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Chapter one- Discoveries and Friends

"Are you coming or not Harry!" Ron yelled above the noise of the Hogwarts Express. "Come on, we've only got two minutes before the train leaves!" The redhead glanced anxiously at the scarlet train, tapping his foot impatiently as he waited for his best friend.

Harry struggled to push his trolley over toward the youngest male Weasley but didn't seem to be having that much luck due to him being incredibly under-weight and weak from lack of food over the holidays.

"What's up with you lately, mate?" Ron asked as he hurried over to help his struggling friend push the trolley onto the train. "Did those muggles starve you?"

Silence was all he got to confirm his suspicions. His eyes widened.

"I knew it! Dumbledore should've let you stay with us over the summer!" Harry shook his head at Ron's exclamation, "He thought I'd be most safe over there Ron, its not his fault..."

"Like hell it isn't!" the redhead demanded. "He should've known! Especially after Sirius...I...er..." Ron broke off abruptly as he turned away, flushing slightly. Harry sighed, "Please stop walked on eggshells around me Ron. It just makes it worse...."

Ron nodded as the two boarded the train and started to look for the compartment with Hermione in it. Their other best friend had went on ahead to get them a compartment to themselves while Ron had been helping Harry.

They found her at the back of the train, with one other occupant in the compartment with her.

"Professor Lupin!" Harry exclaimed happily as he pushed his trolley in and sat down beside his favorite professor, grateful to be rid of his heavy burden. "Hello Harry." Remus smiled at him pleasantly though Harry could see that it didn't quite reach his eyes.

"How are you, Professor?" he asked softly and Remus shrugged slightly, "I've been better but I am glad that I have the pleasure of teaching you all again..." the werewolf grinned slightly, but it again didn't quite reach his eyes.

The man hesitated and said, "How are you, Harry? You didn't write that much..." Harry looked at his hands guiltily.

The truth was, was that he had wanted to owl his friends so much over the holidays but Uncle Vernon had been resentful and had only allowed him to owl others when he saw fit (such as the once-every-three-days letter to the Order).

The Dursley's had been more crueler then Harry would've thought possible, they took every spare moment to taunt Harry about Sirius' death ever since he had gotten back from Hogwarts. Finally, only two days into holiday, Harry had snapped and punched, actually punched Dudley in the nose when the oaf had insulted Sirius for the fifth time.

That, of course, had spurred Uncle Vernon into action and next thing he knew, Harry was whipped, starved, beaten, and just about any other torture that the psycho could think of. He had been thrown into his cupboard for the rest of the summer, let out only to do be beaten or to relieve himself and fed once a week if he was lucky (which usually consisted of moldy cheese or stale bread and a glass of water), while Aunt Petunia watched maliciously in the background.

He had been forced to watch all his school-things go up into flames. The only reason they hadn't killed Hedwig was because of his once-every-three- days letter to the Order, which Vernon told him what to write.

Harry had thankfully had sense enough to put his most treasured things in his pockets, which were the Maurader's Map, his father's invisibility cloak, his wand, and some money that he had had on him, other then that everything, including his photo album, was burned.

The only thing that the Dursley's had spared, was his trunk, so that Harry wouldn't raise suspicion when he arrived at the platform and everyone would think that his school things were still with him in the trunk.

Harry outwardly shot Remus an apologetic look as he muttered, "Didn't really have time to, Dursley's made me do chores y'know?" Remus frowned in concern at Harry.

"Are you alright?" the werewolf eyed Harry up and down, taking in his rather small and pale complexion and smelling fear mixed with uncertainty coming from the boy.

Harry looked up at him, "Ya, fine...." He gave his Defense Against the Dark Arts professor a reassuring smile. Remus nodded slowly, still unsure.

"So.." Hermione piped up. "We haven't gotten to hear about your OWL's Harry, how'd you do?" Harry rolled his eyes, typical Hermione.

