A Prisoners Love

By ForbidenMaggiks

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Rating: PG-13 for now

"Bring froth the prisoner." Commanded the Sorceries of Earth with a careless wave to one of her personal guards present in her work chamber. She lounged there contently stroking the crow.

The soldier bowed and gave the signal for the prisoner to be led in. She watched as the prisoner was unceremoniously dragged into their presence. It took only man to achieve this; even though the prisoner was restrained with chains she had been imprisoned for days without food and was very week.

Beryl's slanted eyes appraised the lifeless prisoner with loathing. For all her power Beryl still could not obtain the Moon kingdom but, the tide was swiftly moving as she had managed to have her best warrior, Rubious, kidnap their princess. Surly now she could convince the girl to join the Negaverse and perhaps tell her their secrets of long life, power, and eternal beauty.

Rising from her chair she straighten her skin tight purple dress and gracefully glided just in front of the young princess Beryl made her thought's known to the princess. "Beautiful Princess, if you have your people's safety in mind than why not join me I happily welcome you to the Negaverse, your mother is dead you are the new ruler as so you should not want war I'm sure the Alliance has given you such wisdom of this profitable joining and yet you still resist," she cajoled with a siren's voice, her hand brushing across Serenity's cheeks.

The silver haired princess jerked from her touch and shifted uncomfortable, the dark aura Beryl reeked of was poison to her yet she fought down her growing quinines answering the red headed which through gritted teeth.   

"I will not be a part of your doings wench nor will my people. Release the evil from your heart and come to your senses Beryl. Free yourself!"

Beryl threw her head back as she laughed with delight. "Free myself? I am free my dear and soon you will be to. Soon all the planets will belong to me and I will marry my dear princes and hold all the power of the universe and this 'evil' will help me bring you and him and everyone else to their senses. You'll see. Take her away," she commanded 'Soon' she thought to herself 'soon I will have enough negative energy to permanently control the King and he will force my dearest, Endymion, to marry me. And then I won't have to work in secret.'