A/N: I have found that (for those of you who were questioning this fact) Prongs could not be the only deer in the forbidden forest during this time (although there is a chance he was). In the 5th book, 30th chapter (Grawp), 693rd page, 7th line Hagrid is explaining to Harry and Hermione that they do not have to worry about feeding Grawp when he (hagrid) is gone because Grawp can find food on his own, birds and deer. So unless Hogwarts has developed a deer population in the 20/30 years since Harry's parents were at school (which is possible) I am assuming that Prongs is not the only deer in the forest. The stag mentioned below, however, is referring to James.

Disclaimer: I own Eleanor and Minnet. That is all.

Chapter One: A Curious Stag

Lily's neck ached from craning over her 18in. Charms essay that was due within a few days time. She yawned tiredly before picking up her ink, quill and nearly finished essay from the table in the Gryffindor common room before ascending the stairs to the Girls Dormitory.

Lily opened the door expecting to see her four fellow Gryffindors asleep behind their bed hangings, but instead found Eleanor, Minnet and Alice peering out the glass window, awake and cooing.

'Aw... Lily come look!' Minnet smiled looking at Lily briefly before turning back to the window.

'That,' Eleanor exclaimed excitedly, 'is the most gorgeous stag I have ever seen!'

Lily was curious. Why was there a stag standing so plainly in view out the window?

Alice, who adored animals, sat with her nose plastered to the pane and her hands clutched her chest dramatically, 'Isn't he beautiful?'

Just as Lily began to make her way over to the window, Minnet said disappointingly, 'Oh... he's leaving...'

Sure enough, the only part of the stag that Lily had caught a glimpse of was a white tail amidst the bush surrounding it. 'It's strange though, I mean, deer aren't exactly magical creatures. What would they be doing so close to the castle?'

However, no one seemed to have heard Lily because they were heading to their beds discussing the stag as though he was more amazing than curious. It was quite a while before the murmuring died down and they eventually fell asleep, leaving Lily to ponder about the deer alone until she, too, slept against her moonlit pillow.

The Marauders ate breakfast in the Great Hall with much enthusiasm considering the fortnight's events. Sirius was busy deciding what great adventure they should go on next month, Remus, looking pale, ate his buttered crumpet lazily and listening to Sirius' ideas, while James and Peter were in deep conversation about the upcoming Quidditch match against Slytherin.

'Wellington, you know, the tall dark haired git sitting over there by Moore? Well, he's the new captain. He's training them with completely different tactics than last year's captain-'

'Looks like Prongs got some admirers!' Sirius said, cutting James off.

James looked questioningly at Sirius, 'What do you mean?'

Both James and Sirius knew that girls loved them. Why was Sirius bringing this up now?

Sirius nodded further down the table where Eleanor was telling a couple sixth years and a seventh year girl, Marlene, about something she had seen the previous night.

'Oh, Marlene, you should have seen him! The stag was absolutely lovely!'

Marlene, who had been sitting across from her, rolled her eyes. James' heart leapt. Lily Evans was sitting right next to her, reading the Daily Prophet and eating toast, not knowing that just a few seats down from her, James was gazing at her.

'We better hurry up,' Remus said glancing at his watch, 'We've got Potions.'

The Marauders stood up and left the Great Hall, making their way to the dungeons.

'Oh, James,' Sirius said in a high voice that was obviously mimicking Eleanor, 'You're absolutely lovely!'

James elbowed Sirius jokingly. Only part of his mind was paying attention to the conversation. The other part, however, was watching Lily leave the Great Hall reading Standard Book of Magic, Grade 7 with her red hair bouncing slightly on her shoulders.

'Look at him, Moony. He has no idea-'

'-I think I should talk to her.' James said absent mindedly, cutting Sirius off.

There was no question to Sirius and Remus who he was talking about. They exchanged a fleeting look before Remus said, 'Don't do anything... too... drastic.'

James, who had snapped out of the trance, was appalled, 'Drastic...?!'

'You know, don't ask her out, James. It's only the second day of term, give her some space.'

'I have given her space! I have restrained myself from talking to her for two whole days. Besides, I wasn't going to ask her out.' James said, matter-of-factly. 'I've figured out that that's not the right approach. I'm just going to start a conversation, that's all.'

Remus raised his eyebrows, 'Oh, and what do you plan on talking to her about?'

James shrugged, 'I don't know, I'll ask her what time the Head Boy and Girl Meeting is tonight, or something...'

'Don't you already know?'

'Yeah, but, how could she get mad at me for asking something like that?'

Remus sighed as Prongs made his way towards Lily who was sitting at a table by Marlene, Alice and a Ravenclaw named Emmeline.

'Err... Hi Lily...'

Lily looked up and said coolly, 'Hello Potter.'

'I was just wondering what time the meeting was tonight.'

'Don't you have the letter I gave you?'

He was trapped. 'Err...yeah...'

'Well, it says, plain as day, on your letter, so I suggest you actually look before you come to me. As Head Girl, I am not your secretary.' With that she looked back down at her book, ending further conversation.

Sirius turned to Remus. 'Ooh. That was harsh.'

James took a seat. How could she have gotten mad at him for asking a simple question? How could 'What time is the meeting?' have offended her? He spent the rest of the class wondering about Lily and why he had to go and make her mad at the beginning of the year again...