Luckily, Harry had managed to knick his Hogwarts letter from Hedwig while in the bathroom, pretending to relieve himself, his brilliant owl had flown right up to the window with the letter clamped tightly in her beak.

Harry unfolded the results and handed it to Hermione as Ron and Remus gathered around her to see. He smiled slightly, waiting for their reactions.

It read:

'Ordinary Wizarding Levels

Year: 1996

Student: Harry James Potter

School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore


Practical- Exceeds Expectations

Written- Acceptable

Overall- Exceeds Expectations


Practical- Exceeds Expectations

Written- Outstanding

Overall- Outstanding


Practical- Exceeds Expectations

Written- Acceptable

Overall- Exceeds Expectations

Defense Against the Dark Arts

Practical- Outstanding

Written- Outstanding

Overall- Outstanding


Practical- Acceptable

Written- Outstanding

Overall- Outstanding

Care of Magical Creatures

Practical- Exceeds Expectations

Written- Acceptable

Overall- Exceeds Expectations


Practical- Acceptable

Written- Acceptable

Overall- Acceptable


Practical- Poor

Written- Acceptable

Overall- Acceptable

History of Magic

Written- Acceptable

Overall- Acceptable

OWL's passed- nine

OWL's taken- nine

Overall- 94.7%

Please note that the Outstanding given in Potions was due to the exclusive answer given for the Polyjuice Potion on your written exam.

The following classes are the NEWT classes that will be taken:




Defense Against the Dark Arts


Care of Magical Creatures (optional)

Congratulations Mr. Potter! You have passed the requirements for the Ordinary Wizarding Level. Thank you for your cooperation.


Professor Griselda Marchbanks

Head of Wizarding Examination Authority'

"Harry that's wonderful!" Hermione exclaimed happily.

"You got an 'O' in Potions! How in the bloody hell is that possible mate?" Ron all but shouted.

"Ron...." Hermione warned, looking at Remus who chuckled slightly, "Watch your language, Ron." Their professor warned in an amused voice.

"But honestly mate, how did you get an 'O' in Potions!" Ron asked Harry incredulously. "I only got an 'A'...." he muttered turning red.

"Well usually you'd get an 'E' if you got an 'O' and an 'A' on your practical and written exams but apparently you got a lot of extra credit from the Polyjuice Potion question! Harry do you know how lucky that is!" Hermione said in one breath.

Harry shrugged, "At least I can be an Auror now...."

"What about you Ron?" Remus asked the redhead. Hermione also looked at him curiously, "Yes what NEWT classes are you taking?"

Ron sighed, "Well DADA, Charms, Herbology, ComC, and Transfiguration...."

"So basically all of the classes I'm taking but Potions....." Harry stated.

"Yep! I get to drop Potions!"

"Lucky you...." Harry muttered, rolling his eyes. "What about you 'Mione?"

Hermione smiled and took a deep breath before saying quickly, "Potions, Transfiguration, Charms, Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, Herbology, ComC, and DADA!" she stated proudly.

Harry gawked at her, "....and what about History of Magic and Astronomy eh? I think your slipping my dear...." He murmured absently and Hermione glared.

"History of Magic and Astronomy aren't that important!"

Ron, Harry, and even Remus stared at her. She eyed them furiously, "Well they aren't!" she exploded. "Besides.." she added, glaring heatedly at Ron, "I achieved 96.3%, what did you achieve, Ronald?"

Harry wasn't sure if Ron's ears turned red because of being called Ronald or admitting his score.

Ron mumbled something incoherently.

"What?" Hermione asked, leaning closer.

Ron sighed and glared at her, "I said 88.3%! There ya happy! Bloody Know-It- All!" he snapped and Hermione huffed in annoyance before pulling out 'Standard Book of Spells: Grade Six'

The compartment door flew open to reveal the lady with the snack trolley. "Anything off the trolley dears?" she asked and Harry bent down to retrieve his money out of his trunk (which also held his invisibility cloak and the Marauder's Map).

