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Chapter Six: Injury

Lily pulled out a piece of parchment and began writing her Potions essay.

"Lily...What are you doing?"

She smiled up at Alice, "Catching up on Potions."

Alice rolled her eyes, "Really, Lily, it's not even due until Monday."

Lily was starring fixedly at the parchment, "Well, I was planning to have it done last night but, I hadn't realized that I had rounds, so I need to work on it-"

"Aren't you coming?"


Alice looked incredulously at Lily, "To the game, of course!"

"Working on potions would be a better way to spend my time..."

"Lily, it's the first game of the season! Don't you want to support Marlene?"

"Marlene knows very well that I don't like quidditch, she won't be upset if I don't come..."

Alice sighed. "Really... I think you have spent way too much time fretting over a silly essay... you need to relax..."

Oh, yeah, screaming my head off while watching people on brooms falling from two hundred feet is really relaxing!

Alice seemed to know what she was thinking. "Lily... it is a Saturday... People don't spend Saturdays cooped up inside working on homework-"

"-Well, maybe I want to work on homework..."

Alice, defeated, stood up and walked out of the common-room without looking back.

Lily sighed and continued writing her essay.

"And Clemmits has got the quaffle...he shoots...AND IT'S BLOCKED BY THOMAS, WHO PASSES TO MCKINNON AND SHE PASSES TO DUNKIN, WHO GOES IN FOR THE KILL..." Sirius was yelling anxiously, "...she misses... Wellington takes the quaffle and passes to Moore, who passes to...AND WHAT A WONDERFUL STEAL MADE BY DUNKIN! SHE'S NEW TO THE TEAM THIS YEAR, BUT SHOWING AMAZING SKILL...AND SHE PASSES TO EMBERS...WHO PASSES TO MCKINNNON...AND SHE SCORES!!!!!!!"

There were loud cheers from the Gryffindor section, yet James groaned. They were only leading by twenty-points, much less than he had expected. He had to catch the snitch soon before Slytherin caught up...

Suddenly, he heard a worried gasp coming from the stands, which brought him back to the game. He looked frantically to see who had been hurt... There on the ground of the stadium, was Marlene, her leg y... James cursed. Marlene was important to the team... He needed her help to win...

Lily looked out the window. The forest was beautiful in fall. Yellow leaves were blowing across the grounds, scattering the grassy floor. Maybe Alice was right... she needed to relax.

She packed up her quill and ink, heading out of the common-room, letting her feet lead her.

Lily lay on her back, feeling the rough earth beneath her. She watched the leaves slowly flutter down from the trees... This was her favorite season... It was peaceful and calming...


Lily sat up and flew across the grounds, running towards the quidditch pitch. Her mind was racing with all the horrible possibilities...

They were carrying Marlene to the Hospital Wing in a stretcher. She was wincing and looked in immense pain...

"Oh my God..." (A/N: I am sorry if I offended anyone by saying that (i.e. Taylor)...I don't say it in real life, but Lily does, so I had to put it in...)

Lily rushed over and tried to reach Marlene but the teachers were pushing all of the onlookers away. Lily saw Alice frantically trying to get out of the crowded stands to help...

While most Gryffindors (and Hufflepuffs) were watching Marlene worriedly, Lily had forgotten that the game was still going on.


Lily looked up, to see Potter whizzing towards a tiny golden ball that was trying very hard to get away from him. It was amazing. She watched, as if in slow motion, him standing on his broom, leaning forwards, slowly and carefully, reaching for the ball.

"AND GRYFFINDOR WINS, 120 TO 5O!!!!!!!!!"

Lily was amazed. She had only watched a quidditch game once in seven years, but after seeing that incredible catch, she was beginning to think maybe it wasn't too bad...

...until she remembered Marlene.

"Everything's alright. Visitors are allowed now. She shouldn't be in here too long-"

But Lily didn't stop to listen to Madame Pomfry. Instead she ran behind the white hangings and engulfed Marlene in a humongous hug. "Oh, thank God...thank God..."

Alice, who had entered much more civilly than Lily, joined in, drying her eyes.

Marlene, however, did not seem to care, "Did we win?"

Alice laughed thickly and nodded.

Marlene breathed a sigh of relief.

"Is she okay?"

Emmeline had just entered, and ran up to Marlene to greet her. "Oh! I was so worried! Pomfry wouldn't let anyone in for the longest time..."

Marlene smiled, "It's okay."

"So," Lily grimaced at her leg, which was still y but didn't look nearly as bad as it had earlier, "How's your leg?"

Marlene shrugged. "It doesn't hurt anymore..."

Suddenly, James walked in through the curtain, "Are you okay?!?"

"I'm fine. I'll be in here the rest of the night, but I think I'll be out of here by tomorrow... I can't get on a broom for a couple days, though..."

James sighed, "At least your okay..."

Marlene smiled broadly, "I heard we won...!"

"Yup," James grinned.

Madame Pomfry came in and tutted, "How is she suppose to get better with all this commotion?!?! Out, out!"

Lily was the last to leave. "You sure you're okay?"

Marlene nodded.

"I'll see you in the morning, then..."

"I was so worried..." Lily said, more to herself than anyone else.

"Yeah, me too... She's okay, though."

Lily looked up to see Potter right next to her. "How could you like playing quidditch knowing something horrible could happen?"

James shrugged, "We love the game... Sometimes the risk makes it fun..."

Lily decided then and there that she would never fully understand quidditch.

Alice sighed as she watched Lily enter the Great Hall, who was looking pale and slightly frightened. "She is driving me nuts!"

James glanced sideways at Alice, "What's up?"

Alice rolled her eyes, "Lily. She's as stubborn as a doorknob! ...Won't tell us anything!"

James decided not to ask, seeing Alice was already flustered.

"Goodness... this nightmare she's been having has gone on long enough-"

"-Oh, yeah... The one with her uncle...?"

Alice starred blankly at James, open mouthed, "W-What?"

"The nightmare she's been having... You mean the one with her father and her uncle?"

"How did you know...?"

James shrugged. "She told me about it during rounds."

Alice could not believe her ears. "You're kidding!"


"...I have been trying for weeks to get her to tell me what her nightmares are about... and she told them to...you?!"

James glowed.

Alice glared at Lily, who was down the table, incredulously. "Lily Marie Evans! I am going to strangle you!"

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