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It was a bright, sunny, morning at Titans tower. Cyborg was making breakfast, Robin was reading the paper, and Raven was reading one of her gloomy books. Star walked into the main room with a big genuine smile on her face.

The other Titans: blink

Cy whispered to Robin, "Is Star really smiling?? She hasn't smiled since…well, you know…"

Robin then said to Star, "Star? Are you ok? You seem really happy this morning…And…well.."

"I know what you are going to say, Robin. I haven't been happy since 'the accident.' However, now I have great reason to be happy, and as you say 'move on with my life," Star said, still smiling.

"Oh?" Raven asked as she lifted an eyebrow, "What reason is that?"

"Well, Beast Boy came to me in a dream!"

"What did Beast Boy say?" Robin asked.

"He told me that he knew he was going to at least get hurt when he saved me. He also said he didn't want me to feel like it was my fault. He's in a better place now, and I should 'move-on.' I don't want to forget him though…"

"I know you won't forget him. None of us will. He lives on with our memories of him," Robin said as he embraced Starfire, "I'm glad you're back."

"Me too. In remembrance of Beast Boy, I shall sing the Tamaranean 'Song of Remembrance!'"

"NO!" Everyone yelled.

"Er, we mean, you don't have to because breakfast is ready!" Cyborg said as he put the skillet of eggs and bacon onto the breakfast table. "Dig in!"

Then Star ate her breakfast and looked out the window at the beautiful day. Beast Boy, I will miss you very much, but I know that you will never be forgotten in the hearts of the Titans.


A short chapter! I hope you liked the end of "Sacrifice!" It's been interesting thinking of how the Titans would react to if one of them died. Expect a comedy story to compensate for the angst in this one! Heh heh.

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