As he opened it Hermione happened to glance up from her book to get her own money, and spotted the emptiness of Harry's trunk. She blinked at it in confusion before deciding to confront Harry about it after the lady left as she closed her book and paid for some food along with Harry and Remus.

Remus shut the compartment door and watched as the three teenagers started to chow down on Hermione and Harry's food before munching on a chocolate frog.

After a moment that was filled with chewing and swallowing sounds, Hermione spoke up, "Where are all your books, Harry?" she asked, making Ron and Remus look up at her curiously.

"What do you mean, Hermione?" Remus asked slowly. The muggle-born witch looked over at Harry, "There wasn't any books in his trunk, Professor...."

All eyes were now focused on Harry, who started to feel rather uncomfortable under their gazes. "Harry....?" Remus asked, "What did your relatives do with your belongings?"

Harry gulped and lowered his head before murmuring quietly, "They burned them...."

Hermione and Ron gasped and Remus' eyes narrowed in anger. "They burned.....everything?" he said in a calm, reserved voice. Harry nodded slowly, his hands suddenly became the most interesting thing in the world.

"Wait! Except for my wand, the invisibility cloak, and the Maruader's Map....I still have them..." Harry said, glancing at Remus' seething form anxiously. Was Remus mad at him? Did he do something wrong? He cringed inwardly as he remembered an angry Uncle Vernon.......

"Freak! Worthless Piece of Shit! Murderer!" The purple face staring at him in utmost loathing, the insane laugher as Harry cried out when the whip connected with his bare back, blood everywhere......smearing on his back, staining his cot blood-red, Aunt Petunia laughing shrilly in the background as her husband raised his fist......

"Harry are you alright?" Hermione's concerned voice asked him, but he was still thinking about Vernon so when Hermione made to put a comforting arm around him, he reacted on instinct.

He yelped in terror, falling out of his seat and onto the floor, immediately scooting away and curling into a ball, oblivious to the voices calling his name frantically.

"Harry! Harry!" Hermione shrieked in panic as she dropped out of her seat, beside of her friend, Ron doing the same.

Harry didn't to have appeared to have noticed them as he continued to sit there, curled up into a tight ball, muttering incoherent things to himself. Remus quickly unwrapped a chocolate frog and sat down across from Harry, recognizing the symptoms of abuse immediately, he felt fury rise inside of him but pushed it down stubbornly, knowing that it will only make it worse.

"Harry, calm down Harry its alright...your safe, your with us, no one's going to hurt you..." he whispered gently to the curled up figure before him.

Harry attentively peeked out to see Ron, Hermione, and Remus looking at him worriedly. He immediately felt his terror melt into humiliation as he felt his face grow warm. How could he have been so cowardly as to react to Hermione like that?! Vernon wasn't anywhere around and he knew it! How could he have let them see that? Now they were going to ask questions that he was most unwilling to answer.

He carefully took the offered chocolate frog and popped it into his mouth, chewing it slowly as he got up out of the floor and sat down in his seat.

Ron and Hermione sat on either side of him and he couldn't restrain a flinch. "They beat you, don't they?" Ron said bluntly and Hermione reached across Harry to smack him in the back of the head.

"Harry...." Remus began and Harry lowered his head, "Please don't......" he whispered to Remus. "Y-You guys are the only ones....who know..." he looked up at them with pleading emerald eyes, "Please....can't we just keep this between the four of us? Please?"

Remus stared into the pained green eyes and sighed as he turned away from them, he would kill those Dursleys! How dare they lay a hand on Harry?! No child should EVER be treated like that let alone after all Harry's been through!

He wondered what Sirius would have done in a situation such as this one.....and felt a sharp pain in his heart at the thought of his late best friend. He couldn't break down....not now, not when Harry needed him.

He stubbornly swallowed the lump in his throat as he returned his attention toward Harry, who was still looking at him pleadingly.

"Harry....you know I can't..."


