying of life after death. His heart was pounding hard in his chest as if trying to escape from his cage. I can't do this. I can't kiss her like she wants.

Then it hit him. Sora. Slowly Yamato deepened the kiss. Sora was the one he was kissing. Sora was the one he was holding. Sora was the one he loved.

Jun's excitement grew to a new level as she felt Yamato, the real Yamato, caress her as if he cared. She shoved her tongue to his mouth. Jun groaned out in disappointment as all she tasted was his pearly whites.

It was then that Yamato pulled away from her. His eyes widened as he let go. The dreamy look in her eyes made him queasy. I did not just . . . The thought was much too hideous to finish. He couldn't move. All he could do was stare at the only person that could break him. Never. Never again.

Sora could not believe what she just saw. She could feel her eyes start to water, her heart shattering into a million little pieces. She blinked a few times letting her warm tears form shimmering paths down her rosy cheeks. She shook her head furiously as if trying to wake up from this nightmare.

Sora stopped and let out a hushed whisper, her eyes widening with each syllable. "Ya . . . ma . . . to . . ." she continued to cry silently.

Picking up her bags with her shaky arms she ran, away for them. She ran and ran and just kept running, losing all sense of direction. Her legs were burning and her arms hurt from the weight she was carrying but she did not stop. Eventually she collapsed. Sitting up slowly, she cried burying her face in her soft hands.

"Why Matt, WHY!" Sora yelled out. The realization of her losing Yamato hit her hard. Up until now, she didn't realize how much he had meant to her. Never in a million years did she think she would feel this kind of sorrow for the love of her life. At the moment all she could feel was pain and betrayal.

Slowly drops of rain fell from the sky. Mother Nature was crying for her. Sora slowly calmed down as she began to feel the rain soak through her shirt. Lifting her head towards the darkening sky, she closed her eyes, letting stifled sobs vibrate at her throat. The small drops trailed down her face as if washing away her tears, her hurt, her pain. She knew she was getting soaked but did not move. The rain eventually consumed her making her part of its wonder.

Slowly Sora stood from where she was kneeling, all feelings gone, and picked up her bags. She walked home, numbness consuming her very being. No thoughts traveled in to her mind as she walked through the rain. Unconsciously, she smiled, a look of death glinting in her beautiful eyes. Her mind was shut down, blank and empty. She kept on smiling.

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