Harry's loud request startled Remus slightly, Ron and Hermione looked at him for answers. "Why don't you want anyone to know, Harry?" he asked, "You could be taken away from them for forever if anyone knew about this!"

Harry wrapped his arms around himself and Remus suddenly understood, "You don't want them to think of you as weak." It was a statement and Harry looked up, "I don't want to give them another excuse to treat me like a child..."

Remus' eyes widened, "What do you mean? Its not natural for a child to be beaten Harry!" he exclaimed and Harry flinched.

"I will tell the headmaster, Harry...and you are to report to the Hospital Wing with me after the Welcoming Feast," he told the boy firmly but gently.

Harry looked up at him with a pained expression before ducking his head down once again and stubbornly refusing the tears that had wished to fall ever since the end of the school year.


The Golden Trio got a carriage to themselves, as they were carted up the magnificent place known as Hogwarts, a quiet discussion took place inside.....

"Why didn't you ever tell us, Harry?" Hermione asked him sadly as she watched the raven-haired boy look out of the window at Hogwarts. Harry sighed, "I didn't want you to worry.....and...."

He broke off and looked at his shoes, he had a really bad habit of avoiding eye contact when nervous.

"What?" Hermione pressed gently.

".....its kind of embarrassing....." he murmured and Hermione gasped.

"You think its embarrassing to be beaten?!" Ron asked incredulously. "That's why you wouldn't tell us is because you were embarrassed?!"

Harry looked away, "The Daily Prophet will have a field day when they find out their savior can't even stand up to a muggle...." He murmured quietly.

"Oh Harry!" Hermione promptly threw her arms around him and sobbed to him, "Don't mind what they think! If you are in danger Harry then you tell us! Please!" she sounded desperate and Ron nodded looking pale.

"Don't keep something like that from us again, mate..." his voice was slightly hoarse and he looked as desperate as Hermione sounded.

Harry glanced from one to another and felt a small smile tug at his lips and he suddenly felt proud to have two friends as good as these....

"Promise us, Harry..." Hermione said, Ron nodded again.

Harry sighed, "I promise I'll tell you next time.....I swear..." he looked up at his two friends gratefully as they both beamed.

The carriage halted and the three hopped out as they entered Hogwarts once again, their classmates following them.

Harry seated himself in between Ron and Hermione, across from Neville, who looked very happy this year.

"I've dropped Potions!" he announced cheerfully. "And now I have Herbology twice as much!" Hermione smiled, "That's wonderful, Neville."

"Ya...." Neville grinned, "But my Grandma wasn't to pleased with me dropping Potion's though, she wanted me to be an Auror...." The boy shrugged nonchalantly, "Too bad...."

Dean and Seamus seated themselves on either side of Neville and grinned at Harry, "Have a nice summer Harry?" Dean asked. Ron and Hermione glanced at Harry, who pasted a false smile on his face, "Great..." he muttered and Dean went on, "Are we still going to have DA?" the boy asked.

Harry shook his head, "We have a decent DADA teacher now so we don't really need to..." He trailed off as the first years trooped in behind Professor McGonagall, looking terrified.

Harry snorted as he remembered being that scared on the first day as the sorting hall finished its song and Professor Dumbledore rose and everyone immediately fell silent.

"I have a few starter announcements to make before we began the sorting. First of all, as all of you know the Forbidden Forest is off limits to all students, which some of you still need reminding of...." At this he glanced at Ron, Hermione, and Harry who grinned at each other.

"Second of all, Ms. Umbridge will not be returning as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher....." he paused as cheers rose up and Harry saw Dumbledore's beard twitch slightly as if he were going to smile. "....replacing her will be Professor Remus Lupin, who I'm sure most of you know...." He again paused as more cheers rose and Remus stood up and smiled at them, Harry, Ron, and Hermione cheered the loudest.

"Well, with that said, let the sorting began!"

Professor McGonagall marched over toward the worn hat and unrolled a scroll.

"Andrews, Sarah!"

A little blonde girl nervously approached the stool as McGonagall placed the hat on her head.


Harry clapped along with the other Gryffindors as the blonde smiled in relief and walked over to the table.

"Chang, Elise!"


"Clipe, Charlie"


"Cose, Michael!"


"Diggory, Anne"


Harry stared at the young girl that left the stool, how could she be Cedric Diggory's sister?! He was an only child! Wasn't he? And she was in Gryffindor...

"Goyle, Roger!"


Harry waited as the first-years continued to be sorted, as the line thinned and eventually disappeared. He thought about that Anne-girl.

Someone suddenly jabbed him in the ribs and he flinched, turning to Ron who was gesturing at the feast that had just appeared in front of them, he hadn't even noticed....

Harry loaded his plate with as little as he could get under Hermione and Ron's scrutinizing gazes and only ate about half. "I cant eat anymore, Ron!" he groaned under Ron's complaints about his amount of food. Hermione nodded, "Harry's right, Ron, when someone gets used to eating little, their stomach shrinks and it takes them a while to start to eat normally again." She stated matter-of-factly and Ron glared at her.

The two started to bicker, as usual and Harry sighed, pillowing his head on the table with his arms. "Hello..." a tentative voice called out and he jumped slightly. "Sorry...didn't mean to startle you..."

He looked up, it was Anne Diggory. He quickly straightened up and nodded to her, "Hey..."

"I'm Anne Diggory." The girl introduced herself, "And your Harry Potter aren't you? I could tell by the scar, of course your probably used to people staring at it so I try not to, I know how annoying it is to be stared at, I was stared at all the time when Cedric died and it got so bloody irritating that I just wanted to snap at them to mind their own business, but they don't of course because they're 'concerned' when they really aren't and they only stare at you because they want to make sure you don't break down and embarrass them and then....." she trailed off looking at Harry, who was staring at her with a raised brow.

She blushed, "Sorry, I tend to get off subject a lot, like when I'm doing my homework and talking to my mom, I sometimes start reading the problem I'm doing and she gets really mad because she says its annoying and one time she took away my desert that night and it was so unfair because I couldn't help it but she was all 'you need to control that mouth of yours' and I'm all 'why?' y'know the only person who never got mad at me for talking like that was Cedric and..." she trailed off again and blushed deeper.

She cleared her throat, "Well....I just wanted to say that....I'm really grateful to you for...for respecting Cedric enough to....to bring his body back even if it would've meant your life....so...thanks.."

Harry blinked, he felt as if he had been watching a movie, "....your welcome...is he your....was he your brother?"

Anne shook her head, "He was my cousin..." she sighed and glanced back at her friends who were waiting for her (it was time to go to dormitories). "Well, I'll see you around, nice meeting you Harry." She said and turned around and walked away with the other first-years and fifth-year prefects.


Remus escorted Harry to the Hospital Wing, as promised and the werewolf told Harry about his short talk with Dumbledore at dinner.

"Don't worry, no one else heard us..." he said soothingly to a rather distraught Harry.

Harry merely glared at him in response.

"Anyway, he said you are not going back there again Harry......isn't that good?" he asked hesitantly at Harry's frown.

Harry shrugged, "Great, now I'll be sent to an orphanage, thanks Remus!" he snapped sarcastically.

Remus glanced at Harry, "So that's what this is all about? You think you'll be sent to an orphanage?" at Harry's nod he went on. "You won't, Harry don't worry. You'll either be sent to the Order's HQ or most likely, to the Weasley's......all we need to do is get through your trial and..."

"Wait! I'm going on trial! But-But then everyone will know!" Harry exclaimed. "It has to be done, Harry or you will have to go back to the Dursley's and don't worry, it will be a private case..." Remus explained soothingly.

Harry looked at the ground miserably. He really hated his life sometimes....

'Sirius I miss you.....'

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